Karigan unholstered her rifle, looking through the scope at her target from her perch on the roof of a nearby building. Pulling the trigger, the bullet crossed the distance and before anyone could think to look for the shooter, she was gone. A feather lazily drifted down as the pale blue and gold-clad figure darted across the sands of Elona, a hood obscuring piercing brown eyes, black hair, braided and beaded, and a cold Elonian face. "Another one down. Who knew helping the Sunspears and the Brotherhood as a sniper could be so helpful to all parties, even me." She mounted her golden raptor, Aurelis, and made her escape. A pale green sylvari soon joined her. "We're needed."
"Lead on, then." The sylvari directed his mount and led the way. "Not bad, by the way, Kari."
"What, you didn't think I know how to snipe, Vernann? You've got a lot to learn about me. Still."