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Character Name
Rassi (Ra-si)
Inquest Medical Officer (InqRN: 927-394-170). Bioengineering sub-krewe.
Blood Necromancer

Apparent age
Late teens, 20.
Brown. Carefully kept neat along the front, and having it curled up at the back through use of hair clips.
Light grey along her body, while having dark grey spots or blobs along her skin in various places.
Appearance details
Always seen wearing her glasses. Rarely ever seen wearing her uniform in public, if seen often has two medals attached to the chest.
Brisban Wildlands, Mrot Boru
Apartment 223c, Transferrance Row, Rata Sum Residential district

Physical Description
At a glance, others tend to often mistake Rassi for a progeny due to her being one of the shortest of adult asura her age and it didn't help matters either with others still considering her one during her late teen year. With that being stated, she seems normal to any other asura, light grey skin with birth marks in the form of spots and blobs along. Through one thing that can be a split of irony is her ears being larger and hanging drooply from her head.

Her eyes are a bright yellow, with her hair being a normal brown colour. The hair style itself seemed very neatly kept with the front part carefully kept out of her eyes and most being kept behind her with the aid of asura hairclips to keep it in place. While it has grown since she has done this, most of it tends to curl at the back from the way it had been sorted.

Her clothing is often kept neat and clean. While her uniform may be standard issue alongside most other Inquest or even normal asura krewe standards, she is practically never seen wearing it outside of work for the more obvious reasons. She intend tends to keep to normal standard forms of clothing in various different colours for her times out, even wearing a little bear like hat. Always seeming like a progeny at heart.

Rassi's personality can be summed up as, often always trying to look on the bright side of scenarios even if she tends to worry nearly about everyone or every detail. She is very polite and nice to others, but can often come off as shy or out of place with her stutter, and shifting movements. She can tend to get more serious, or even hostile when something or someone she cares about is threatened or harmed.. sorting to violence through her necromatic abilities.

She has a way of speaking her mind in nearly every scenario, looking over every detail and raising any points other may of missed.. much to their annoyance or believe her to be worrying over nothing. While the necromatic side of her would rarely speak when unleashed upon others. It is often rumored and stated, that Rassi had gained and kept her stutter from constant struggling to keep her emotions in check with her necromatic side.

Religious Belief
The Eternal Alchemy, through everything. Though her wife has gotten some sway with her in looking favorable to other beliefs.

Spoiler: Rassi's childhoodShow

Recent History
Spoiler: Pre-InquestShow
Spoiler: Inquest trainingShow
Spoiler: Krewe trainingShow
Spoiler: True test of krewe materialShow
Spoiler: Young love and betryalShow
Spoiler: Stress and marriageShow
Spoiler: Change of scenery and promotionsShow
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Notable relationships
Spoiler: Rassi's relationshipsShow

Strengths, talents, and points of pride
Rassi's strengths usually sums up to her mind and her ability to think of areas that others may not consider. Another strength of hers is the most obvious one involving her medical training and her necromancer training, and always trying to involve everyone to strength each other.

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement
One of her weaknesses is how she tends to worry and overthinks some areas, much to others annoyance. Such as a time when she kept warning Zoria involving someone. Her stutter and shyness can often get the better of her, and her wife. She'd drop everything to protect and rush to her wife's side.

Rassi's Grimoire (Spellbook)
Spoiler: Blood MagicShow
Spoiler: Death MagicShow
Spoiler: MinionsShow
Spoiler: ReaperShow
Spoiler: Soul Reaping / SpectralShow
Spoiler: CursesShow
Spoiler: Scourge (Replaces Reaper)Show
Spoiler: SignetsShow
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Dammit! I wouldn't be able to write half as much :d
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