I think Daegal was pairing the factions down to their base aspects, which is pretty accurate. Separatists and Renegades are probably the odd man out because of the fact we see so little of them. We see more of the Flame Legion than either of the previous, and they are basically "guys who use pyrotechniques." Even the archers have flame arrows. Even their environments are ALWAYS ON FIRE! We don't even see much of the Inquest outside of the personal story. The only exception is when the Inquest show up in Draconis Mons. That helps bring about some lore with Zinn.

Sidetrack note, because I can derail my own stuff; Living World Season 3, in my opinion, was a clusterfuck of unneeded stuff shoved together until we finally got the Path of Fire.

Anyway, back on track. The Inquest does check off the trope box of "science is bad" because the Inquest does do sciency things in a morally grey area (leaning towards pure evil at times).

The White Mantle and the Nightmare Court had some of the best potential from a human and sylvari stand point. You see enough of them through personal stories and with the Heart of Thorns and LS leading up to it, and with most of Living World Season 3 we got the White Mantle. Could have been a lot better, though. I still would like to think Caudicus was just a puppet of someone else working in the shadows who would feed the former Minister suggestions and make it sound like Caudicus came up with it all.

And, I'm still pissed off they killed Faolin.

I really do hope that in the coming stories we don't just kill off Palawa Joko ('cause, that's comin', y'all can put money on that). Joko and the Awakened are actually an interesting villain faction, because as much as it would be cool to liberate the people of Vabbi and the rest of Elona and reinstitute the Sunspears, it ain't gonna go easy. Joko's managed to brainwash the Elonan people into believing that he is indeed all of that and a bag of chips.

But from the outside looking in, the villainous factions of GW2 are presented in their most bare bones way that you can just boil them down to "this is what they do."