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Looking for a guild? Post here!

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About Me

Characters: Briar, Kimmi and Rye

Usual Play Time: UTC-7 aka Mountain Time Zone (No DST), I am available for most days of the week, save for Tuesday or Monday due to various commitments.

Typical Play-style: PvE, WvW, Casual, basically I want to have fun, I do not want to repeat any WoW based grinding or dungeon running, I also love exploring, living in the moment and really getting into the game's world and lore.

Additional Info: When I get into something I really get into it. I study lore, research bestiaries and check up on things like racial interactions between various sentient species. I know I am a bit obsessive when it comes to things like that, but I promise I will not 'nerd rage' or anything of the sort :lol: I have background experience in D&D type role playing and acting as well as various other tabletops and video games, though nothing I would call 'official', I am sadly also a little shy around new people but generally once I play with them a few times everything is fine. I am courteous, nice and generally try to be a team player at all times (unless alone lol).


RP Focus: Light, Medium or even Heavy RP, just please take it to heart that if it comes between RL and a RP moment I sadly must choose RL. I am not looking for mercenaries/sell-sword based guilds or more 'evil/darker' based ones.

Guild Size: Mid-sized to Large guild.

Specific Requirements or Preferences: I am generally looking for a guild that shows that not only is it active but it has enough members to support it if a few or, (knock on wood) a lot suddenly cannot make it to this or that event or meeting.

No elitism or general allowance of bashing other players and/or myself for not being on the 'up and up' when it comes to everything, I also am not looking for a guild that takes it self WAY too seriously, I understand and love that they want to roleplay so in depth but sometimes real life happens and when it calls one should not be berated for it.
Posted Jul 11, 12 · Last edited Jul 14, 12
About Me

Characters: Lilium the Norn ranger of the white wilds ! View my little story here - Howls of Hope
Usual Play Time: Usually play between 1pm and 2am. European Timezone
Age: 27 years young....Fine that's a lie...Already 28 unfortunatly
Typical Playstyle: In a guild I mostly look for alot of Roleplaying with some added endgame Raids and instances if possible.
Additional Info: I am still guildwars soul searching, so I have little to add to this question.


RP focus: Heavy Roleplaying
Guild Size: Medium sized to Large.
Specific requirements or preferences: I would appreciate a mature guild, I mean mature behaviour rather than mature of age.

Feel free to send me a friends request if you have some Guild related advice.

Thank you ! <3
Lilium Illusium - Howls of Hope
Posted Jul 13, 12
About Me

Characters: Elsa Solveig is the character I am looking to place.
Usual Play Time: Pacific, evenings & weekends
Age: 24
Typical Playstyle: RP & PvP
Additional Info: I promise not to be a drama llama.


RP focus: Heavy RP
Guild Size: No preference, just active members looking to form IC bonds
Specific requirements or preferences: PvP isn't a necessary aspect of the guild, although I plan to do much of my leveling through PvP. I am not, however, much of a raider.
~Ava Quicksilver, Novice Priestess of Lyssa
Posted Jul 13, 12
I believe my mind is made up!

Thank you everyone for your telling me great things about your guild, was hard to pick only one but weighting out this and that I have made my decision. DONT WORRY though, I do have another character in the works. Im sure everyone would need a Norn ranger thats a hunter that sells his wares from a long hunt....OH and hes a relic hunter...DOUBLE HUNTER!
Posted Jul 13, 12 · Last edited Jul 14, 12
About Me

As of 8/17, I am still looking for a guild. Feel free to message me!

8/17: Changed some of the things I am looking for in a guild.

Characters: Caryn the Mild
Usual Play Time: 11:30 est to 4 am est guaranteed hours ; Afternoons and Evenings are always random
Age: 24
Typical Playstyle: I'm mostly just an RPer but I think it would be fun to do some IC leveling in GW2 and it would be great to have some buddies willing to do that.
Additional Info: I don't plan on Caryn really being a fighter so she will mostly be a support character. I realize that may contradict with the above playstyle...I want her to be more of an unlikely adventurer, sort of like Bilbo Baggins.

I like guilds where it's more than just the RP but bonding with other people as well. I tend to like to explore dark and adult themes but I don't ERP.

I have another guild for my other RP character, Rown the Cleaver, but I want my two main RP characters, Caryn and Rown, to be in different guilds ICly. My alt, Urrn, also has a guild with the Quill and Quiver.


RP focus: Medium/Heavy RP
Guild Size: This early on in the game, I am not looking for a large RP guild. That, for me, is currently anything over 50 members. Anything smaller I would be more than happy to join.
Specific requirements or preferences: Hoping to find a guild that plans on running a guild storyline or just likes storyline RP in general. And RPers who like playing past midnight. I'm looking most specifically for an adventuring guild where my homebody of a sylvari can be dragged out on an adventure and learn more of the world, even if she's not so willing to. However, I may be open to some House guilds out there.

