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Evelyn Verity [Feedback Welcome]

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Character Name: Evelyn Verity
Aliases: Previously Evelyn Gardener or Garden Girl to her childhood friend.
Race: Human - Ascalonian descent, but Kryta is the only home she's ever known.
Gender: Female
Profession: Ranger/Noble

Apparent age: Nineteen
Hair: Fiery red mess of loose curls, usually pulled back into a ponytail as to keep it out of her eyes.
Skin: Lightly tanned skin covered in freckles. She has a scar on her left hand from the side of her first knucle to her wrist that she got in her early days of learning archery.
Spoiler: Show
Appearance details: She has striking deep blue eyes with hints of green in them, but short and light eyelashes that she darkens with makeup. When travelling, whether within the city or outside of it, she wears a teal overcoat, long gloves, trousers, and boots. A pouch is affixed to her side and, if she leaves the city walls, a bow hangs over her shoulder along with a quiver. In more casual situations, she wears a blouse, trousers, and simpler boots. She also has a rapier, but tends to only use it for practice or sparring.
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Personality: Upon first meeting Evelyn, one would find her nothing but polite. While she has strong opinions, she has learned to hold her tongue. There are very few she feels comfortable truly speaking her mind with.
Religious beliefs/philosophy: She has always believed in the six gods, though her family mainly prayed to Melandru. She refuses to listen to the rumors that the gods have left them and keeps a small garden for Melandru on her adoptive family's estate. She also has a strong sense of right and wrong and very little sympathy for criminals.

Childhood: For the first six years of her life, Evelyn lived on a small farm in Queensdale with her mother and father. She would help her parents plant seeds and care for the animals, cook and even clean. Any free time she had was spent playing with a boy a few years older than her that lived near by. They mostly played pretend. They would fight with sticks as seraph guards. They would go "hunting" by sneaking up on chickens. Sometimes they would take turns being rich nobles looking to buy something expensive and unnecessary. She looks back on those years fondly.
Sadly, her family's farm was attacked by centaurs. Her father tried to fight them off, but her mother wouldn't leave without him. Before her father could convince her mother, a bullet from one of the centaur's guns pierced her stomach. Evelyn watched her fall and her father came running. He tried to pick her up to carry her to safety, but she refused, saying that he needed to save their daughter. He didn't want to leave her, but he knew he couldn't carry both of them and Evelyn wouldn't be able to keep up, so he scooped her up in his arms and she watched over his shoulder through tears as the centaur ended her mother's life.
With no more than the clothes on their backs, they fled to Divinity's Reach. Her father didn't want to just beg for what they needed, so he offered to do any job that was available. Evelyn, wanting to help, would pick and sell flowers. One day, a noble family with a daughter around her age took pity on them and offered her father a job as one of their gaurds. He gladly accepted and their new life began.
Evelyn became the playmate of the family's two children while her father learned the in's and out's of being a guard of a noble house. She got along fairly well with the daughter, but the elder son seemed less than enthused to have another girl around. She had never played with other girls before and they had never had the funds for games like dress up, but she welcomed the escape of playing pretend again.
Over the years, the two girls became the best of friends and Evelyn's father became one of the family's most trusted gaurds. He had made multiple trips out of Divinity's Reach with the parents while the servants watched after the children. They most often left to visit their lands and the people who lived on them. His last of these trips happened when Evelyn was ten. While on the road, they were ambushed by bandits. They were able to fight them off, but her father was fatally wounded. His last words were a plea for them to take care of his daughter.
After the funeral, papers were drawn up for them to adopt her. She was given the surname Verity, the mother's maiden name and a name belonging to a smaller noble house, as a way of preventing her from surpassing their biological children in status while still calling her family. She didn't understand the reason at the time nor did she care, simply thankful that she wouldn't be completely alone.
Soon she was thrown into lesson after lesson so that she could catch up on the education her biological parents hadn't been able to afford for her. Since she was considerably behind, she had trouble learning and didn't enjoy it. Thankfully, when her new older brother began learning swordsmanship and archery, they allowed her to try as well. While she didn't excell at either right away, she was much more interested in them, often putting off her studies to spar with her brother or practice her aim.
Recent history: With each new threat to Tyria, Evelyn has become restless. She has wanted more than anything to fight alongside the Pact against these evils. However, with the last wishes of her father and all that her adoptive family has done for her, she doesn't feel right abandoning her responsibilities to risk her life. For the time being, she has settled for helping those within the walls of Divinity's Reach.
Notable relationships:
Family - She misses her birth parents every day, but she is very grateful to her adoptive family; which consists of a father, mother, sister, and brother.
Friends - [Name] Info
Acquaintances -

Strengths, talents, and points of pride:
Swordsmanship/Archery - With years of practice, she has become rather good at both swordsmanship and archery, though she favors archery.
Generosity - Because of how much has been given to her, she feels the need to give back and help others that are in a similar situation to what she had been in years ago.
Etc - ...

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement:
Experience - While she is technically trained in swordsmanship and archery, she has never had to use them to protect herself and may not be prepared for it.
Predjudice - If she considers someone a bad person, any potential sympathy she may have had for them is gone. She especially dislikes those who commit crime, regardless of their reasons.
Etc - ...

Favored alcoholic beverage: She doesn't drink much, but she likes Wine.
Favored food: Fresh Fruit.
Favored weather or season: Spring. She enjoys the sound of rain and loves seeing the flowers bloom.
Favored color: Teal.

How does your character react when...
You find a powerful weapon: If it is a sword or bow and it is left seemingly without an owner, she may pick it up to feel its weight or admire its craftmanship. If it is instead being weilded by someone, she may ask to admire it more closely.
You find a coin purse: She turns it in to the authorities without hesitation so that they can find who it belongs to. She has more money than she could ever need now and still remembers when every copper counted.
You find food: Though in most places that she finds food (at a gala for instance) she is welcome to it, she still feels the need to look around for someone to ask permission from first.
You find a trap: If she found an animal struggling in the trap, she'd likely try to release it. Otherwise, she'd avoid the trap, leaving it as it is.
You find a corpse: She checks for vital signs first, in case there's a chance that she could do something to help. If there isn't, she notifies the authorities immidiately so that they can return the body to its loved ones for a proper burial.
You find a suspicious scroll: If found in her family's library, she may ask her adoptive parents about it, but if they said that it was a private matter she wouldn't pry.

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character? No ERP. Romantic relationships are okay. No death. Talk to me first about major injury. Anything else should be okay as long as there is open communication.
Posted Feb 13, 18 · OP · Last edited Feb 22, 18
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This is finished for now, but I'm sure things will change some as I play her. Future edits will be brightly colored to make them easier to find. Each time I edit, the last edit will become white again and the new edit will become teal.

I'd like to find people to play Evelyn's adoptive siblings as well as her childhood friend at some point. If anyone is interested, please message me so we can talk more about it.
Posted Feb 22, 18 · OP
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