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The Heroes Guild [RPvX] - For GW1 AND GW2!

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Guild updates!


We're still getting more and more members, this time we have a total 22 members!

I have also updated our recruitment thread to be more clear and I have also changed the main picture we used to one I found from google, to a IC poster you would find around Tyria that was kindly made by one of our guild members.

Guild hall

The Heroes Guild got intel of a one of their members who had been captured by the Awakened forces, the Mordant Crescent. The journey was long and taxing as they traveled through the desert and even through enemy territory.





As they arrived at the site, they noticed that they were to late the town and possibly their ally, regardless of this they fought on to avenge the fallen.


Avenging the people of the town The Heroes Guild recovered a strange artifact that, cleansed the area of the Mordant Crescent corruption.
As the searched the wreckage they were able to find the guild member they were out to save, Nox, who turned out to be nothing more than a golem.
Confused and angered by this, The Heroes questioned their involvement in the affair and it wasn't until Bolvar arrived at the scene did he tell them his plan to make this new town a save haven for people who wish to avoid the unavoidable conflict between the Sunspears and the Mordant Crescent. With new purpose, they now help to rebuild this new settlement, brick by brick, in the hopes that it serves as a bastion of hope and peace for the people of Elona.


Current events

There is no rest for the Heroes of Tyria!

With Super Adventure Box soon upon them, Heroes begin to prepare themselves for the virtual reality experience that is the super adventure box, they will all soon be tested if they have what it takes to beat it's frustrating challenge!

But that's not all! The Heroes Guild will also take part in the The Meeting of the Minds. So we hope to see you all there!

Posted Mar 19, 18 · OP
Guild updates!

New Direction!

It's been a fun ride but after much thought, It's time this guild goes does a darker path. Due to an intense RP with Limu, Bolvar has become Overlord and has the power of becoming the God of death. His guild accepts this and will get powerful by going full Weaver and then going to Underworld to kill everyone and take the throne.

I'm very excited with the change and I think this new direction will give the EU RP community something to really talk about and I look forward to being your Overlord.

Posted Apr 1, 18 · OP
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Hello there. I used to Rp for some time (A year or so.) , but only recently came back to gw2. I would like to join your guild, as it looks promising and I would like to meet new RPers.


Character profile: http://www.guildwars2roleplayers.com/forum/m/2737230/viewthread/22204636-marcus-septimus/post/98822584#p98822584
Posted Apr 4, 18 · Last edited Apr 4, 18
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Guild updates!

The Dark Council- April fools!

Yes, the dark council was all a big joke, shocking, I know but you'll be as shocked as I was when a few members of the RP community actually took it very seriously!

The aftermath of the Meeting of the Minds event.

After the Meeting of the Minds, the Heroes guild prepared itself for a very special visit, This visit would be none other than one of the longest running RP guilds, TACH! (Who were totally not there for the recent chair achievement)

After researching into their guild, we learned that they've aspired to have make the RP scene a better place, ready for the new generation of GW2 RPers. Being a new RP guild, we at The Heroes Guild wanted to show them what the new generation looks like, first hand.

Spoiler: Show

Judging that TACH never came back, we tried a different approach with House Aches [RP] and we've been in talks in discord about future RP events, if you want to join a guild that is focused on Elona but based in harboring refugees, contact
Juli.8327. (No recruit thread at the moment, get on it Juli! ;p)

Thanks again for Robin, for the RP event!

Moving to Divinites Reach!

We tried to make Lions Arch work, but I found that after being there for about 2-3 months, RPers just don't go to Lions arch and will stay in places they know, like Amnoon, Rata'sum and Divinities Reach.
During my time recruiting people into the guild, I’ve learned that there are a lot of people who don't own PoF so to reach a wider audience, I’ve moved us to Divinities reach.

This isn't the only reason, we've been doing RP events that the guild runs and this is one of the consequences of that event, please rest assured, it hasn't been blown up or anything like that, if you want to RP in it and RP with us, there won't be any conflicts.

Where we're RPing

Spoiler: An Office for recruitment, though not always.Show
Spoiler: The Maiden Whisper, general casual RP after we've done RP-PvEShow
Spoiler: A Hospital, for any medical RP we do after any RP-PvEShow

Currently I’m using the small office located in Salma district (only because it’s the only empty office I can find) the hospital will make some really good medic RP and we also have the houses we can use if we want something a bit more private. Overall, I’m very happy with the change and though it’s sad to leave the upside down boat behind, it opens up more doors for us and will work out better in the long run.

Please note: We don't OWN any of these places, we either rent them from an unnamed NPC or are hired by one.

Tavern RP

As some of you might know, we have spent the past two nights RPing in the Maidens Whisper and in particular with a guild known as “The Extras [NPC]” this guild is actually a sub guild of ours.

The purpose of the “The Extras” is for RPers who don't fit any guild but want to RP as...you guessed it, an NPC type character. I use this guild to distinguish that my bartender character, Sherman, is NOT part of The Heroes Guild. As I want to make it very clear, we are using this guild to help our own guild for more casual RP and that it's not part of the main guild itself.