In Game Name: Proel washed up, down on her luck, and drunken charr gladium. (Tarnished Coast/GW2)

Now playing: Persona 3: FES
Posted Jul 15, 12 · Last edited Aug 16, 12
About Me

Characters: Drukkan Farsight - Human Ranger
Usual Play Time: After 4pm until late night. - UTC/GMT -3 hours
Age: 21
Typical Playstyle: RP/PVE - Some interest in WvW
Additional Info: New to RP but will love to start with GW2. Seems like the perfect RP setting :d


RP focus: Light/Medium at first as I'm new to the entire thing. May change over time.
Guild Size: I do prefer mid-sized guilds.
Specific requirements or preferences: I'm interested in a Mature guild. Some of the stuff that comes out of my mouth is not always PG-13 suitable, but I should mention it doesn't happen often either. A helpful guild that will ease me into the RP world would be perfect.
Posted Jul 15, 12
About Me

Characters Sriin Knorejjd
Usual Play Time CST (by release. Moving at the end of july.) afternoon, evening. weekends. flexible.
Age 27
Typical Playstyle RP, PvE (Raids), PVP casual.
Additional Info Looking for a guild with primary focus on RP but with a definite player base interest in high-level PvE or raid-like content on a flexible one or two nights a week sort of schedule. I have plenty of experience from WOW, RIFT, and SWTOR.


RP focus Heavy RP
Guild Size Medium
Specific requirements or preferences Looking for a guild capable of supporting rich and dynamic group-centric RP: a group of people that are open to tying together characters and plot lines to involve as many members as possible. A guild where everyone has their role to play.

My primary character is a chaotic-evil with the potential to play an antagonistic role for anyone looking for an antithesis to their characters. Or, alternatively, as a tenuous ally. My approach is generally 'Okay, what can I do stir up a little mischief while at the same time making people around me LOL oocly?' A guild that welcomes dubious characters is a plus.

'But, Sriin-Khaara, you're playing a chaotic evil! They can't possibly get along with anyone!' And generally I would say, yes, you're right. However, I've made it work in the past, and I intend to make it work again. The key is to not typically reveal the alignment of your character or 'do evil for the sake of evil.' That just doesn't work. The character is selfish. Think of the character as a cat--she goes where she pleases and hangs about for reasons unknown. So long as goals align on some level, it will work. I don't mind if ICly people dislike the character, so long as OOCly everyone is having a good laugh and a good time.

tl;dr looking for guild welcoming characters of dubious moral standing.
Commissions. I do them.

Portfolio | DevArt | Tumblr
Posted Jul 16, 12
Rega the Drunk

Characters: Rega Der Meister, Norn, Warrior.
Usual Play Time: Pacific time zone, Cali baby. Playtime will be weeknights and weekends.
Age: 21
Typical Playstyle: Luv' me some PvP, but RP is where I'll be most of the time.
Additional Info: My character is a happy Norn. He is a jolly fellow that prefers to be drunk around his friends and rarely fights. But when it does he is a brute. He isn't very smart, but often takes offense to people depicting him as a stupid Norn.


RP focus: Medium-Heavy Roleplaying guild
Guild Size: I like medium guilds, prefer established groups, and by established i mean they have a good back story and involve their members in it.
Specific requirements or preferences: I'm looking for a guild that can fit my Norn. He doesn't ask for much, food, somewhere to sleep, and has a loving wife he will visit back in Hoelbrak.
Posted Jul 18, 12
About Me

Characters: Varn Solveig
Usual Play Time: US Central timezone for now. I'm available at random hours for now. Heavy weekends to be sure.
Age: 32
Typical Playstyle: RPvPer, Crafter, and general gameplay freak. I like exploring all options/factions/classes in an mmo. Jack of all trades, master of none usually fits my style.
Additional Info: I'm a pretty flexible dude, really. I can get along in big groups or very focused clique groups. An aspect I'll attribute to having served in the US Army in rl and having been playing role playing games since the very early 90's.


RP focus: Again, I'm very flexible. As long as I know your format (absolutely no ooc in guild chat) so on and so forth I feel I can fit in with any group. I tend to be a little quirky so a Medium group might be good or a laid back Heavy RP focus group.
Guild Size:Yet again, size matters not. Judge you by your size I do not. I've been in both very small and very large guilds. There are advantages and disadvantages to both I've found.
Specific requirements or preferences: Can I simply put fun here? I want to have fun. RPing, Pvping, and playing the game as much as we do RPing in it. One thing I'm not fond of though is... meetings. If you're meeting heavy... I'm probably going to peter out on you very quickly. Let's see... I know I'll have one Norn and at least one Noble-ish character so that might help with placement too.
Posted Jul 18, 12
About Me

Characters: Annalyssa
Usual Play Time: Central timezone, my usual playtime is based around my early school schedule, evenings, weekends, etc.
Age: 17
Typical Playstyle: RP/PvP/PvE I won't be too specific because c'mon.. with Guild Wars 2 everything will be amazing!
Additional Info: I'm easy-going and open-minded, and practically divulge myself into the Guild Wars lore and have a deep knowledge for each aspect of GW1 and will be learning more on GW2!

I'm also currently involved with another guild for social reasons, but I wish to keep it only as a social alternative, I plan on having a main guild based around role-play.


RP focus: Medium to Heavy RP, I love getting truly involved in the stories and guild's adventures.
Guild Size: I might prefer a smaller or medium sized guild to a large guild, but as long as the people are friendly, I won't mind the size. :)
Specific requirements or preferences: I'm currently looking for a ethical and good motivated guild, which has been a big more difficult than you'd expect. As well, preferable of a guild leader with common sense and who treats us members as equals, Guild Wars 2 main goal to have fun after all! :d
Posted Jul 19, 12
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