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Emmaline Mutinay Frost

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Name: Emmaline Frost
Alias: Known as Mutinay to the fashion world and for other reasons to a select few.
Age: A lady never tells ( early twenties)
Race: Human
Profession: World renowned super model
Profession known to a select few: Former agent of the Fragments of Fear company, She was placed as a super model to be able to infiltrate many areas amoung the worlds most prestigious, her duties included but not limited to, intel gathering, spying, sabotage, arson, kidnapping, assassination, misdirection.
Status: Nobilty born but after her parents death she was taken to a poor orphanage in Amnoon.
Known relatives: Miranda Frost ( maiden name unknown, deceased) Garret Frost ( father, deceased)
She had several aunts and uncles all who seem to be deceased but she recently met a gentleman who is likely her first cousin Alfons Frost.
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: xxxxxx
Eye color: Rose

Brief history: Emmalines parents were killed by the house staff who were under the employ of Amnoons underworld Queen Pin Big Mama Naidene as soon as she showed an affinity for mesmer magiks, she was taken to Mamas orphanage in Amnoon where she was abused, tortuted , trained and conditioned to be one of Mamas brats, agents used to do the dirty work for crooked nobles and royalty throughout Tyria for a huge fee that Mama charged.

In a recent job that had gone totally wrong Mutinay used that oppertunity to escape Mama's clutches when she teleported herself and fellow brat Marionette Trapeze to the airship and closed it just before Big Mama Naidene and her daughter little mama Beyonze could use it, the two girls took off in the airship and watched Big Mama and her daughter get arrested.

After a huge crash near Divinity the two made their way into the city and made contact with Mutinays adopted grandmother who died that night shortly after their arrival and have taken over her estates.

Personality Traits: Mutinay is self serving and does whatever she can to turn a situation into her favor, tho not exactly evil she has done and will do whatever it takes to be on top.

She has studied abroad and is highly intelligent and adapts to her social situations as needed.

Mutinay due to Big Mama's programming has developed three other personas in her mind, tho it is suspected one of them isnt a aspect of her at all rather a entity of some sort placed by Mama as a spy and fail safe, each persona has an independent mind and power apart from each other and their memories and thoughts are their own and cannot be accessed by any of the others, they sleep much like everyone else does and can only unless thru excessive mental force control the body and become the dominant persona if Mutinay gives up control which is rare and usually does so if bargains for extreme reasons are needed, each persona also governs a aspect of her mesmer abilities, these abilities can onlu be used one at a time and if that persona is given control of the body, then only time Mutinay can gain access to all her abilities is if she forces the others out of her as clones and the clones only remain active for roughly three minutes, when they dissipate their minds return into Mutinay and with their return the retrieval of their abilities.

Powers and talents: Mutinay is handy with a pistol and a good sword fencer, she possesses the magik ability to fold and bend space between two points creating portals from one place to another, the further the distance the more concentration and focus needed and depending on how much effort is needed it could leave her mentally drained or even pass out.

She is a master forger of signatures, documents and things of that nature.

She is a talented model and can walk in some very odd attire or foot wear with ease and comfortably do so for long periods of time.

She speaks many languages and is highly intelligent

She is agile and fast due to her training in acrobatics and dance.

She is out spoken and out going.

Downsides: Impulsive, stubborn, distrustful, limited magik, selfish, overly critical.
Posted Mar 12, 18 · OP
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Recently Mutinay was finally caught by the Fragments of Fear and turned over to a mad scientist Aegis Fry who was instructed to extract her mind out of her body permanently allowing the false persona implanted in her mind as a safe guard full control of her body, her alter Ember, during the process her first and only good natured alter Angel who controlled her mesmer ability of time manipulating willingly dissolved herself returning to Mutinay her childhood memories and time magik back, as Aegis push the button to siphon her mind out Mutinay pushed her newly returned ability to its max and rewind time for one min where she launched a clone that swapped the siphon to Ember instead of her, Ember pulled the final alter Melody with her in the siphon as the two exited her mind her final mesmer abilities returned to her, her illusion magiks and condition modification, as the two siphon minds faced deletion Aegis reversed the switch and attempted to merge them again, Mutinay had her clone intercept and both minds entered the clone instead, Mutinay attempted to destroy the clone and found her connection to the clone gone and the clone now found itself permanently seperated and fully independent and self sustaining as its own entity, the newly formed carbon copy of Mutinay now Ember Melody, Ember tapped into her original revant abilities to return to her demonic powers and was ready to kill Mutinay but was stopped and chased of by Alfons Frost, Mutinays unknown until recently twin brother who shot Aegis who was thought to have gotten away but was found dead due to blood loss sometime after.

Now free from her Alters and finally herself completely she faces new challenges discovering a new brother who attracts more trouble than her and the grandmother she never knew existed, she also has encountered a entity that she is now bound in service to for the granting of wealth to a long lost relative along with several others who deemed themselves Generation Hexed.
Posted Apr 27, 18 · OP
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