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Returning player with some questions!

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Hello everyone! I've been playing Guild wars for some time now and decided to jump back in with the new expansion now up and running. But it also so happens that I'm very interested in checking out roleplay. I have my Asura and Charr all decked out with stories and all settled....buuuuuuut...I happen to play on Underworld. I have for a few weeks now tried to get into Piken Square with no success so my first question is: Is there a way for me to connect the majority of roleplayers there, as my server is void of any and is there a good place for me to look around for suitable guilds and such?

Thank you kindly for having me and tolerating my noobishness.

-Azala the Artist
Posted Nov 19, 17 · OP
Your best bet would be to join up with an RP taxi guild, like Wandering Roleplayers.


With any luck, it will try and put you in the same instances as they are. If it doesn't you can use them as a taxi to get into the right place.
Whoa! All of this fine wine is expired... Some if it by DECADES!
Posted Nov 19, 17
Aside WRP, you can surely add more people that roleplay on Piken daily and could get you there. More so, can throw you a recommentation or two or answer any questions!

Feel free to add me ingame; Krinstin.6287
I willl gladly answer any further questions about EU or help you find a guild.
Happy roleplaying!

Posted Nov 19, 17
Since the megaserver update, all of the EU servers cross-pollinate onto different shards all the time. Whenever you see a "volunteer to join a more populated version of this map" thingy pop up, you're visiting a different shard.

GW2 Database>Global Regions>Servers (aka Homeworlds or Worlds)>Shards

All you have to do is join a squad or party with someone, anyone in the EU Global Region at all, and you can right-click their name (while on the same map) to "Join in [Mapname]." Tada, you're in the same shard!

Only time you can't do that is in WvW, because otherwise it wouldn't be World vs. World it'd be Shard vs. Shard and that would be silly.
Posted Nov 20, 17
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