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❂ The Heroes Guild [RPvX] - For GW1 AND GW2! ❂

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Contact: Limu Sprocket / Bolvar of the Flame

Current Guild level: 27

Guild Recruitment status: Open!

Come meet us in discord, no voice chat needed



Here at the Heroes Guild, we look at the Guild Wars franchise and want you to be fully immersed in it’s world, from Guild Wars 1 to Guild Wars 2 and doing this by using the game mechanics as our rule book, we prefer to ask “Can we RP this?” rather than outright denying it or worse yet, saying that certain parts are IC or OOC and expecting people to follow our own rules, we keep it simple.

Benefits of using game mechanics

All characters have a base power level and can customise what they’re characters can do via gear, skills and spells. This allows Game Masters, who prefer to do RP events outside of the game mechanics and more dice rolling or emotes, can now easily balance their encounters to the players.

Puts an emphasis on character design and who they are, not on how powerful they are and makes RP encounters less about one person being powerful and more of a team effort.

Never ending supply of RP events. The mist war will always need to be fought, Arenas need to be conquered and Tyria will always need to be defended. This helps give GM’s a chance to cool down and not feel pressured to always come up with new RP events.

More connected to the world. No more are you going to go “I’m OOC.” Meaning you will become more immersed when playing GW1 and GW2 and all that will be needed is simply stay IC, I and other guild members will cover any issues that crop up.

A dedicated Guild Wars 1 and 2 RP-PvX Guild

4062318.jpg 4062319.jpg

Not only do we offer you a friendly, laid back environment for all forms of RP and game modes in Guild Wars 2 but we will also be running Guild Wars 1 RP-PvX events, where you make a character who was one of the original members of The Heroes Guild and plays a part in the guilds history.

We of course, don’t RP the main story itself as that will cause continuity problems, however everything else is free game. This means that you will have the chance to earn loot that even some of the top players in Guild Wars 2 might not have as you can earn rewards from Guild wars 1 to Guild wars 2.

Casual RPers, emote RPers and dice rollers welcome!

On top of offering you RP-PvX for both Guild Wars 1 AND 2 we’re also looking for casual RPers who can fight but are more focused on being cooks, or medics. Our hub is based in Divinities Reach over at The Maidens Whisper as we hope to bring RP to those who don't own PoF.

4062290.jpg 4062323.jpg

Here our characters go to relax after a long day of fighting. We are by no means NOT A BAR/TAVERN RP GUILD but we do Tavern RP as to me, it suits the feeling of your typical RPG. It also helps RPers know that people are still RPing and it helps me get more members into the guild that way.


Dating back to 1070AE, The Heroes Guild was formed to give the people of Ascalon hope, during their darkest hour. Many legends and myths have formed over the years about The Heroes Guilds exploits and it’s leader Imogen Silversun. These were the tales that Bolvar of the Flame's Grand Father told him as he grew up.

At teenage-hood, Bolvar formed his own Heroes Guild with the help of the Consortiums financial backing, who saw the guilds history as way to sell merchandise and to also have a private team of experts for some of their more dangerous missions.

During his time with the Consortium, Bolvar met Thurin, a male Sylvari who said that he saw a guild with a large white banner with a sun draped over a Sylvari and Asura tech.
Agatha Stormsea, an old ex-pirate who helped guide the two young men in become the adults and Elana, a young Sylvari who married Thurin and helped Bolvar come to value the lessens of the Ventari.

After a few years The Heroes Guild came to a end due to the death of Elana and the mental break down of Thurin after the events of Mordremoth's reawakening.
Lost and still a puppet to the Consortium, It wasn’t until the Elonians refugees moved to Lions Arch did Bolvar meet a young Asura Mercenary by the name of Limu who gave him an opertunity he would never forget...

"Save my friend Noxx from Joko's correctional center and I will buy the Consortiums side of your guild."

As the months by the Heroes Guild finally saved Limu's friend a small Golem called Noxx. The Heroes Guild now completely free of the consortium work towards their own goals such as working with the Guild Initiative to re build Joko's Correctional Centre where Noxx was being kept so it can be a place where the people of Elona can escape the hellish desert.


