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Looking for IC(RP) work! Former Scout!

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I'll keep it brief!

My character is a Charr, worked before with a unit(couple of RP'ers) in the Pact, specifically for scouting purposes and intelligence. Currently working for similar work for any folk that offer or any organization that are looking for such!
Posted Apr 12, 18 · OP
The Heroes guild is always looking for people who are passionate about RP and as we go out in the field quite a lot, scouts are always something we need.

We are an RP-PvE guild, so we RP as much as we can in the game and use the game mechanics as a rulebook, it just makes everything more immersive and it's a lot easier to follow, in my honest opinion. Should you wish to meet us, you're always welcome to join our discord on https://discord.gg/E77kU

Posted Apr 14, 18
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