That said, you will see people in The Heroes Guild help out at the Maidens Whisper (think of it like agency staff/volunteers), just keep in mind, I know I've said it alot, bar RP is not our focus.

"So, why use bar RP for the social aspect of your guild?"

After we had done maybe some IC fractals, IC dailies or guild RP-PvE events, we would simply go back to the upside down boat in Lions arch and relax. Though this was really nice in regards to it being peaceful and quiet, it also meant that no one knew we were around, or even active.

We also had a guild member who wanted to run a kitchen at the Upside down boat in Lions arch, make some food for us, which, as some of you might know, there's no kitchen in the upside down boat. So I thought, well, why not tackle all of these issues at once by going to Divinities reach, where the majority of RPers used to go we make that our new hub which would then open up more areas to us anyway and the guild member who wants to RP using a kitchen, can do just that, in the Maidens Whisper.

Overall, it opens up more RP opportunities, gives us more coverage, gives a consequence to one of your guild members events thus giving it more weight, our guild member gets to RP an actual kitchen making it more immersive for her...it's a win win for us.

"How well has this worked out so far?"

Though stressful, it’s really nice to see people coming to Divinity's reach and RPing. I seen so many disgruntled RPers saying how dead DR was, so I was expecting it be very quiet, but that's far from the truth. We of course get a few trolls but it hasn't stopped our enjoyment.

"I want to run a Tavern and I really like the Maidens Whisper, can I not do that now that your guild is there?"

Not at all. We welcome you to take over the Maidens Whisper, we do ask that you allow one of our members to help out in the kitchen as she really enjoys that part of her character, but other than that, feel free to take over. Once things have died down again, I will take over again.

Posted Apr 14, 18 · OP
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That's actually hilarious.
Enjoy your free coupon (and bump).

Ashen Chapter [TACH]

Posted Apr 14, 18
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Guild updates!

Guild Overhaul?!

No, this isn't a late April fools joke, with much thought and questioning my own sanity, I have completely overhauled the guild.

This includes the following...

New Guild logo -

4004690.jpg 4062275.jpg

As much as I LOVED the old logo, as I was overhauling the guild, I wanted it to be a complete change. As I explored my options I noticed that I could do the following...

Integrating The Guild Wars 2 Heroes Guild with The Guild Wars 1 Heroes Guild! -
4062318.jpg 4062319.jpg

The reason behind the Guilds emblem change is just because of this. Now there is a consistent look for the guild, I can now connect the two together and make it as immersive as possible.
As not only can people of the GW1 guild make characters that their GW2 characters might learn of, but also give background to perhaps possible enemies or family connections to certain places like Elona. Integrating the two together opens up more story and more loot due to the hall of monuments.

New Ranks! - The new "officer" ranks have now been fully implemented into the guild, these ranks act differently for other officer ranks as it focuses on each officer rank to work together in order for them to do what they need to do.

These are...

Prospector: Guild hall, Lore debates, creating RP spots and races in the guild hall - Can't run Guild Missions or run any RP-PvE event to get materials needed for the guild hall, making their jobs much worse and slower.

Warmaster: WvW - Need the Prospectors to make armaments for their war effort, if a prospector doesn't have a Tactican to do these, the Warmaster can't do their job to the best of their ability.

Champion: Strucrtured PvP - Self reliant to a point, but needs the Arena to train others in how to play and can also do fun 1v1's if Tacticans get events going.

Tactican: PvE - Can do Guild missions and run open world RP events but will need the Prospector to tell them what they need the most to help run events and also need a Steward to help keep the peace, if need be.

Steward: RP - Can change the guild message of the day to help take down the requests of the elite ranks, they run our social RP events and generally keep the peace.

Agent: RP - Approved Metagamers who help further the story forward with the permission of the event handler to help move the story forward, people don't know who they are both IC and OOC to keep that air of mystery.

World Vs World - As the guild has grown in level, I've come to notice that there is a lot of upgrades and cool stuff that we could RP out as a guild. However, none of us really play WvW or could, because the guild was purely RP-PvE, this was holding the guild back to it's true potential.
With the new change, this gives the new Prospector rank something to always work towards and with the changes to WvW on it's way, we're at least going to be a part of that now, when we weren't before.

New Guild hall! - So, we used to own Windswept Haven but after researching into the other ones, I noticed that RP wise, it's a nice place but that's about it. It was very small and restrictive for our prospectors.

After looking at the Wandering RPers guild hall, I noticed they had a god damn airship. As we're an RP guild that looks towards RP around things, not ignoring them, questions like...

"How did you get to this new land?"

Can simply be RPed as...

"We have an Airship."

Not only that but Windswept offers no unique loot, unlike Lost Precipice.

So with more space, more loot and an Airship, we've gone with the Lost Precipice but we're still RPing that it's based in Elona, not the Maguma jungle.

Guild Lore discord changes!

This has been live for some time but again, this also part of my continuous effort to overhaul the guild. For one the design of the Keystone has changed from it being just some random necklace to an actual product we can buy from Amazon. One of the greatest things about our Guild Emblem being a sun, is that it makes everything that much easier to get stuff for.

