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Looking for friends for a Havoc squad and or a wvw rp guild

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Hey everyone, longtime lurker and now first-time poster, I always enjoyed the idea of havoc'ing and running in a small and tight knit group of people in WvW more than the thought of running with the zerg. I've recently maxed out Deadeye, and Daredevil and got my ascended Bo staff. I thought it'd be the perfect time to head into WvW but unfortunately I don't know anyone that would want to havoc with me since some of my friends aren't even on the same server as me. My ingame name is : Gooby.3582.
Posted Jan 23, 18 · OP
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What you're looking for sounds incredibly niche that most RPers don't bother to do. Thankfully, you're in luck, Pact Fifty Fourth Battalion is a Pact-themed RP-WvW guild that is mainly focusing on havoc/support roles. We just reformed after a few months of inactivity so we're rebuilding, but you're welcome to try it out. We also host weekly arena events that involve betting on combatants.

Here's our forum thread.

Hope to see you with us!
Posted Jan 27, 18
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