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Sanaa is a small, plain young woman, a woman easily missed in a crowd or among more colorful fellows. She rarely looks the world in the eye, preferring instead to keep her gaze on the ground and her chocolate-brown hair obscuring her face. Few give her notice, not with her drab-colored clothing and lack of presence. Sanaa's plainness, it seems, does little to inspire self-confidence in her interactions with other people. Her nose is wide and ruddy, giving her a perpetual 'I was just punched in the face and could use a bag of frozen peas' look, while her otherwise smooth skin and full mouth are marred by a series of deep, puckered scars from some unfortunate childhood accident, clustered on the left side of her face. Her dark brown eyes are not the beautiful, almond-shaped eyes of her mother but instead form a perpetual squint, making her look eternally suspicious of anything and everything.


As the daughter of an Elonian woman and a Canthan man- both descendants of refugees but born in Kryta- Sanaa has always suffered a bit of a cultural identity crisis. Her parents kept their respective traditions alive, as best they could, through half-remembered tales of how things used to be, passed down from refugee ancestors. Sanaa has spent her life gleaning bits and pieces of Canthan and Elonian culture (mostly the latter) while simultaneously living among Krytans- she wants to be more than she is, but she doesn't know exactly who she wants to be. A Canthan descendant? Elonian? A full Krytan? Can she even try to mix them all? Sanaa's indecisiveness, and shaky self-confidence, exacerbate this issue in her mind, leaving her a woman of social anxiety and shy disposition. She keeps her head down when she's out and about and tries to avoid prying conversations into her personal life.

Sanaa's only real confidence shines through when she's dealing with animals. She understands them far more than she understands people; she can read their body language, ascertain their wants and needs, and respond in kind. It's not unsurprising that Sanaa herself tends to be well-liked by animals, as well; neither is it shocking that the young woman has turned her elemental skills towards veterinary healing and husbandry.

Upon the opening of Elona to travelers, Sanaa leaped at the chance to discover one of her 'homelands' for herself. She discovered wars, and refugees, and the oft-ignored animal victims of said wars. The young woman has since taken it upon herself to rescue Elona's beasts, and through the goodwill of a small airship captain she knows, has managed to transport a few raptors, springers, and skimmers back to Kryta for refuge and safety.





Salem (Lahtenda Bog Hunter) - oxblood » amber » oxblood » shadow abyss
Salem is mostly blind, due entirely to his advanced age; Sanaa is fairly certain that he can see shapes, light and shadow, and bright colors, but that's about it. His hearing and sense of smell seem to be intact, and although arthritis puts him at a disadvantage against younger, healthier raptors, Salem can still take someone's arm off. He's a large animal, and his teeth and claws haven't gotten too dull. Salem is easily startled and prone to lashing out in violence should someone take him by surprise, but when calm, he's remarkably laid-back. Sanaa found him wandering the desert outside of Amnoon, leading her to believe that his previous owners simply turned him loose when he could no longer be put to work.

Sade (Canyon Spiketail) - iron » brick » oxblood » pyre
Sade (shar-day) was never a work animal or a mount but rather a wild beast, a vicious loner who- Sanaa believes- lost her pack to the Forged. She herself was suffering from extensive burns on her right side when Sanaa found her, but through the woman's help, made a near-miraculous recovery. Sade has pack-bonded with Sanaa (and the other raptors) and allows the elementalist to ride her, but all others are met with snarls and screeches. Despite her scar tissue and the slight limp she retained, Sade will still mess your shit up if you push her.

Emem (Striped Tri-horn) - ceylon » root » hot pink » hydrangea
Emem was found the Elon Riverlands with a broken leg, trying to approach the Branded creatures that roamed the northeast corner of the region. The locals knew of him and simply thought that he was an animal touched in the head, beyond help, but Sanaa found different; the injured raptor approached her when she found him, and the woman realized that Emem was simply an idiot. He was unfit for a life in the wild (his unfortunate colors made Sanaa think he was the result of a breeding project gone wrong), had likely gotten injured after being 'released,' and thought that the Branded were people who would feed him. Now Emem follows Sanaa around, and although the behemoth is definitely one of the most stupid raptors you'll ever meet, he's also gentle and eager-to-please.


Liling (River Moth Wing) - cocoa » deep teal » warmth
Liling was pushed out of the riverlands by the Forged, as many skimmers were, and found herself on the edge of starvation. Sanaa found her just in time and took her to the skimmer ranch, but the gentle giant had, by then, thoroughly bonded with Sanaa and refused to stay with the other skimmers. Sanaa knows she's not supposed to have favorites among her animal charges, but...Liling is her favorite.


Ngai (Elonian Jackalope) - ash » ash » cocoa » chocolate
Ngai (nigh) was injured as a natural part of the springer lifestyle, or so Sanaa believes- he had a run in with a gryphon and was thrown from his cliffside perch. He cracked one of his antlers clean in two but managed to escape death- both from the fall and from the winged predator trying to eat him. He was, however, severely injured enough that he would have died on his own without Sanaa's intervention. Now his cracked bones have healed, but he moves stiffly and can't make near the jumps he used to. Instead he lives a much gentler life on the green grass of Sanaa's family farm, a life he doesn't seem to mind.

Nenet (Windy Spot) - shadow abyss » dusky » shadow abyss » golden lion
Nenet was found as an orphan in the Desert Highlands and raised by Sanaa; she's young, still, but has come to see humans in such favor that a wild release is impossible. She's eager and excitable, energetic and curious, and she gets into far more trouble than Sanaa would like.


Username: Slondermudge.9876
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Roleplay: Give me a shout! Sanaa is the first shy/anxious/not confident character I've played in a long time, so this shall be interesting. I could feasibly plop her anywhere in Elona or Tyria; there's always an animal to rescue somew