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Hello, yes.

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Yo waddup. I'm Anti. Veteran RPer who's been doing it for Lord knows how long. I goof around, crack jokes and stuff.
I've been in almost everything that has RP, from my fat-janitor on SWTOR, to a chinese cook in Half-Life 2 RP. I've been the troll, the rper, the gm, the everything. Looking forward to see y'all. Catch you on the flip side.
Posted Mar 13, 18 · OP
Look forward to seeing you out here! Always nice to welcome veterans among out ranks. If you have any questions, concerns, etc etc, always feel free to ask!
Posted Mar 13, 18
Hello! It's nice to see other Rpers with long term experience! I hope we can meet out there someday!
Her journal is behind-I'm sorry.
Posted Mar 13, 18
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