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Looking for a guild? Post here!

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About me
Characther: Doug the Angry, Human, Elementalist
Usual play time: often in the evening, from 20:00 till midnight, with a pause for dinner. Sometimes in the afternoon.
Age: 25
Typical play-style: PvE mostly, sometimes PvP and crafting, when i manage to learn how to do that. (Lol)
Additional info: I'm tired of the MMORPG community populated only by children or casual player, i'm tired of the emptyness that comes with most of community play-style, where the focus of the game is on grinding, jumping all around or casting abilities in the city, it brakes my immersion. I don't know why they call it RPG if the only thing people do is ignoring NPCs, use a gamers language and exping all the day. I don't give a damn reaching high levels quickly, instead i have fun in exploring places, merge my mind with my character and have immersive conversation with other players, without ruining the immersion. Of corse simetimes it's good to take a breath and communicate out of character, i just hate the people doing that all the time. That's why i'm Doug the Angry.

RP focus: Medium or heavy Rp (i don't know the difference)
Guild Size: not a problem, small or big it's fine.
Specific requirements or preferences: Not much, i just want to find some people that loves to RP.
Posted Dec 15, 18
Heyy, Doug!
Im currently in an RP guild that might suit your hopes and expectations. We are The Heroes Guild, an RPvE guild where we primarily RP but use PvE elements to make it more interesting. Every NPC, every game mechanic, every location; we all RP it and it all has a meaning. We are a rather small-to-medium guild but there's always someone online, either to just chat or RP with. We run an RP event (big or small) nearly every day (during the evening) so you can always just hop on during that time and participate. We are also working on getting some PvP and WvW going so that's something to look out for too!
On our Discord server, you can find all the info you need, get to know the people and see if this is the kind of place you're looking for. If you're interested, I will send you a link!
With kind regards, Silivia Bloodsworn
Posted Dec 16, 18
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