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New Guildwars 2 Roleplayer looking to get involved

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All classes are magical, reread the lore statements made within in gw2 lore. It's literally right there.

I believe I should have been clearer than what I was.

''The enginner class has no take on magic...'' The OOC class.

The OOC class has literally no signets, cantrips, spells, whatever. Closest thing to magic ; alchemy and holosmithing. If you go ingame and play your engineer char, you'll probably realise than when you check out your profession's skills, you'll see nothing magic. (Again, alchemy can be somewhat of an exception, but frankly, drinking a potion is far from casting a spell or activating a signet.)

Suggestion ; Mix with another class, like necros (because that's just badass), since YES, every entity in the game has magic within them, engineer included. Why did I suggest to mix the engie with another class? because it's the easiest way to exploit magic and engineer. Wanna do something cool and brilliant by making your char simply use the little bit of magic she has on sigils and signets? Good, do it. It's possible, it's nice, it's all that and it's also pretty well balanced, I must say. I just thought that suggesting something less limited might be more interesting.

Jesus christ, was this so hard to get?

I understand why you wrote this, but frankly, just read what I said ;
''However, like mentioned in what the guy I quoted said, any living being has magic.''
This single line implies everything you said about how an engineer char can also exploit magic. ._.

You might understand my love for engies, but you clearly didn't understand what I said.

*edited because like the retard I am, I can't write properly.
Posted Feb 2, 18 · Last edited Feb 2, 18
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Jesus christ, was this so hard to get?

I would say it's likely because the entire rest of the post sounds like your take is completely cut-and-dry against the idea of Engineers having magic abilities, and the only thing hinting otherwise is a single line that is immediately dismissed in the following sentence. I understand better now, but I still disagree.

How does one create magitech items? How does one imbue fantastical properties into mundane tools? How do turrets track FoF in the heat of battle? Or guns fire endlessly without reload? HOW DO WAYPOINTS WORK?! It's all technology, but it's also magic, and often magic that the creator would have likely used magic to create, via use of personal magic, or a tool, it's still magic.

Look at golemancy with the asura for example. This would be a form of science, as they are manipulating understood parameters to coordinate and achieve a desired result; and a form of engineering as they are applying this understanding to a physical, functioning design. All this considered, the magic used in their creation is in-lore has shown it can create anomalies, such as the golem uprising of '84 causing them to create and implement the Sedition Inhibitor to prevent losing control of an otherwise established and integrated technology. They've had golems for hundreds of years, and the uprising literally occured 36 years ago! But this isn't the only example in lore... or out.

I honestly like the idea of inspiring people with unique ideas than trying to use the lore to impose limitation, so I'm gonna dip into the RP lore I've experienced over the years a bit on this.

One of my -favorite- examples of applied magitech was in regards to an asuran munitions expert. The character specialized in custom rounds, mostly experimental, and was quite well off with many contract deals happening throughout the community. What made her ammo so sought-after was her use of magic to imbue special qualities into the round. Think signets, but a bullet with a magic fuse that lit when you fired it.

A few from her catalog:
-Mage-Killer rounds - Bullet that travels a short distance before shadowstepping closer to the target. Great for getting round shields and cover.
-Dolyak rounds - I don't remember if this was the official name or not, but there was a warrior signet in them that gave them armor-piercing qualities.
-Insert Clever Name Here - They have a better name, but rounds with an air spell enchantment that made them erupt into static electricity on impact. Good for taking out electrical systems.

This character would study various magic arts endlessly. Not entire professions, just the make-up of specific spells and effects the various flavors of magic could produce. She'd then practice them with her own magic to a certain understanding, and learn how to apply that to her munitions. She never used these abilities she practiced in combat, as she wasn't that level of proficient, but that was the point of the rounds she made!

What I'm saying ultimately is that when advising someone on creativity, don't use absolutes if you can avoid them; especially when the subject matter isn't absolute at all. There's so much freedom granted to us, there are very few points comparatively where a hard-line "Yes" or "No" is applicable in these discussions. Share your ideas and your take, but always keep in mind that those are yours, and while they may fit and function, they are not definitive of the setting nor the communities take on the matter. I actually really think your grasp of the tech is quite in-depth, and know first hand how difficult it can be to try and explain the more fantastical elements of the world in a more grounded, scientific way. I'll leave off with one of my favorite quotes that helps me keep my mind open to a lot of these struggles:

“Magic's just science that we don't understand yet.” - Arthur C. Clarke

Keep flyin'~!
Posted Feb 2, 18
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Uhh-... No. Engineer is the only class with no take on magic. They use tools, gadgets, explosives and/or technology to fight, and such, but not magic.

