Character Name: Garavan Ironstirrup

Aliases: Gara

Race: Charr

Gender: Male

Profession: Vigil Siegemaster, Legionnaire, Engineer

Age: 28

Hair: White with ginger spots

Skin: Covered in fur.

Eyes: Orange

Height/Weight: Garavan is a little taller than average, and a little bulky.

Appearance details:
Garavan is a little taller than the average Charr, but not by much, with a bulky frame that while muscular, is not defined. Because of how tick his coat is he also looks a little fatter than he really is.
His fur is a mix of tiger white and reddish orange, with the white fur covering most of his underside and the reddish orange becoming a spotted pattern that dapples over him. His mane is surprisingly wavy, looking as though it’s been taken care of well.
His claws are long and sharp, as are his teeth, which look as though they barely fit in his jagged maw. His horns can be compared to upside-down handlebars, though they are neither long or short. His nose is a little crooked.


Garavan is callous and untrusting, but is fiercely loyal to those he cares for, which have become few and far between. He hates those who lie, cheat and steal, and has a very short temper when it comes to such acts.

Religious beliefs/philosophy:
Charr need no gods. Which Garavan doesn’t have any faith in any gods, he is fully committed to the Charr war machine, believing himself to be a cog in that machine, working towards Charr supremacy.

Garavan has a very cynical view of the world, and doesn’t expect people to stick around long enough to contribute to his life. He has come to accept death as an every day thing and as such forms very few strong attachments to people.

Sexuality: Straight

Childhood and history:
Garavan was brought up exactly like most other Charr, and was given over to the Fahrar a year after hos birth, and knows very little about his parents, nor does he really care to know them.
He grew very close to his warband, especially a young female named Keiva, who he eventually became inseparable from.
Within the Fahrar, Garavan not only found he was talented with fire arms and making things, but he also found he was very good at herding cows. He would mount the beasts and ride them into their pens, the other members of the herd following him. He even made himself a saddle, stirrups and spurs to ride the bulls. This earned him the name Ironstirrup.
When it was decided his Warband was capable enough, Garavan was sent to the front lines, carrying out constant assaults on the Stronghold of Ebonhawke, but suffered heavy losses. With these losses, Garavan soon developed a disdain for humanity, and took great pleasure in killing as many humans as he could.
As close as Garavan was with Keiva however, she had magic, which meant the other members of the Warband distrusted her. When she was approached by members of the Flame Legion, who tricked her into joining them, saying that they would accept her, she gladly followed, literally stabbing Garavan in the back before she left.
After this event, with Garavan not knowing if Keiva was alive and being used for breeding, or simply dead, he grew distant and jumpy, lashing out at anyone that tried to approach him, becoming suspicious of everyone that tried to get close to him in case they betrayed him as well.
Once peace talks with humanity began, much to Garavan’s horror, his warband was called back to the Black Citadel. The warband soon took part in the battle to quell the ghosts at Duke Barradin’s estate. Like many others, Garavan’s warband was completely wiped out, and now with no family, and branded a Gladium, Garavan left the Black Citadel to join the Vigil.
Garavan stayed in the Vigil, slowly climbing up the ranks and becoming a Siegemaster, until the pact’s fall in the jungle, against Mordremoth. Soon after returning from the Jungle, Garavan returned to the Black Citadel and formed his own Warband consisting of fellow Gladium, becoming their Legionnaire.


Weapons of Choice: Revolver.

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Garavan prides himself as being the quickest draw in the Legions as he has yet to meet his match.

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: Garavan trusts very few people, and relies on few people to help him, even when hurt.

Quirks: Garavan chews and spits tobacco. A clinking sound can often be heard when he spits, like the spittle was hitting a spittoon, even if there’s no spittoon in sight.