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Kalo Dawes

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General Traits
Age: 41
Ethnicity: Krytan
Patron Diety:Grenth
Occupation: Beggar/Vagabond| Former Seraph Musketeer
Deformities: Limp left leg
Languages spoken[/b: Tyrian Common
Alignment: Neutral Good| Former Lawful Nuetral
Current Residence: Divinity's Reach or Queensdale
Education: None, illiterate but attempting to learn how to read.
Virtues: Passive-Rarely, if ever seeks out active engagement or violence.
Vices]: Faithful to a fault-Relies on the Gods' for so much, easily exploited with it.
Weaknesses, Strengths and Skills
Perception-Is able to see poorly hidden objects easier, but mostly that of a normal person.
Speed-Poor, his limp left leg gives him a low gate.
Combat-None, his time as a militia rifleman in the Seraph was long ago, and he was never a dead-eye or marksman. Cannot defend himself.
Dark Humor.
Despises Charr.
Knowledgeable (Rumors)
Kalo's life has been a life of turmoil, gambling and failure. Born to two of Divinity's Reach many, many commoners. His mother would have died in childbirth, unsung and forgotten, while his father would eventually loose his life to disease once Kalo was 14. Like many other human children, he took to exploring, pick pocketing and whatever little rebellion he could. Never anything of notice, once he became sixteen, he quickly joined with the Seraph, being sent to the Claypool Garrison as one of the many levies and volunteers to bolster it's poorly equipped Garrison. His service would go on for four years, being one of the newly formed Musketeers, serving as a rifleman on walls and on the top of hills. Towards the end, he would eventually fall in love with a wench in Claypool, and once the service ended, she and him ran off to Divinity's Reach. However, Kalo was not in prime strength towards the end of his service. His left leg was trampled and permanently bent, causing him a limp. His short lived marriage under the Temple of Grenth did not last. Work was hard to find in the overpopulated slums, especially for a cripple. With nowhere to find work and his money dwindling, he drank his sorrows away and refused to assist his wife in bearing children. Quickly, she left him, sending him on an even worse downward spiral to eventual poverty. He, like so many others would dwell in the sewers of the city, where crime was rampant. He kept his sanity through faith, and begging. Eventually, he would find solace and start to venture more and more.
Possible RP Hooks
--Kalo is a beggar, so he will do anything for the promise of work or pay. The worst jobs imaginable can easily be payed off to this man. (Willing to accept consequences of actions, be them death or injury, all's I ask is for no rock falls everyone dies scenarios.)
--Any assistance he will take in breaking his chain, a charitable soul or priest may seek to help him break his cycle of despair.
--On the opposite side, he can easily be kidnapped, tortured or mugged by any intrepid group of psychos, bandits, Nightmare Court goers or otherwise. (Willing to assist in hostile/evil guild story lines if needed, will accept consequences of actions/injury/death. See above for only restriction.)
--Kalo is a man of faith, perhaps a priest could use a servant of the church? A pagan could use a subject?
--Kalo is extremely traditionalist, he views homosexuality as immoral and murder a sin.
--A natural joker, Kalo takes little seriously anymore. He will bark and joke at the expense of Ascalonians, Homosexuals and non-humans, but generally will not act on the drivel he spews. He's an old coot who enjoys pissing people off.
Contact info for RP
Superhelios.4160 In game ID
Anti #7189 Discord Account
Posted Mar 13, 18 · OP · Last edited Mar 19, 18
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Wow that was a turn of typical characters usually posted on here. Nice job! I'm excited to see him around for my characters to interact with him! Cherrycoke (Gabby)#6686 if you ever need/want random RP :d
Posted Mar 13, 18
Would be more than interested. Kalo is usually found begging in the Maiden-Tavern in Divinity's Reach, occasionally trying to teach himself how to read with a children's novel.
Posted Mar 13, 18 · OP
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do you have a begging schedule?
Discord: Ruby#8376

Posted Mar 14, 18
Mostly 3pm-10pm EST on weekdays. Possibly more on weekends when off from business. Just add me on discord Anti #7189 if more RP information is required.
Posted Mar 14, 18 · OP
Updated with some more bull involving his rants and various drunken antics in the Reach. A non-serious attitude plus a bad mouth equals fun times.
An old fuck like him has trouble adapting to modern times, but hey, at-least he doesn't want to hurt anyone.
Posted Mar 19, 18 · OP · Last edited Mar 19, 18
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