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Looking for a guild? Post here!

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Potato Queen
We're accumulating a large number of guilds now, some of which are recruiting, and others that aren't. If you're having trouble sorting through them all, posting here is a quick way to get yourself noticed by guilds that are recruiting.

Guild recruiters, please contact folks who post in this thread privately (via Enjin PM or chat) so that the thread remains clear of advertising. Thank you!

Post in the following format please:

About Me

Characters: Link to your character sheets here on 2RP if you have them, or Name/Race/Profession if you don't.
Usual Play Time: Your timezone, days of the week/hours of the day you're typically on.
Age: No exact age needed, but some guilds are 18+
Typical Playstyle: PvE, PvP, WvW, crafter, casual, whatever description you like
Additional Info: Anything else you can think of that explains why a guild might want you!


RP focus: Light/Medium/Heavy RP
Guild Size: Small/mid-sized/large guild
Specific requirements or preferences: Whatever you feel like you want or definitely don't want in a guild!

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Posted May 21, 12 · OP
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Thats a big list!
All i wish to know is if there a fanatic human order dedicated to the human gods.
Posted Jun 23, 12
About Me

Characters: Lilium the Norn ranger of the white wilds ! View my little story here - Howls of Hope
Usual Play Time: Usually play between 1pm and 2am. European Timezone
Age: 27 years young....Fine that's a lie...Already 28 unfortunatly
Typical Playstyle: In a guild I mostly look for alot of Roleplaying with some added endgame Raids and instances if possible.
Additional Info: I am still guildwars soul searching, so I have little to add to this question.


RP focus: Heavy Roleplaying
Guild Size: Medium sized to Large.
Specific requirements or preferences: I would appreciate a mature guild, I mean mature behaviour rather than mature of age.

Feel free to send me a friends request if you have some Guild related advice.

Thank you ! <3
Lilium Illusium - Howls of Hope
Posted Jul 13, 12
About Me

Characters: Anders Loxley - Human - Thief_Jeweller/Leatherworker
Usual Play Time: 16:00 - 23:00 (GMT +2)
Age: 21
Typical Playstyle: I enjoy All styles of gampley in MMO
Additional Info: I know how to have fun


RP focus: Light/Medium RP
Guild Size: It certainly doesnt matter
Posted Jul 14, 12

Tiernan Conn: A brooding young human warrior, concerned with the threat of the Elder Dragons and ponders his role in their defeat.

Iris: A Sylvari Thief who's wander lust in unsateable. Determined to see all she can of the world, she has sworn to battle the Elder Dragons when she can to ensure there will still be a land left to explore.

Usual Play Time: A fair bit, usually 17:00 GMT till about 12:00

Age: 18

Typical Playstyle: I'm a heavy rper, though I also love pvp, and definetly intend to sink my teeth into WvWvW first chance I get.

Additional Info: I've been rping for many years now, my journey has taken me from simple games with sticks as a child, to WoW, to SWTOR, and now I excitedly await Guild Wars. I'm very dedicated to any guild that catches my interest, I'll be more than willing to make plenty of rp events for the guild.


RP focus:
Guild Size: Any size, so long as theres rp!

Specific requirements or preferences: Due to the nature of my characters, any evil guild is naturally out, though I do intend to level a necromancer, so that's always a thought. Preferably a guild with a focus on defeating the Elder Dragons, a strong adventure theme, exploration and such!
Posted Jul 14, 12
About Me

Characters: I have a wide array of characters, only one which is guilded to a specific and inclusive guild (Sorral Shatterspite). The rest of the characters already have some loose (but definite!) commitments with friends - but my characters are always open for new potential applications, both EU and NA side:

Human Necromancer (Siobel Grey - her profile is here!)
Human Thief (Miasma Twin - sheet is a WIP)
Human Ranger (Kieran, no last name - sheet does not yet exist!)
Human Guardian (No first name, Darleth - sheet does not yet exist!)
Sylvari Warrior (Astaari, most likely. There is a very short story on her here.)

Usual Play Time: European, GMT and GMT+1.
Age: 19, happy with any age restriction I happen to qualify for.
Typical Playstyle: Bring everything on. I probably lack a little of the crafting discipline, but I intend to try it out for the sake of XP in GW2! And uh, charity.
Additional Info: I love to contribute, and I consider myself a very active extension of almost any guild - given I click with the people. The bigger picture is important for me - synergy throughout the whole community - so reclusive/self-revolving guilds (or cliques!) are not interesting to me. :d


RP focus: Medium to heavy RP. I'd like to be able to WPVP/SPVP, PVE and just goof about with you. Guild chat must be OOC! :)
Guild Size: Medium sized - something that's cozy without being too small (inactive) or too large. I find that guilds over the 30 mark leaves a lot of people in the dark, so that's probably where I draw my line! It's probably more important that the leadership have a vision of what they want and stick to it. Then I'm not too fussed with any specific amount!
Specific requirements or preferences: I'd be open for pretty much anything, granted it suits my characters! I love plotting, so making something work only requires creativity!
Posted Jul 23, 12
About Me

Characters: Liuli, Human Elementalist.
Usual Play Time: Greatly varries, usually some hours per day. GMT +2 time zone.
Age: 33
Typical Playstyle: RP, PvE, PvP, WvW... I like to participate in every aspect of an MMO.
Additional Info: Can't think of anything.


