News of the street wrech who may have given you mixed emotions about her have reached the streets, the news didnt travel fast or far, but one who over heard a conversation on this deceased individual would have heard the following:

19 year old ( looked 50 ) Steph last seen missing teeth and hair gone bald was found dead in the Salma district, her body was dragged and placed there by a unknown woman who appeared to have knew possibly and befriended her as she found Steph dead and sat with her for a few minutes sobbing before dragging her to the front of the fountain.

Steph cause of death was do to the use of a newly designer drug called Elona's Kiss, this drug enhanced a persons endurance, stregnth, speed, for a brief time and gave a person a sense of immortality, this short lived reaction to the drug when its effects wore off then gave its user a deep sense of loss and emptiness that usually followed by a depression, Mentally the short time high seemed like an entire life time, becoming ( not literally but perceived as) mortal again also made the user desperate and in a state of panic and physically flu like symptoms for a day, further abuse of this drug seems to cause all of the above named but with more added physical effects, such as loss of hair and teeth and aging skin at an accelerated rate and made the heart beat at a rate 10 times the normal and when it wore off drop immediately to 10 times below the normal, this eventually would task a persons heart that a healthy normal average person would likely experience heart complications and death at most after 2 weeks and as early as 4 days.

Steph used this drug through injection directly into the blood stream accelerating the effects.

Her eyes would glow red on occassion and were glowing red on death for days and her body had to be destroyed as it seemed to animate day after death and behave like a Bloodstone crazed monster.

Elona's kiss is rumored to be a creation of the Amnoon Crime Queen pin Big Mama Naidene, as its main distributor and pusher of the drug is a known employee of hers named Shylene Bombarduex aka her more familiar street name Boom Boom Shylene a weapons dealer, demolition expert and mass murdering pyscho of the Fragments of Fear.

Steph mother when notified seemed elated and relieved to hear of her passing as Stephs ex boyfriend and former manager and her had recently gotten married and she was with child at age 49.

Steph is survived by no one, and not many even knew her name nor even her existence, but there are few who recall the trash eating beggar from the alley in Salma who often begged the bar patrons for silver.

Rest in peace Strung out Steph, you were a challenge to role play and something i had never RP before, but you were a blast to play non the less, though your deleted from toon slots in game you'll be remembered as one of the most fun toons i have ever RP.