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Looking for a guild? Post here!

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About me
Characther: Doug the Angry, Human, Elementalist
Usual play time: often in the evening, from 20:00 till midnight, with a pause for dinner. Sometimes in the afternoon.
Age: 25
Typical play-style: PvE mostly, sometimes PvP and crafting, when i manage to learn how to do that. (Lol)
Additional info: I'm tired of the MMORPG community populated only by children or casual player, i'm tired of the emptyness that comes with most of community play-style, where the focus of the game is on grinding, jumping all around or casting abilities in the city, it brakes my immersion. I don't know why they call it RPG if the only thing people do is ignoring NPCs, use a gamers language and exping all the day. I don't give a damn reaching high levels quickly, instead i have fun in exploring places, merge my mind with my character and have immersive conversation with other players, without ruining the immersion. Of corse simetimes it's good to take a breath and communicate out of character, i just hate the people doing that all the time. That's why i'm Doug the Angry.

RP focus: Medium or heavy Rp (i don't know the difference)
Guild Size: not a problem, small or big it's fine.
Specific requirements or preferences: Not much, i just want to find some people that loves to RP.
Posted Dec 15, 18
Heyy, Doug!
Im currently in an RP guild that might suit your hopes and expectations. We are The Heroes Guild, an RPvE guild where we primarily RP but use PvE elements to make it more interesting. Every NPC, every game mechanic, every location; we all RP it and it all has a meaning. We are a rather small-to-medium guild but there's always someone online, either to just chat or RP with. We run an RP event (big or small) nearly every day (during the evening) so you can always just hop on during that time and participate. We are also working on getting some PvP and WvW going so that's something to look out for too!
On our Discord server, you can find all the info you need, get to know the people and see if this is the kind of place you're looking for. If you're interested, I will send you a link!
With kind regards, Silivia Bloodsworn
Posted Dec 16, 18
About Me
Characters: https://www.guildwars2roleplayers.com/home/m/2737230/viewthread/32491740-korhbin
Usual Play Time: CST, more weekends and some week day evenings
Age: 18
Typical Playstyle: PvE,but if a fight starts between character then PvP
Additional Info: Been rping for a few years and I really like it, so it’ll be a nice change as compared to a site rp.
RP focus: Heavy
Guild Size: Small/Med. Large.. well thats case by case
Specific requirements or preferences: Cant think of any atm
Posted Jan 29, 19
About me
I’m a 48 year old guy who lives in the North of England.
I’m a long time tabletop roleplayer - I started playing Traveller in 1982, quickly followed by AD&D, Gamma World and Runequest. I still tabletop roleplay on a regular basis, running a Wednesday evening D&D 5e game and running various other games at 4 or 5 UK Tabletop Roleplaying Conventions each year.
From a computer gaming point of view, I used to be a pretty heavy gamer. I ran an EU gamers guild on the US City of Heroes servers for the couple of years before they introduced EU servers, and then ran a City of Villains guild for a number of years on the EU servers. However my computer gaming time has dropped as work and family responsibilities have increased. These days I'm a father so most gaming time is after my son has gone to bed, and I cannot commit to a regular schedule.
I play four or five evenings a week after about 8pm (UK time), when my son has gone to bed, usually finishing the night a little before midnight. If you see me on before 8pm I'm probably partied with my seven year old son and trying to keep his character alive as he runs around and attacks everything in sight usually agroing several groups simultaneously and taking on far more than he can handle.

PvE - I've finished playing through the personal stories with both my main characters. I've played through the PoF story with Gaheron and am currently taking my time get my Griffon and exploring the PoF maps. I love exploring, especially maps where I’m not falling over mobs all the time - I hated my brief encounter with the HoT maps enough that I jumped HoF entirely and went straight to PoF. I'd like to get back to roleplaying in MMOs, but due to lifestyle can’t commit to regular times. I'm looking for groups interested in doing PvE content in character, taking their time to explore the world and maybe slowing down a littleto follow the story. A group that hosts roleplaying events would be a huge plus - ideally a group I can work both my main characters into without modifying their backstories.
I‘d probably class myself as RP Light/Medium. I want to roleplay but I won’t get too annoyed if someone drops out of character by mistake, or gets some point of canon wrong.

What I don’t want
I don't want a a group that forces world changing meta-plot on my characters all the time. I'm happy playing a girl who wants to be a librarian, and an outcast Charr who finds it easier to get on with kids than adults and has an outdated belief in honour. I don't need to be a Dragon/God-slayer and I'd prefer if the roleplaying events in group weren't world-shaking all the time. Sometimes its nice to roleplay the small stuff.

About my characters
Aurora Fitzpatrick (https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Aurora%20Fitzpatrick)
An intelligent refined and thoughtful, but rather reluctant hero who has discovered she has the skills to help the world, but hates the neccessity. She's the second daughter of a minor noble family, and is well versed in politics, diplomacy and subterfuge. However she would much rather be in a library, expanding her horizons through dilligent study, or out in the field unearthing old ruins.

Gaheron Ragefarmer (https://gw2efficiency.com/c/Gaheron%20Ragefarmer)
A Charr objector who opposed the sieged of Ascalon City feeling it dishonorable and refused to fight, Gaheron was court-martialled and imprissoned in the depths of the Black Citadel for five years. Upon release he found himself unwelcome in his homelands and became a wanderer. Years later when he returned home he has discovered many of his views shared by young Charr who question the wisdom of the seige, and are less inclined to be prejudiced against the humans
Posted Feb 27, 19 · Last edited Feb 27, 19
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