Braith of Dusk


RACE: Sylvari GENDER: Female FRONDS: Midnight Ice BARK: Midnight Sky/Nightshade EYES: Amber

APPEARANCE: Of typical height and as lean and willowy as any Sylvari, Braith carries herself with a graceful presence and gentle confidence. She loathes the feel of fabricated clothing, so she grows her own attire and is nearly always seen wrapped in a soft gown of petals and lush, colorful foliage. She is prone to carry a staff strapped to her back, elegantly shaped from wood and vines. The hue of her bark changes with the light, at times looking to be a very deep spruce green of the forest and sometimes a blue-green teal more reminiscent of the sea. In the dark, she radiates a violet luminescence.

PERSONALITY: There is a quiet stillness about Braith that can be mistaken for shyness or aloofness, but she is simply an introvert who prefers not to intrude. She is inquisitive and studious, and is known to be an intellectual with a compassionate soul. She is drawn to those with big ideas who can also articulate their vision, but she is not prone to merely following along; she is well-traveled and opinionated, and thoroughly enjoys the banter of a lively and worldly discussion.

BELIEFS: Braith's beliefs and aspirations are fully rooted in her Dream of Dreams in which she experienced many trials and tribulations of those Sylvari that came before, but she would be dishonest if she claimed her own interactions with the world hadn't changed her or that the revelations from fighting the Mordrem didn't have her shaken to her core. She is steadfastly opposed to the Court of Nightmares and she clings to the Teachings of Ventari as her guidepost in these seemingly endless trying times.




Many evil things there are that your strong walls and bright swords do not stay.

Braith was born to war. She awoke from the Dream of Dream in 1325 AE, just as Zhaitan was gathering power and his Risen were encroaching on Caledon. It was a time of strife and her talent with Elemental magic was a boon to fighting the Elder Dragon's minions. Seeing that not just her beloved Grove and people were in danger, but all of Tyria, she made the choice to leave her homeland and unite with others fighting the Dragon. She joined The Pact, and known to a select few, also became an agent of the Order of Whispers. As old threats ended and new ones emerged, she found no rest and still finds no rest.
Look at the world with the child's eye - it is very beautiful.

Her first encounter with a human child occurred shortly after she left Caledon and she has never given up the fascination with the younglings of other Races. Braith makes little dolls from sticks and twigs and other pieces foraged on her travels, and has taken to passing them out to children at the Queen's Heart Orphanage in Divinity's Reach whenever she passes through the city.
Guilt is the very nerve of sorrow.

Braith's professional life as a foot soldier still leaves little room for putting down roots, though she does consider The Grove her home. She returns to it whenever she can, but finds herself too heartsick to ever stay long. Her beloved, her heart and stars, turned to Nightmare in her absence, something she deeply blames herself for. Had she not been away so far and long, Fate perhaps would have been kinder. What if? What if. What....if.


Doll Making
People Watching


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