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Scouting the Land to Return

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Hiya, a few years ago I rped quite actively over on EU. Now Im curious on the state of things for both EU and US, like, how active, much rp/fun guilds around, any server wide stories going on? Please update me to help me decide which servers I use, thanks :)
Posted Mar 13, 18 · OP
Can't say anything about NA, but for EU:

-mostly clustered in the cities
-Amnoon is the new DR -but now with sand and pyramids-
-DR has reached a relative RP-trench
-BC has 1,2 maybe 3 warband guilds as usual
-RS has some bar activity I believe and a large Inquest guild
-Hoelbrak still has Moot Monday going. No clue what guilds gather there, the Magpies (still) exist.
-TG maybe has some RP, and a few guilds, like sylvanheart(?) and CoT(?)
-Amnoon is the new place to be, for all your loving shenanigans and intrigue.

The Vigil still lives and another litle guild, Heroes guild are the only two RP-PVE guilds that I know off.
Good luckers.
Posted Mar 14, 18
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