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New Kid on the Block

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Hello all new to gw2 and pc gaming in general. love the game so far and though I'm still getting used to the lore, I'm enjoying my time. semi new to RPing done it before but still consider myself a greenhorn to it. was hoping to find a guild, community or group of people who would like to do some RP sometime in the future. My info is below if you need it and send a whisper or mail if you wouldn't mind adventuring with the new kid on the block.
Server: Tarnished Coast
Character: Edward Bastion

ps: still working on development bio sheet for my character so forgive me if I'm not sure where I wanna take him yet

Thank you all for your time and happy adventuring in Tyria.
Posted Oct 28, 17 · OP · Last edited Nov 27, 17
Welcome to the forums and welcome to Guild Wars 2. I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun playing GW2 and you'll probably find it much different from others MMOs you may have played.
Posted Nov 1, 17
Ty for the welcome friend. So far that's the case loving the game and lore. Hopefully I'll be able to find an rp guild or community in the future
Posted Nov 1, 17 · OP
Welcome to GW2! I hope that it's rainbows and sparkles and everything you've always hoped and dreamed. If you need any help with content, PvE/P, builds, or need to meet RP friends in general feel free to give me a prod. If we're both free some time, I'd love to get some writing in! Though, I don't have many characters who particularly like Charr - I do know some good fluffy people who'd enjoy a new com padre.

Tag: Chrisreid.8019
Name: Thaddeus Goodman
Get @ me
Posted Nov 1, 17
thank you for the info would love to do that. if it helps I recently made a new character a human actually. would like to meet up in game if that's cool and meet other rpers.
Posted Nov 1, 17 · OP
yeah dude i welcome you as well, you say you are new so you are gonna fit right in with the rest of the bunch :d:DD
Posted Nov 1, 17
thanks dude hope that's the case
Posted Nov 2, 17 · OP
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