But what challenges lie await for The Heroes Guild?

The Elder Dragons are still at large, and the damage caused by them remains, can they keep the planet from tearing itself apart?

What threats lie in shadows, waiting to strike them?

Only time will tell in the next exciting chapter of The Heroes Guild!


I’m looking for roleplayers who are mature, willing to work as a team and more importantly, RP a heroic character even if it’s more of the journey in becoming a Hero.

For those who don’t know where to begin when RPing, you will be assisted in making sure your character is lore friendly and taught the basics of RP in a very relaxed and friendly environment.
When it comes to the game mechanics, we run a no meta or walkthrough policy, as we want player failures to also be character fails and for that to be used as part of the story, not metagame our way to victory.


To make sure The Heroes Guild a place that is free from drama and to keep the friendly atmosphere I want for the guild, by joining the guild, you agree to these.

❂ All guild members agree to treat each other as equals and to never undermine, disrespect or assume the worst of one another.

❂ We’re here for video games and RP, we don't want any gossip, political, religious, Gender, Ideological, Racial or Pornographic jokes or comments in public chat, please keep these to yourself or in PM’s.

❂ If you have a problem with someone, you don’t “call them out” you instead make a ticket and follow the instructions there.

❂ Don’t take RP personally – It’s important to remember that, if a character is insulting your character, they are not insulting you, even if those insults might seem like they are. If it gets to the point where you feel they are, speak to them in private or raise a ticket.

❂ Keep Meta gaming as low as possible – This is when you use something you know outside of the game and make it IC, thus taking away any mystery and wonder that the story/character might have.

❂ Be mindful of Powergaming – This is when your character is so powerful that it takes away the necessity of the team, because your character can do everything.

❂ No Godmodding/Power emoting – This is where you force an action on a character without giving them time or permission to react.

❂ Stay true to the theme and lore of Guild Wars & Guild Wars 2 – When RPing, it’s important to make sure it fits with the theme of the game itself. If you need help with this, always ask the guild for help.

❂ Use “Out of character/OOC” brackets when talking as yourself and keep those comments to guild chat, discord or whisper – If you talk OOC all the time, even when using (( and )), it can bring people out of the game and this can cause other Roleplayers to block you, please keep this in mind.(edited)

❂ We are RP guild, not a PvP, WvW and PvE guild. We will only advise that you run meta builds and help you to get there, we will not enforce it.

What happens if I break a rule?

If you are reported for your actions, we will treat every incident on a case by case basis. Myself or an officer will speak to you and depending on how you react, what you did and what you do after, will determine whether you stay in our community or not.


In the Heroes Guild, there are nine ranks all together, eight of those require you to be focus on your character following an ancient text, that has been passed down to the Guild Masters. The Heroes Code.


The ranks themselves are as follows...

4062343.jpg - Basic rank, you get this when you first join the guild.

4062346.jpg - Your character works towards following the Heroes Code.

4062349.jpg - Your character has shown they can live by the Heroes Code.

Once a member of the guild has acheieved the Hero rank, they can then choose or become chosen to become a Mentor of the guild.

These Mentor ranks are as follows...

4062352.jpg- A Warmaster helps the guild efforts in the mist war, here they can use the guild teleportation facilities based in Haven Sands to conjure various war machines or creatures that will help them the Guild in the Mist war.

4062347.jpg - The Champion is very much like the Warmaster but they focus purely on the Arenas that are in the mists and work to help build the name of the Guild in the mists much like how they used too, 250 years ago.

4062353.jpg- Tacticians work on coming up with strategies on how they can defeat some of Tyrias mightiest foes and help groups come to that result. They are heavily relied upon by Prospectors who need them to run missions so they can gather resources.

Each of these three ranks help to run the optional scheduled RP events these are Guild Mission Mondays, World Event Wednesday or World versus World Wednesday, Fractal Fridays and Structured PvP Saturdays.
If you only wish to do a certain type of game mode and a elite member is online, you can always do RP-PvX whenever you wish.

