Greetings to everyone. Hope you are all having a good time these days.

In this post I'd like to post a concept that I'm inclined to pursue cause to me this could be a rather unique experience for both RP and WvW players, but most for those who both are potentially looking for both.

The RP aspects and themes behind this concept are simply this: An Empire born from the Mists. Ruled by an Monarch or Emperor who has gathered many people of different races and backgrounds from multiple Tyrias that have been lost or consume by the Mists. Possibly from forgotten realms that with time are lost. The Emperor gathers those lost souls, trains them and marches them into battle for conquest and control for the mists. To forever fight for their new home and seek out other places to add to his domain.

As far as alignments goes for the type of guild/empire, it is a lawful/evil one. The Monarch treats his soldiers like family and will do everything to help his own troops(provide home, safety, training,) but his ambitions for conquest are fairly terrifying. Conquering the Mists and expand his presence to other realms.

If I were to compare this to other fictional factions from other games, I'd compare it to Metal Gear's Outer Heaven, or the MGS5's Diamond Dogs and the leader is Big Boss.


Now regarding how'd I want things to go for the guild in-game is for players to participate in WvW, hopefully achieve some victories together, and doing so with uniforms. (Yeah this may seem too much to some, but I really want to go for that to show some uniformity. If Seraph guilds enforce it with their RP, I don't see the reason not to do so here. And if push comes to shove, just make an armor set that is exclusive for WvW use and have be skinned and colored appropriately.)

My experience in WvW is light I'll admit, but I'm gonna learn more to be a proper commander within some time to then be able to command my squad when I'm around for it. But with that said, I'm open to have veteran commanders within the guild to lead for the squad and even teach me a thing or two.

I'll be honest, this has been on my mind for a long time and I've in some ways wanted to see if I can pull it off if I have enough people interested in it. Not to mention that with all the recent news of upcoming WvW changes it kind of boosted my enthusiasm to give it a shot. Not all the details are nailed down for the concept since its a lot of work to make (exact uniforms per class, what colors to choose, determine the most cost effective choices for the formers, etc.)

What do you guys think? Leave replies if you wish. I'll leave a strawpoll here to sort of receive data and feedback as well.
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Thank you for your time.