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Saya o
About Me
Characters: Shalira Aurion/Sylvari/Ranger
Usual Play Time: Central US Timezone. Weekdays from around 4-7 and most of the weekend.
Typical Playstyle: PvE, casual, crafter
Additional Info: Plenty of prior MMORPG rp experience Wanted
RP focus: Light/Medium RP
Guild Size: mid-sized guild
Specific requirements or preferences: open to nearly all (Mature would depend on the content)
Posted Oct 6, 18 · Last edited Oct 6, 18
About Me I'm Cyrus, long time forum RPer. My first RPs were way back on Neopets. Started out with threads. Moved with my friends to a self contained forum, then to tumblr, now on discord. Looking for GW2 RPers to write with.
Characters: A'alish Iayu: he/him Sylvari revenant. Non-commander. Priory Magister.
Valentina Lovelace: she/her Human warrior. Non-commander. Vigil captain.
Voelst: genderfluid Asura engineer. Priory. Assigned to A'alish's squad.
Gnash Gnash: she/her charr mesmer. Priory alongside Voelst. Born to lionguard away from the citadel.
WIP characters include: Volya (Sylvari guardian), Evi (Norn Elementalist), Mianaht (Norn thief), and Rundas Lain (Human Necromancer)
Usual Play Time: EST. Typically evenings. Varies.
Age: 25. I am Not Comfortable RPing with minors.
Typical Playstyle: Super casual. I'm here for the chill environment and story. Well. The characters in the story.
Additional Info: I am really chill but full aware of and ready to enforce my boundaries. If a guild isn't for me, I'm not going to stirr things up, I'll just leave when I become aware of it.
Wanted A guild with in game IC aspects but also a heavy aspect of out of game RPing. I GREATLY prefer long threads to ingame chat RPing. I have experience running a RP discord server, and thus far said format has treated me kindly. It's been a long time since I've been on a forum RP.
RP focus: Light/Medium/Heavy RP
Guild Size: Small/mid-sized/large guild Idk probably 10 at most. I have trouble remembering names.
Specific requirements or preferences: I definitely need an outlet to talk to people ooc. I feel like PMing someone singles them out. Perhaps it's my time as a teacher, but if I can't say something to everyone, or that's not an option, it makes me uncomfortable. Ultimately I want a casual guild with an active RP aspect.
Posted Oct 6, 18
About Me
Hi! I'm Hope and I have been RPing on and off for about ten years! I am a librarian and love trying my hand at writing!
Characters: Pilar Akona - Ranger - New to Divinity's Reach | Barret Grevs - Guardian - Soldier
Usual Play Time: Usually early mornings EST once my schedule changes!
Age: Of age!
Typical Playstyle: I love doing just about everything in game! PvP is my favorite!
Additional Info: Looking for something creative that allows me to contribute to storylines and character development!
RP focus: Med - Heavy
Guild Size: Any size!
Specific requirements or preferences: Would prefer to stay away from more lewd guilds! But anywhere I can make friends and chat with people and make connections :3
Posted Oct 15, 18
About Me
Characters: As of this post, only one I'm using, Nyssira/Sylvari/Warrior for roleplay, though I have two others.
Usual Play Time: EST, on in the late afternoon (4:30ish), and more frequent on weekends.
Age: Don't invite me to 18+
Typical Playstyle: PvE, casual
Additional Info: I'm open to helping people with stuff, and I have a good grasp on RP, while it not being GW2.
RP focus: Light-Medium
Guild Size: Small-mid-sized
Specific requirements or preferences: I'd rather have it stay PG-13 at the most, please.
Posted Oct 28, 18 · Last edited Oct 28, 18
About Me
Characters: I do not have a profile for them here, but I have a verity of characters. However I'd like to find a guild for my Human Guardian as I've been maining him with PoF.
Usual Play Time: Hard to say these days, though my time zone is EST.
Age: 24 (25 this month I don't wanna be old!)
Typical Playstyle: Pretty much everything. I have a heavy focus on PvP as a support main and spend a lot of time and experience there. If you have other PvPers I'd love to join them! I'd like to try the raids as well.
Additional Info:
RP focus: Medium preferred, but it's slim pickings.
Guild Size: I will take small or mid sized guilds. Large is a no go.
Specific requirements or preferences: Just no cliques and no drama please.

Discord is Cathan#9701

IGN is Gael Fenice or Aylpse.6280
Posted Thu at 09:11 pm · Last edited Thu at 21:13
About Me:

Characters: Velki Mince/Sylvari/Thief
Usual Play Time: CST (UTC-06:00)/I don't have a fix time schedule, and mostly free. I keep myself online as much as possible.
Age: Twenty-two.
Typical Playstyle: PvE and WvW(Not hardcore. Doing to have fun and sillies.) is all I do.
Additional Info: I have a lot of roleplaying experience from other games I roleplayed and have a slight grasp about the lore. During roleplay, if I did something that is lorebreaking, please let me know and I will do extra research.


RP Focus: Medium to Heavy. OOC talk is okay as long as it's not casual talk or trying to get to know more about me OOCly.
Guild Size: The more, the better, but will still join small guilds.
Specific requirements or preferences: Not into Nightmare Court or Soundless(My Sylvari rejects both). Not sure what to look for, so hit me up with anything, and I'll try my best.
Posted Fri at 11:29 am
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