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Anyone curious about Mordant Cresent/Joko Loyalist Roleplay? [Possible Spoilers?]

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There will be Path of Fire and Living Story Season 4 spoilers.


Palawa Joko has a great many followers both living and dead.
Originally, the Mordant Crescent was comprised of Sunspears corrupted with the promises of wealth and power, or to save themselves. Those who joined the Crescent hunted down their former Sunspears, killing those who would not bend to Joko. Present Day, the Mordant Crescent's ranks are filled with both humans and Awakened.

The Awakened are also just as varied as the Mordant Crescent. Some Awakened are barely coherent such as the Awakened Merchant in Amnoon. "You buy?" While others are able to carry out orders, follow battle formations, ride raptors, train wurms, etc. The Awakened are created at the Necropolis in Vabbi but also in battle by fellow Awakened and Mordant Crescent. In Enemy of my Enemy the Archon is able to repetitively create and/or summon Awakened.

HOW can I roleplay as a Mordant Crescent or Awakened?

There are so many options! You're really only limited by your imagination.

  • Roleplaying as a Mordant is simple. All you need is a human character: male or female. Don't forget your weapon!
  • You want to roleplay a smelly Awakened? There's a tonic for that! Be sure to equip a weapon because yes you can still fight and use all your skills while transformed.
  • You could use the Awakened Zealot Outfit and be a Canid.
  • Joko Loyalist are humans who are supporters of King Joko but not necessarily with the Mordant Crescent. A character who is a native of Elona (Vabbi and Istan are currently ingame) or perhaps an exile that wants to return such as the NPCs around the hero point on the outskirts of Amnoon. Joko has ruled Elona for generations. The exile needs not be recent. There was mention in this thread that NPCs have stated that Joko does not give second chances. That is true but that doesn't stop the NPCs around the area from crying out for Joko's forgiveness. Perhaps your character is one such person, they might believe it to be a lie, or if they accomplish a special task they will earn that chance.

WHERE to roleplay?
There are so many places one can roleplay as a Mordant Crescent or Joko Loyalist: Elona, the Crystal Desert, and yes even Kryta! The game marks our characters as enemies of the Mordant Crescent, Awakened and Joko loyalists in most maps. But we are roleplayers and often we implement the tactic of suspension of disbelief.
Note: An Awakened would be limited in its movement as they are created for the purpose of serving Joko in his army. They are undead and therefore do not easily blend in. And they smell!

The Crystal Desert
The Path of Fire Maps: Desert Highlands, Crystal Oasis, Elon Riverlands and even the Desolation have so many wonderful little hidden places to roleplay in. I'm not going to list them all, you should go out an explore the maps. They're fun!

Elon Riverlands
Yes, the Awakened and Mordant will attack you. You will find them along the border of the Bone Wall up to the village of Palawa's Grace. However, just because the NPCs are less (or non existent) the further north you go, doesn't mean your character can't be there. There are Mordant and Awakened in the Desert Highlands. How did they get there? It is possible they traveled north and through the Crystal Oasis.

The Desolation
One of the first places you visit in the Desolation is the town known as the Village of Purity. There is an open building. Perhaps your character lives in the village, or patrols and protects it for Joko.

Amnoon is a neutral city. There are refugees who fled Joko's reign of terror but there are also those who were exiled and still love Joko and want to return. We also know from the Path of Fire story that Amnoon is considering an alliance with Joko brought to them by Archon Iberu. There are people on both sides of the argument: for and against. It can be assumed that since there are councilors who are supporters of the alliance, just as there are those who are against it (or are pro-Sunspears), so too are the citizens of Amnoon.

Why would the Mordant Crescent or Joko supporters go to Amnoon? Plenty of reasons. Maybe they are there to set up trade contracts (such as the Awakened Merchant and his Joko statues) or maybe they are there to buy/trade for supplies (Amnoon is obviously trading with someone as its GW1 counterpart is no where near as prospering), maybe they are there to monitor the Defectors.

Domain of Vabbi
Within Vabbi, your character will not be attacked by the Awakened NPCs. Obviously, in regards to game mechanics, this is the most convenient place to RP a follower of Joko.

Domain of Istan
The Sunspears exist! Again, your character through game mechanics will not be able to attack Sunspear NPCs and will be attacked by Awakened NPCs. Once more we implement suspension of disbelief. Or you network with other RPers, developing connections that lead to people roleplaying your Sunspear adversary. You find those little pockets where the NPCs do not take notice of you. These are the pitfalls of roleplaying out in the world, but all that hassle is worth it when you find yourself in an immersive situation.

Kryta and the rest of Tyria
Mordant Crescent in Divinity's Reach? /rage
Why not? Maybe your character is undercover. Your character is there to recruit people. Secretively. Maybe they lie as to where they're actually taking their recruits and why.

Palawa Joko makes many claims. Palawa Joko defeated Zhaitan. Palawa Joko defeated Mordremoth. Now how did Palawa Joko learn of these events? Perhaps he has contacts outside of Elona. Maybe your character is one of those people who collects information. Your character knows the truth, but why should that matter? Maybe your character is a loyalist for wealth or power, or to protect their family.

We end episode one of the Living Story Season 4 with the bombshell that Palawa Joko plans to invade Tyria! Maybe your character is a scout. One of the first people on the scene to gather intel for the army.
Also as a sidenote, during this years Shadow of the Mad King event there were Mordant Crescant and Awakened troops in Mount Maelstrom south- southeast of the Infinite Coil Reactor. I haven't been back to see if they are still there, nor did I check out other maps at the time for them. I spend the majority of my limited game time in Elona.

In the end it really comes down to the scope of your imagination.

WHO can I roleplay with?
Why the good folks of CVIK, of coarse! Shameless self-plug
We love everything Elona! CVIK is a place to network with other Elonians both IC and OOC. Some of us have made Mordant Crescent alts for The Eclipse plot run by colanah.2039. You can contact her for more information and/or join our open discord channel.
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I think a group of saboteurs who work for Joko, hiding in plain sight and act spies will be much easier to RP out. Once you build up a story with a guild or character you could then do a final show down using the tonic and do some big emote fight as you do something to earn the power of becoming Awakened.

Posted Dec 10, 17
Only thing I wonder about that is if the living story would outpace the guild's plot. Would be awkward if say, the LS comes out and shows the awoken being driven out of central Tyria entirely or the war ended somehow but the guild is busy trying to sabotage thing for the attacking awoken forces.

I'm very iffy on the idea of Mordant Crescent in Kryta(DR and spying), as their main targets exist plenty in Crystal desert in elona (aka, the sunspears) and the last Ossa is a Mordant Crescent/fallen sunspear in the Elonian riverlands. As noted, my Mordant ended up completely rewritten after PoF came out because all my thoughts on the sunspears and Mordant got turned around :p.

I may dabble with a joko aligned char or an awoken Tyrian, Sadly, it'll probably be out of game like so many of my other characters(not enough slots, not enough use), but I don't mind some good forum or instant messenger RP.

edit: I think the first step in making the guild definitely should be picking out a playing area, Elona, crystal desert, etc. Then you should solidify your reason for being in that area, especially if it's Crystal Oasis/Desert highlands, or even in central Tyria.

Don't be joko loyalists in DR simply because that's where a lot of roleplayers can be found.
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