4062350.jpg - The Prospector helps the Warmaster by building war machines, or helping to take care of any creatures that would help them in the continued war effort, they are also required to help the people of Haven Sands by making the place livable and finally they attend any meetings where they go to new lands so they uncover information that may help tacticians.

4062351.jpg - A Steward helps the overall guild, by making sure that people are welcome and happy within the guild. They help to run any social RP events, these can range from mount races that span all over certain maps on Tyria, being a cook during down time, being a medic at the Divinities Reach Hospital or simply serving drinks and making sure people feel included.

Agent - One of the most difficult ranks but also a rewarding one is the Agent Rank. Here a character is recruited into a sub-guild who helps the guild behind the scenes with any missions that would otherwise go against the Heroes Code. This can include simply spy work to assassinations.

As you might have realized, this rank has no logo, this isn't because this rank is very unique to others is you are NOT allowed to tell anyone in the guild your character is an agent both IC and OOC and your rank is secret to everyone apart from me and you. In game, your character maintains the Hero rank.

I will discuss with you and any GM, making sure your name is given out as I ask what kind of info your character could have or could do after a certain RP event. When it comes to RP-PvX your character may find out info on the enemy we're fighting or discover certain places for the prospectors to explore. The idea here is we're Metagaming to help the story, but we're not doing so to make the game easier, overall.


OOC - You can post here with the player ID, mail me via Enjin with your player ID, contact me on tienak.5406 via mail or whisper and finally go to our discord server and fill in an application form

IC - There are several posters dotted all over Tyria about The Heroes Guild, these are...

Spoiler: IC postersShow

Guild Poster done by Nymerine
Heroes Code done by Marjolei

Posted Dec 8, 17 · OP · Last edited Sep 15, 18
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Cool idea :)
Posted Dec 9, 17 · Last edited Dec 9, 17
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This seems like an awesome idea! :d Sadly, though, I'm on NA

Reba Rustmaw

Posted Dec 13, 17 · Last edited Dec 13, 17
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Made some changes to the guild, big changes in fact.

Had a few people tell me they liked the idea of the guild but not that it was a consortium based guild, that's now changed. As much as I liked the idea of the consortium, I felt that it was hindering the guild to much and I can still keep the guilds theme without them, plus, if anything should happen in the lore that makes them "evil" it could cause issues.

Best to cut it off now and keep things my own.

The discord server is still on my to do list, I want to get some more active members first before rolling it out as for the forum, it's a maybe, I don't mind getting some feedback on this one but do people actually use Guild forums anymore or is that a bit old fashioned now that we have discord?

Posted Jan 3, 18 · OP
lets see good guild backstory and design easy to follow rules great emblem bit of a corney guild name sounds awesome.
Posted Jan 12, 18
Guild updates!

We've been doing very well when it comes to recruitment, so much so I'm actually quite taken back. We are currently sitting at a comfy 13 members.

New recruits has been coming in at a steady pace, to the point where I tend to get one member a day!
What's surprised me the most is we're attracting PvErs who want to give RP a go. Some of them it's their first time ever RPing, some have been doing it for a while in other games but thought the RP scene in GW2 was dead. We're also attracting Rpers who just want to try something a bit different, which I'm really pleased with.

Discord server is now live!
The Heroes Guild Discord server is now up and running and is open to all!

I want The Heroes Guild discord server to be a place that not only gives it's guild members a place to chat, discuss ideas, find great music but a place people can meet the guild and can learn more about how we mix RP and PvE together!

Posted Feb 2, 18 · OP · Last edited Feb 6, 18
I would like to join, but your discord invite is expired.
Posted Feb 10, 18
I would like to join, but your discord invite is expired.

So would I. This Guild Concept looks like a lot of fun :p
Posted Feb 12, 18
I would like to join, but your discord invite is expired.

So would I. This Guild Concept looks like a lot of fun :p

Oi, count me in too! :p
Posted Feb 12, 18
Guild updates!

The Dark Council- April fools!

Yes, the dark council was all a big joke, shocking, I know but you'll be as shocked as I was when a few members of the RP community actually took it very seriously!

The aftermath of the Meeting of the Minds event.