4062374.jpg 4062372.jpg

Where to buy a "Keystone"

I've also taken out all PvE guides and videos, cutting my work in half but I've also added an amazing youtuber by the name of "How to be a great game master"


This brings the focus back to where it should be. Roleplaying and making sure that mechanics NEVER take over.

I have also updated and organised all of our "guild lore" where I have found ways to RP around game mechanics and make them more immersive, as well as explore the guilds story further.

As always, door is always open, feel free to browse, all of the stuff in here is considered IC so don't worry about metagaming.


Leadership changes!

OOC, things stay the same.

However, IC I have done the impossible and added an S at the end of Guild Master and given my three main characters a certain role.
For most people this isn't a big deal but for narrative purposes this helps a great deal, as some of you might be aware I ran two accounts, this is now three so all three leaders can be present during guild meetings. I feel this is more immersive (and more challenging for me) as I RP three characters all at the same time, making sure each one has their own personality and style of leadership.


New recruitment page!

It took me a while to do but, I'm very happy with the results. There's a bit more info on our guild discord server, but I'm still content with the thread.

More structure!

We used to have the guild events only be in the Guild announcement of the day, as we now have our guild calendar, I have set days for each RP-PvX event, these are all optional so guild members can run their own RP events but if people choose to instead do something else, that option should be there.

Guild Discord changes!

Due to the Guild Lore Discord changes I have moved a lot of the clutter from one, to the other so one is clearly for communicating, the other for reading.

On top of this I have made changes so the Elite members have more tools at their disposal to make sure people are made aware of any events that are taking place and also giving the Guild More places to have fun and post memes and videos they like.

More members!

As you might be aware from my last post, it's been a while since I've really been active here and that's due to me working on the Overhaul and being busy with the guild itself.

We are now sitting on 33 members and we have at least 14 of those who are active at all times and that's without me being online nearly all the time.

Future plans!

With all these new changes, we have so much new content to explore and I don't want to stop. So on that note, here is what I want to do in the next few months...

1. Our first IC Raid.

2. Go into more depth with the GW1 RP-PvX events.

3. Depending on the feedback and how many PvPers we get but I'm thinking of renting out a PvP server (from anet of course) and having this be a place they can run their own tournaments. One idea I had is to have actual Guild Wars, where guilds compete against each other (getting rewarded via dailies and pips of course) and then perhaps doing a large RP-PvP event.

4. Expand further on WvW, I haven't done much of it but there's a lot there that makes me really want to explore it further.

5. Mount racing, more so with the beetles. I would LOVE IC races to be a thing, where people can start RPing themselves as racers. I think this has a lot of potential.

Posted Jul 8, 18 · OP



During their travels to find the next guild master, the Heroes rescued a Blood Legion Charr, Rathgar Battleguard, who was sent to recover a mysterious Djinni artifact that was fabled to hold back the brand! After a long battle up a brand spire, they saved Rathgar from a Ley anomaly and recovered the artifact.

Back in Haven Sands, they showed Rathgar their hideout and one of the Guild Masters, Bolvar of the flame revealed to the Charr that he had history with the guilds original founder and offered him a place within the guild, still loyal to the legions Rathgar declined the offer, but as he did, the artifact burst out of the satchel he was holding it in and joined the strange artifact the Guild had uncovered when they first found Haven Sands.

The land shook and it seemed the Heroes had come out of the pan and into fire but as it seemed the place was going to tear itself apart, a giant beam shot into the air and a large shield was placed over Haven sands.


Rathgar, with his warband all dead from the Ley Anomaly, the artifact now gone, Rathgar laughed as he realised that the legends of cursed Djinni treasure was true. Yes, Haven Sands was "protected" from the brand but what they aren't protected against are the threats that will now rush to them, seeing the large dome that covers them.
With this information and his failure to complete his mission, Rathgar joins the Heroes Guild as the third Guild Master, under one condition, he calls the shots as Warmaster and he can take whatever information he wishes to the Legions.

The two guild masters had no reason to agree, with the civilans they were currently harboring and lacking the experience of warfare, they needed the skills of a Blood Legion soldier to help them protect Haven Sands, but will it be enough?


❂ Guild level has increased, by the time you are reading this we will be level 28!

❂ Guild meeting has changed to Guild Moot, to give the theme of having a guild that is filled with different races and cultures.

❂ New and simple rule system added and put into the guild threads front page.

❂ Discord has had an overhaul, now more easier to use and has an extensive RP music area that helps GM's get inspired and use music when doing RP events, dice roll room for dice rolling RP events, guild hall upgrades, lists and suggestions and a new ticket system to contact admin in discord!


❂ Overhaul the Guild Hall ready for Halloween!

❂ Add new items to the guild hall as the Heroes go on adventures to acquire parts to get their very own airship!

❂ Continue to level the guild, we hope to get two tier 2 areas by Halloween, if not all.

❂ Change the tag from RPvE to RPvX to reflect the true nature of the guild, an open RP guild that tries to add RP to all areas of the game.

Posted Sep 15, 18 · OP
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