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Big Mama Naidene ( Questions or Comments are welcome )

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You may be wondering where or where did this rude, demanding, heartless thug come from?

To answer that question in entirety would put ones life in danger, and the chances are people will act as if they didn't know who you were talking about, but those who dared tell what stories they have heard one story on who she is would stand as the one most commonly told.

Naidene Orora was the daughter of servant to whom was the servant of a raider of villages, he once pillaged many of the Norn tribes in his begining years as a young man it is there he found her father and mother, because of their darkish skin he spared their lives after sacking a small village in search for good slaves his new slaver enterprise, for they would blend in Elona where he was going to make his mark.

Her parents would encounter another slave of pale skin with blue eyes called old Rudgar, he was very old but but very wise and spoke with weird accent and called this way of speaking Tricksy Talk, he explained how it was common language but by pronouncing certain letters with more emphasis at times while exaggerating or shortening other letters.

Years had gone by and Rudgar grew older and ill and the Norns had mastered the tricksy talk as did their two young children, a proud tall son and a attention seeking daughter a year younger then her brother named Naidene.

At some point in the story old Rudgar dies along with her parents, some say in an escape attempt, others say she watched her father battle old Rudgar to the death where they both mortally wounded each other, her mother dead hours earlier after Rudgar forced himself on her, whatever story is true it was turning point for her.

Her life and her brothers life of slavery went on and their slavers new wife began calling the shots more and more as her husband grown ill, one night during a completion of her daily blood wall washing ( she would clean the wall of fresh blood from disobedient slaves forced on the wall and whipped and sliced ) she saw the slavers wife covered in blood standing over the slaver, the woman turned to her and told her how he was her brother, and how disgusting he was like most men and that this is what happens when men have control and that when brothers get older and their desire for woman grows they will take even their sisters in lust and marriage, hearing those words filled her with disgust and she immediately turned her head and puked, the slavers wife was ready to kill her until she seen her lie had convinced the young girl of her reason for his murder, she motioned the girl to come inside the room and began telling her that his way of death must be kept a secret, the girl looked over at his body and began to gasp as his eyes began moving, the slavers wife turned to catch what she saw and offered the young girl the long sharp dagger, she told her to take it and finish him off, she reminded her of his filthy behavior to her and to all the women in the house and that she was coming of age and in time he would take her and he would have her brother join him and that it would likely be done for all to see and she would carry that shame forever, Naidene in a blind fury took the dagger to the slaver who's head was never found, they say she stabbed his neck so many times his head came off, the slavers wife looked to her and told her she felt like a proud Momma, it was there that the slavers wife formed an idea that would change the slave trade into something else entirely, calling herself Momma she went and addressed the house on the death of the slaver and the new direction for her newly inherited guild.

Two years later Momma and her little Mama became sucessful in reorganizing the gang into a guild, without her older now dead brother trying to turn her away from Momma they launched their new agents once slaves into the world, Momma's Home Help services would place these agents into the world as servants for the wealthy, all types of royalty and nobilty would be filled with these highly recomnended ( through forged perfectly papers ) servants.

Soon demand for these servants became high and one just cant advertise for the kind of agents needed so they devised a plan, any nobility of medicore or lower standard that were small family, that had a child or two at most of very young age and showed promise of skill or talent, their parents are to be killed by undetectable means and the child or children be taken to Momma's Pride of the Future orphanage, where they would be beaten, trained, tortured and conditioned to be perfect little agents, their trainers and handlers would be nobles of great talent and skill who Momma had life ruining information on them via her servant network and black mailed into her servitude.

Business was booming and became Elonas hidden dirty little secret, all types of crime and foul play likely could be traced back to this guild as they were the behind the scenes behind the scene, Momma grew older and wealthy beyond her dreams and retired herself from the business to live a quiet nice life in a undisclosed location and left the one and only Big Mama Naidene the entire company which thrived even more as it became more harsh and less forgiving under her rule, she eventually had kids of her own her eldest and pride and joy her daughter Beyonzee ( also respectfully called Big Mama after her name to show her next in line of leadership status ) a son she killed after his birth by having Beyonzee choke his life out with his own birth cord and finally her constantly pointed out mistake Stormhalle her youngest daughter, boys cant be trusted with their sisters so any male children she kill immediately.

It wasnt until Emmaline ( Mutinay ) Frost fled Mama's guild to New Divinity that any of this covert guild existence and activities were mentioned or heard of.

Now Big Mama Naidene has arrived in the city and is begining to like the possibility the city offers for future money making activities as well as hunting Mutinay down, she has been making quite a stir in town but once she decides to sink her teeth deep into the city, nothing will be the same again....
Posted Jan 17, 18 · OP
(* Big Mama Naidene Leads the Fragments of Fear [ FoF ] anyone with any alts collecting dust or just don't know what to do with a toon may read the recruitment post page of that guild to get an idea of what her crew do for a living and how you may jump in guild and reveal your back story as you move along )
Posted Jan 18, 18 · OP
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