After the Meeting of the Minds, the Heroes guild prepared itself for a very special visit, This visit would be none other than one of the longest running RP guilds, TACH! (Who were totally not there for the recent chair achievement)

After researching into their guild, we learned that they've aspired to have make the RP scene a better place, ready for the new generation of GW2 RPers. Being a new RP guild, we at The Heroes Guild wanted to show them what the new generation looks like, first hand.

Spoiler: Show

Judging that TACH never came back, we tried a different approach with House Aches [RP] and we've been in talks in discord about future RP events, if you want to join a guild that is focused on Elona but based in harboring refugees, contact
Juli.8327. (No recruit thread at the moment, get on it Juli! ;p)

Thanks again for Robin, for the RP event!

Moving to Divinites Reach!

We tried to make Lions Arch work, but I found that after being there for about 2-3 months, RPers just don't go to Lions arch and will stay in places they know, like Amnoon, Rata'sum and Divinities Reach.
During my time recruiting people into the guild, I’ve learned that there are a lot of people who don't own PoF so to reach a wider audience, I’ve moved us to Divinities reach.

This isn't the only reason, we've been doing RP events that the guild runs and this is one of the consequences of that event, please rest assured, it hasn't been blown up or anything like that, if you want to RP in it and RP with us, there won't be any conflicts.

Where we're RPing

Spoiler: An Office for recruitment, though not always.Show
Spoiler: The Maiden Whisper, general casual RP after we've done RP-PvEShow
Spoiler: A Hospital, for any medical RP we do after any RP-PvEShow

Currently I’m using the small office located in Salma district (only because it’s the only empty office I can find) the hospital will make some really good medic RP and we also have the houses we can use if we want something a bit more private. Overall, I’m very happy with the change and though it’s sad to leave the upside down boat behind, it opens up more doors for us and will work out better in the long run.

Please note: We don't OWN any of these places, we either rent them from an unnamed NPC or are hired by one.

Tavern RP

As some of you might know, we have spent the past two nights RPing in the Maidens Whisper and in particular with a guild known as “The Extras [NPC]” this guild is actually a sub guild of ours.

The purpose of the “The Extras” is for RPers who don't fit any guild but want to RP as...you guessed it, an NPC type character. I use this guild to distinguish that my bartender character, Sherman, is NOT part of The Heroes Guild. As I want to make it very clear, we are using this guild to help our own guild for more casual RP and that it's not part of the main guild itself.

That said, you will see people in The Heroes Guild help out at the Maidens Whisper (think of it like agency staff/volunteers), just keep in mind, I know I've said it alot, bar RP is not our focus.

"So, why use bar RP for the social aspect of your guild?"

After we had done maybe some IC fractals, IC dailies or guild RP-PvE events, we would simply go back to the upside down boat in Lions arch and relax. Though this was really nice in regards to it being peaceful and quiet, it also meant that no one knew we were around, or even active.

We also had a guild member who wanted to run a kitchen at the Upside down boat in Lions arch, make some food for us, which, as some of you might know, there's no kitchen in the upside down boat. So I thought, well, why not tackle all of these issues at once by going to Divinities reach, where the majority of RPers used to go we make that our new hub which would then open up more areas to us anyway and the guild member who wants to RP using a kitchen, can do just that, in the Maidens Whisper.

Overall, it opens up more RP opportunities, gives us more coverage, gives a consequence to one of your guild members events thus giving it more weight, our guild member gets to RP an actual kitchen making it more immersive for her...it's a win win for us.

"How well has this worked out so far?"

Though stressful, it’s really nice to see people coming to Divinity's reach and RPing. I seen so many disgruntled RPers saying how dead DR was, so I was expecting it be very quiet, but that's far from the truth. We of course get a few trolls but it hasn't stopped our enjoyment.

"I want to run a Tavern and I really like the Maidens Whisper, can I not do that now that your guild is there?"

Not at all. We welcome you to take over the Maidens Whisper, we do ask that you allow one of our members to help out in the kitchen as she really enjoys that part of her character, but other than that, feel free to take over. Once things have died down again, I will take over again.

Posted Feb 13, 18 · OP · Last edited Apr 14, 18
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