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Name: Ceirli (Pronunciation: Sear-Li)
Aliases: Cei, Surely
Race: Sylvari
Age: 6 years old
Gender: Female
Birthplace: The Grove
Cycle: Night
Profession/Class: Necromancer
Alignment: Lawful good
Height: 5 ft 6 in or 170 cm
Weight: 110 lbs or 49 kg
Glow: Pink
Eyes: Opaque white
Leaves: Long, dark purple leaves plaited down her back with a few hues of red at the tips of her head leaves.
Bark Color: Much like her leaves, Ceirli’s bark is a dark purple making it slightly difficult for people to see her in darkness save for her bio-luminescence.

Pros: Ceirli is often bubbly and curious, much like her race and can be considered to be rather sapling like. Although she can be considered rather similar to a sapling with her odd questions and her natural inquisitiveness to the world, Ceirli makes an active effort to talk to people and be a supportive person overall.

Cons: Despite everything from the past, Ceirli can be considered still so trusting of others, allowing herself to be rather easily hurt. Even if Ceirli is a trusting person and will strive to help anyone with anything, Ceirli has her limits. If anyone seemingly offends her in any way or brings up anything that would be considered a touchy subject, the sylvari immediately becomes slightly withdrawn.

Her Dream:
Ceirli dreamed of a lone traveler, rejected by many and shunned by most. She then saw multiple wolves and disastrous looking creatures approach the unarmed figure. Unable to defend themselves, the creatures pounced, ready to tear flesh from bone. Although there seemed to be another figure, shrouded by darkness, and yet nothing malicious emanated from them; defending the traveler from the creature's gnashing teeth and venomous claws. Ceirli found that this could be perhaps herself in this dream rather than someone else, it made her rather resolute about protecting those who needed it most.

Interests and Beliefs:
Naturally for a Dreamer, Ceirli believes in Ventari’s teachings. “Where life goes, so too should you,” is one that she feels drawn to in particular. Although she is interested in other beliefs, more so in the human gods. She’s deep into the history of it all and loves to read any books on that particular subject.

Fun facts:
Favored beverage: Prefers nectar, juice, or tea with milk.
Favored food: A nice roast.
Favored season: Cloudy skies will surely keep minions alive.
Favored color: Purple!

You find a powerful weapon: "If I can lift it without causing damage to the surrounding area, I should hand this in to one of the officers immediately."
You find a coin purse: "I should give this into the local authority or officers depending on my location. I shouldn’t take this for myself."
You find food: "I am not eating that. Either poisoned or contaminated… ew..."
You find a corpse: "Search for their identity, and see if they’re one of our own. If not, run away crying."
You find a suspicious scroll: "See if I can find a safer place to open this, with permission of course. I want to know any extra information!"

Sigils and signets, markings and spell casting. and minion summoning.

If anything, Ceirli is more ranged with her attacks. If she is forced to switch to melee, she’s incredibly easy to overpower alone. There are also chances where she will run out of power to have the ability to summon minions or cast complex spells.
A purple bloomed dagger, with small thorned vines wrapping around the blade and ending just upon the hilt.

Worn and almost rusted chains, used as a focus and gives a small clink each time Ceirli walks around with her Vigil staff, an original weapon used for the Vigil members.

A few coins and simple vined bracelets with blue and purple blooms.
Spoiler: Read OnShow
OOC Information:
Limitations: Just death, anything can happen as long as it's talked about OOC.

All information given is general, there are plenty of untold stories left for others to discover IC.

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