IN-GAME NAME: Sannom.5730

About Me


I have two characters. A Sylvari Thief, and a Charr Warrior. Both have vastly different personalities!

My thief, Jack, has a small history already behind his character, which I would rather you discover as you roleplay alongside him. You can expect a typical assassin archetype; Calm, polite, professional. Perhaps a little intimidating at times, this character would prefer exerting psychological pressure onto others rather than resort to violence. Rarely are his actions without premeditation. Expect to be studied--- whether you are a friend or a foe. A powerful ally to have, though he can sometimes be a little difficult to deal with, what with his aloof disposition. It's going to take a strong pair of pliers to break into this character's heart

My warrior, Sannom, is a little less developed, therefore more suited to a variety of themes and concepts. All the contrary to Jack, he is what one could call a culturally inept Charr whose upbringing left him rather clueless about societal norms. Nevertheless, this character has a heart of gold, and will do anything to protect what little friends he has. Loyal to a fault, and always ready to charge into battle with such unmatched ferocity, one could assume he was raised by wolves ( spoilers: he was not ).

Usual Play Time:

EST timezone, usually in the evenings.

Age: 25

Typical Playstyle:

PVE almost exclusively, but I don't mind dipping my toes in other stuff.

Additional Info:

I have a job. With a chaotic schedule. I've also recently come back from a 2+ years break. I have been roleplaying for as long as I can remember, and I have a preference for darker themes in general, and vastly prefer partners who show maturity and experience.

I'm looking for guilds who are open to morally grey topics, and I am quite easy to adapt to themes. Whether your guild is themed around assassins, spies, nightmare court, anything! Just hit me up. No, I mean it. Please hit me up. Sannom.5730


RP focus: Medium/Heavy RP

Guild Size: Small/Med

Specific requirements or preferences:

No children characters, please.
I don't really like sheeted stuff, and I prefer to trust my rp partners to make compelling narrative rather than roll for outcomes. We've suffered enough RNG in MMOs already.
I'm open to some pretty intense stuff, but it'd be best if you simply asked me first.