RP focus: Heavy RP.
Guild Size: Doesn't matter.
Specific requirements or preferences:

I'm looking for a bad guys guild. I'm tired of saving the world in every single game for the entirety of my life. A bandits guild, a cult, anything that isn't a mercenary or militia guild and whose members hold troublesome morales. The North American server has a pirate guild which looks like a great idea. Unfortunately the European guilds so far do not appear to varry much from one another in RP flavor. Preferably a mature guild.

There are currently two 'bad guys' guilds advertising - one is Sylvari only, the other is a bit foppish (not my taste) and has a no eRP rule. While I don't consider myself a frequent eRPer, I would never join a guild that dictates to me what I'm allowed and not allowed to RP.

I'm hoping more 'bad guys' guilds will form on the EU side.
Posted Jul 24, 12
About Me

Characters: Caelric Ridgefield
Usual Play Time: I live in England, but I'm pretty flexible in regards to the hours I can play on any given day.
Age: Twenty three.
Typical Playstyle: I intend to fully embrace everything the game has to offer, so I'll definitely be up for PvE and PvP related stuff in addition to role-play. I'll be keeping my crafting skills up to date too and don't mind helping out with them.
Additional Info: Not to brag or anything, but I've been role-playing for years now and have a fair bit of experience under my belt and enjoy crafting stories as well as participating in them!


RP focus: Character driven role-play that is both intricate and immersive. I don't really want to be tied down to one particular area, either.
Guild Size: Tricky...ideally, I'd like a small and close knit guild where everyone knows each other reasonably well IC and OOC. I despise joining a large guild only to feel like a needle in a haystack!
Specific requirements or preferences: I want a role-playing guild that has nothing to do with ranks or titles. It's nothing personal, but my character is going to be a soldier of noble birth sworn to protect humanity. I have no interest in serving above or below other player characters as I would much rather interact with people in a less rigid environment. I guess I'm rambling at this point, but ideally I would love to join a guild that has no IC ranks and titles and is instead a group of individuals united under a common cause...with room for the typical tension and disagreements that come with such things, of course! I'd also love to play an active part in contributing and crafting events and the like, so don't be afraid to approach me if you'd like to team up!
Posted Jul 27, 12
About Me

Characters: Ayona Stonerose/ Human/ Guardian
Usual Play Time: EU timezone 5 p.m-11p.m (much longer during weekends)
Age: I am 18+ (in fact I may be even too old to play computer games but probably it's still a child inside me. :) )
Typical Playstyle: PvE, WvW
Additional Info: Iam a man who loves plying female characters due to esthetic reasons. And RP as a female is a real challenge, isn't it?


RP focus: Light/Medium
Guild Size: Small/mid-sized
Specific requirements or preferences: I hope my expectations are not too sophisticated. I am looking for human guardians only guild, a sort of "Order" or "Convent" , with neutral (not too holy) background. As A-net says its possible to beat the game in every configuration, I believe that group of knights defeating the dungeon bosses and hostile players sounds challenging and entertaining.
Posted Aug 5, 12
About Me

Character: My character is very much a work in progress, I haven't even decided his race yet (Asura or Sylvari), thus his personality and personal agenda isn't quite decided yet, as it'll change depending on race. However the idea behind him is to be a scholar and archivist. To learn, experience, collect knowledge and catalogue information will be his focus. In-game profession will be mesmer.

Usual Play Time: GMT +1. Don't really have any restrictions on which time of day or on what days I can play.

Age: I'm 24 years old.

Typical Playstyle: I enjoy more or less all aspects of an mmo. I enjoy roleplaying during pve and pvp, though it's not something I always strive to do. In this game my pvp will likely be focused on WvW, though as my character is not a fighter, I'll likely have to keep that ooc, unless I can find a good reason for my character to participate.


RP focus: I don't really know what my focus is exactly. I'm generally quite active, and I try to rp, pve and pvp in equal measures. While I can jump into rp in a moment's notice, I do have my own moments where I just enjoy some casual ooc gameplay. My character is a civilian, and not a fighter. While he'll have some magical abilities, in a fight it'd be focused on confusing and distracting the enemy so he could hopefully escape.

Guild Size: Guild size matters little to me, though as stated before I'll be quite active, and I enjoy playing together with other active players.

Specific requirements or preferences, and other information: While my character's personality is still in the works, he will not be a straight out evil character, so I'm mainly interested in guilds from between Chaotic/Neutral to Lawful/Good alignments. Other than that I'm quite open to almost any type of guild that feels they might have a need of a recordkeeper of sorts. Noble houses, militant type guilds, krewe types (if Asura), merchant guilds, adventure guilds and so on. He could do anything from keeping historical records, cataloguing current events, keep records of recruitment and discharges, economy, food rations, recording the outcome of battles, win/loss, dead and injured and other details worth of note. I'm sure there is much else he'd fit the role to do.

So if you feel your guild might have a place for a scholar and/or archivist, feel free to pm me with any questions, thoughts and suggestions. Also, to any race specific guilds, don't hesitate to pm me because the character's race hasn't been determined. He will be either an Asura or Sylvari, but at the moment it's a coin toss, and I'm currently building both characters.

I know there isn't much information here about my character other than what role/s he could fill. If you're interested to know more about who my character is as a person, you're more than welcome to pm me. I'll also post one or potentially both (if it's not breaking any forum rules) in the character profiles when I feel I have a firm understanding of how I want them to be. What's currently missing in both is mainly appearance and character background, their history. I feel I should also add, to avoid any confusion, that in the end only one of them will survive to be created in game. While I'll surely have alts in the future, I prefer to stick to one single character for roleplay.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day. :>
Posted Aug 12, 12 · Last edited Aug 13, 12
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