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Ranimations of looming obscurities [EU]

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49th of Zephyr, 1331
Between the shadows of the dunes and the Dream

Elona. The Crystal Dessert. I've chased my Dream for so long... only to fall prey to a storm and a shipwreck. Typical. My awakening upon the scorching shores of this land reminds me of my Awakening. Both felt so...similar...

At least I've found my equipment. I'd feel lost without my bow. Well...I am lost. I suspect I'm on the borders of the so-called Riverlands. It's far greener than I had imagined. Strange creatures drift over the sands and the waters like feathers on the breeze. They are gentle creatures. I have yet to find people... I wonder if they have ever met a Sylvari... It should be quite the enjoyable encounter.

When I awoke from my dream my people were in turmoil. Little more than a month after, I rushed to war with the Pact in Maguuma... I...find my thoughts to be as eratic as those accursed vines, murky as the poisen that filled my mind then. Perseverance lies before me, here upon the great serpents that crest upon the horizon, and their fluid offspring that trickle around me. I should enjoy this Oasis. I don't expect it to last. Soon this facade of green will give way to the rise and fall, the shifting and morphing of the restless sands. I find myself upon the brink of my Hunt. My dream has lead me here. Amusing. The moment I had heard of the Drytop and Silverwastes, I thought it was of them I dreamt, only to be made the fool as Mordremoth revealed his cruel intent for my kin and I. Once again I am a stranger in a strange land but now... only now do I feel as though I am at the precipice of my life.

I found a fisherwoman along the banks of the river. She had fished up my missing boot and was kind enough to return it to me and my sunbaked toes. What was lost has been found. Well.. except for my coin...and my spare clothes...most of my luggage, my gauntlets, my rations and.. well that's it really. At least I have the clothes on my back, my bow and journal. And Cerias said I was a strange twig for keeping a fountain pen on my person.

The fisherwoman is refreshingly generous and has offered me a a bedroll for the night. She is equally generous with gossip. Between a narnarcissistic litch, legions of undead, warmongering fanatics and man-eating wildlife, the Dessert is bursting with curiosities. I offered to work off this debt but she says that my conpany is quite enough. Apparently she had met another Sylvari traveling with the Vigil. I find myself a bit humorously dejected by this, perhaps it is vanity to wish others to fawn over my foreignness. Ngali - that is the fisherwoman's name - has been kind enough to point me north toward the nearest settlement. I will depart for it come morn.

I asked her about those playful drifters, and she informed me that they are called Skimmers. Lovely creatures, she treated me to a playful game with her own Skimmer - which apparently can be mounted and rode across the dessert. The game involved dance-like movements through the shallow stream, smooth and slow twists and turns which resulting in her own - and wild skimmers to dance and twirl along with us. It was glorious, free. These riverlands are a calm, beautiful place.

My grows clouded with the seductions of slumber. I shall retire for the night. I hope the crew have been as fortunate as I.

I look forward to dawn.
Posted Feb 20, 18 · OP
51st of Zephyr, 1331
The Long Hunt

Finally escaped the Awakened persuing me. Long story. Well... when dawn came I went North toward the skimmer ranch Ngali told me of. Near dusk I arrived only to stumble upon undead, misshapen men that were harassing a local. I tried to intervene using my usual "negotiation tatics". Apparently Awakened aren't susceptible to intimidation. They were hard to kill.

As thanks the local started yelling "Murder!" and ensured more ghoulish extortionists came to "thank" me. I fled.
Nice to see my efforts are appreciated.

The undead pursued me throughout the night. I was able to hide in a nook of a tree and evade them. I fell asleep, resting a few short hours only to have them on my trail when I awoke. One of their arrows scraped against my tassets, clipping off my plating. Rot take them.

I put some distance between myself and them, climbing a rock spire to get a view, hoping to rain arrows down upon them. They had the strangest beast I had ever seen with them - Part man, part hound and quite undead. It appeared to be their tracker. The two I had originally killed were hard to put down. There were seven hunting me now. I had to take out their tracker.

I moved West, using mud and clay to hide my scent. When midnight came, I was ready. Hidden on one of three spires, I had loosend large segments of rock on the other two spires. A few drops of my golden blood in the narrow passage between the spires. They had not expected an ambush.
Their tracker led them into the passage and I loosed two arrows taking out the remaining supports on my trap, sending the rocks down upon them.

I made my escape knowing I had taken out their tracker and two more of their party.

I headed North and have found shelter among a camp of nomads and Outlanders like myself. They claim to be seeking "ascension". I care little, I must confess.

With my stomach full and a bedroll beneath me, I can finally rest. I have been given directions toward the "Free City". I will put it's name to the test.

The fire they have helped me start is a welcome warmth. Two of my host's children have taken to study my glow. I forget that other races do not shine in the darkness. No wonder I was so easy to track. One of the children has fallen asleep on my lap. I was telling them stories of the Grove. It's on asuran child. Curiously enough her head is already larger than my own, not great for my self esteem! She called me a "twiggy bookah" as she fell asleep. She is a sweet child. I hope that the growing conflict does not reach here...

I shall offer help around camp before departing for this Amnoon.
Posted Feb 20, 18 · OP
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