A good point from one idio-... Misinformed person would be ; ''But holosmiths uses magic''. No they don't. It's technology, not spell casting. ''But they use potions''. Alchemy can contain magical elements, but it's not casting spells nor using a signet. Using a magic root to make a potion is not using magic. It's using the root's magic. You ain't a mage, you are an alchemist. And in this game, alchemy is somehow engineering. ._.

...Is there even magic roots in this game? [Insert sylvari joke]

However, like mentioned in what what the guy I quoted said, any living being has magic. So if you feel creative and wants to mix up engineer and necromancy, go wild. Though, like I love to say, ''an engineer is a jack of all trades, and a master of none''. So, I'd suggest that if you make some kind of Engie x Magic class, you take in consideration that spending time in learning engineering/alchemy/holosmithing... You can't be a powerful [insert the other class you are mixing this with]. If you want to make a master, mixing classes isn't the way to go.

But anyway.

If you have questions about engies, feel free to poke me. This game might be a fantasy land, but I'm one of the rejects that prefer good old technology & machinery to magic. I've done a lot of ''researches'' on the engineer class in GW2, and if there's one thing I feel like I can talk and give advice about, without being a complete tart, it's that.

Engies ftw.

Yeah, well, the thing is, since its roleplay..and since we in reallife, arent all "just" firemen, "just" cops, "just' janitors 24/7 a week, and our job isnt always the top priority thing on our minds, or the sole thing we think and care about.

(fun fact: on my planet, people excists who only work 8hours a day, and when their "workday" is over, they are quite glad that it is, and they begin undertaking a variety of activities or talk about subjects, that have nothing to do with their job whatsoever xD )
..its not that off-the-charts to considder there might be an engineer, whom above all, enjoys his/her job as an engineer without being a soldier or fighter, and without the desire to become a master in order to have much moar powaaaah....

there is actually a slight chance, while roleplaying for example, a guardian who has a job as a guard, that when this person is not on duty ( I know, often that concept in almost unthinkable on itself), he would spend his time with things that are not about being a guard at all..it sounds so silly, ikr?
I mean for no reason at all, he or she could have a great interest in photography, philisophy, engineering, tailoring, fishing, ballet, astronomy, making a rabbit home for his pet rabbit.... all the while, and being fully aware, that doing these things in no way max out his stats to become the best guard he can be..
it even gets weirder, me personally..ic and irl, would grow so bored of spending time with someone who can only talk about their job, let alone their job being all what they are..for example:

me: "hey love..how would you feel about family expansion, as in, have a baby?"
guard-person: "-cough- eh, something about honor.."
me: "huh!?"
guard-person: "its impossible mylady..'
me: "we've been together for fr**kin 4 years, can you stop calling me mylady for once, and how the heck is that impossible even..you're not saying you're gay all of the sudden are you!? "
guard-person: "apologies my lady, im so used to saying that on my duty which never ends, i mean..honor!!.."
guard-person: ' oh and no, im not gay, im a guardian, not a dragonhunter..."
me: "what does that have to do with being gay or not..?"
guard-person: "well, you know, because of traps.."
me: "......"
guard person : "and well, its impossible cause, well, that would require unsafe s*x mylady, and we guardians, always
use Protection ......be thankfull aegis doesn't block skills that are penetrating be honest.."

if someone wants to play an engineer , who's drive is to invent things, and who also has an interest level in magics and to some level cause of that, is able to apply that on his/her machines, and does so for reasons different different than strife, combat or .."unlimited powaaaah" ..and he or she enjoys cooking, watching tv(if it were a thing in tyria), or keep an amateur-level animal farm,that doesnt make it "bad rp", it actually makes the character so much more interesting, and could help you to NOT have 15 character slots with 1-dimensional characters...in long story short :
a personality behind a character that doesnt involve being their ingame choice of proffession 24/7 ....
to me that somehow sounds so normal, realistic and obvious actually.

Not for everyone, just to anyone

Posted 7 minutes from now.
Posted Feb 6, 18 · Last edited Feb 8, 18
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A Good point, But not at all what they where talking about.

They where talking about the lore of the engineer and it's lore-based, Not rp based capabilities, Mixed in with side note of personal opinion on rping it's capabilities and potential limitations. which is an entirely different thing all together.

(Still miss information because the Holosmith explicitly uses the blending of Engineering and theMagic of the Zephyrite crystals.)
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