Steph Crownseal was once at the top of the pack among her peers, she was popular and liked and very pretty, she was also dizzy and never applied herself when it came to her education.

Her dad passed year before last of her final school year, it was this incident that triggered her first experience with drugs, she fell into a bad crowd and became addicted to speed ( GW2 Version of it ) this addiction was short lived as she turned her life around when she met Carter, he wasnt that bright himself but would not tolerate any drugs or drug users, he was instrumental on helping her clean her act up.

After a few months Carter talked Steph into running for a Ms Divinity pageant, steph's mothers supported this idea and her and Carter began to form a bunch of ideas and plans to make sure steph was not only ready but winning material, Carter and her mom became very close friends and she began to feel distant from them both, she put all her energy into excersise and all other forms of lessons needed to become Ms Divinity, things like lessons on walking in heels, on posture, and her speech.

The day arrived two days after her 19th birthday where she would compete for Ms Divinity, she was perfection in all aspects of the contest but in the end she lost to a younger girl not so much more prettier then she was, but likely because of her killer perfect body, steph was crowned 1st runner up.

She searched for Carter and her mom in the faces of the audience and did not find them, she felt as if her lose embarrassed them and they took off disappointed, as she headed back stage to change she heard Carter giggling from the broom closet near the changing room, puzzled she opened the door and beheld Carter member deep in her mother whose knees were bent on top of a cleaning supply storage rack, mortified she screamed in confusion and sadness, all she could do is run home.

Carter and her mother arrived hours later and called her town for a face to face chat, in this discussion she didn't get to get a word in, Carter explained to her that her presence in the house would just be uncomfortable and her mother told her she had a hour to pack her things and leave, that their engagement party was being held that evening, steph refused and was physically removed by them 20 min later into the streets.

Two weeks in the street wandering and filthy and starving she happened upon a woman who stood out like a red apple in a box of ripe yellow lemons, this woman eyed her and her desperation and approached her and introduced herself explaining she had just arrived in town, Boom Boom Shylene had a strange accent about her and a very strong energy that was intimidating, but steph was lonely her need for company outweighed her fear.

Boom Boom talked with her for a while and then reached in her pocket and made her a offer to help ease her pain, it came in a needle tipped vial and was called Elona's Kiss, a highly addictive experimental drug that was in part made with dust of crushed blood stone, it powered a individual with super speed, endurance and stregnth and gave a person the feeling of immortality, after 2 to 4 hours however the crash was near unbearable, this drug also seemed to age a person or least their skin at a super accelerated pace, but that fact steph would find out later.

Recently steph has taken residence in the Salma districts alley and has become a local garbage picking beggar of coin and suffers abuse daily from her drug dealer and her associates she works for Big Mama's gang the Fragments of Fear, she has been beaten, shot, and recently had her pinky removed by Boom Boom, she is in debt to Big Mama for taking drugs with no money and promising double later.

Recently after a conversation and life save from a spirit and a attemped intervention from a Ms. Blackwell, she was spotted by Elona's jack of all trades shady everything dealer Domino Archer who approached her and recognized her physical condition being tied to Elona's Kiss, after asking the girl on how long she has been using the drug gave her a look of pity and hinted to her that her time in the world was extremely short and that she would die soon.

Left with this knowledge she returned to her alley and climbed in her old smelly barrell and cried herself to sleep.

Not quite the end but soon it looks like it will be.