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Looking to join/make a plot!

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Hello all!

My husband and I have been writing and RPing for years, and we decided that joining a community of writers might be fun! Unfortunately, random tavern RP doesn’t seem to be doing it for us anymore; the chaos can be catchy sometimes but we adore a plot that goes somewhere and character development. That, and tea-sipping is cancer. No offense to tea.
So now we’re hoping to meet some likeminded folk! We don’t mind joining a guild or a plot amongst a few others, or even starting an entirely fresh one! So please pitch any and all ideas our way!

Currently we are leaving most of our characters flexible to accommodate or fill whatever offers or roles that might be needed here, though my ‘main’ is a Thief/Mesmer who crafts magical items by stealing goods from nobles (or really; anyone with a particularly interesting artifact,) and sells to whoever commissioned her. HOWEVER I am perfectly fine with tweaking her into more of a spy, general thief, or even assassin as I do love RP fights. Of course, I’d like it if all parties were consensual to my IC attacks as I don’t seek to cause unwanted drama. As far as my husband goes, his ‘main’ is either his Necromancer or his Warrior. The Necromancer has a bit of backstory which landed him as a necromantic researcher of the mists, while his warrior is a fairly blank slate at the moment that he’ll shape up and build a story for if an offer arises.

In addition; seeing as we are not always free to log on in game due to a fairly busy schedule, we wouldn’t mind forum RP as well, as long as it keeps moving! So feel free to post any idea or message me in this thread! :d
Posted Apr 15, 18 · OP
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Out of curiosity what list of characters do you have?
Zyron of Krios - 80 sylvari thief
Kassandra of Dale - 80 human warrior
Posted Apr 16, 18
Ah! Great idea and thank you for commenting Coffeeman owo Nothing is 100% solid, of course, as we would really like to build a story collectively. If any of them catch ya’lls fancy or spark an idea, please don’t hold back! =D (Small preface: I am not 100% on the lore so please be gentle if anything feels like it wouldn’t work ICly.)

My Characters:
Algna Stonespear: A Norn that always had an affinity and softness for nature, but was forced into the warrior ways of her family through the pressure of respecting their tradition. As an escape from the hardships of straying from her desired life, Algna found an escape in music, and now moonlights as a bard, sneaking away from her home to nearby taverns, earning a few extra coins and working for those who’d employ her. (Currently saving up for a cash shop harp, so more news on her to follow later! :d)

Drassa The Shadow: A mysterious crafter who, for the right price, will create a magical item to fulfill the desire of the payee. Her means are various as she tends to seek only special specimens for her ‘art’, often robbing the rich nobles of their shiny and, in her opinion, wasted gems so that she may power, cut and fasten them for a more worthwhile purpose. Shadow, while a thorn in the side of others, does not hold reservations despite history, and will accept almost any commission, even from an old enemy. She is also the potential thief/spy/assassin mentioned above, and is flexible depending on the story needed.

Self-Proclaimed Telucia Dreadmoore: A human who, during her years, has gained the ability to charm and control others through her magic. Whether it’s simply to gain favor over their minds temporarily or physically hinder their immediate actions, she only has the power to do so to any one person at a time. She, choosing to use this power carelessly at her every whims, quickly began to find life boring as little effort was needed with the proper spell in place. She would likely be an interesting antagonist or trouble starter.

Aaand finally, I maybe persuaded to play a guard of sorts as I do love guardian in PvP.

Husbando’s Characters:

Mist Researcher/Necromancer Xanthillis: A young villager who had a little sister who died when she was young (obviously inspired by the in-game storyline) and, in a desperate attempt to bring her back, made untrained use of necromancy, scaring his face considerably and failing to resurrect her in the process. Having caught a glimpse of the mists, however, he now seeks to understanding in an desperate attempt to return his sister to the living.

Luthvaren the Warrior: A plate wearing, knuckles throwing warrior with a can-do attitude and little to no story attached. A new addition to his list of characters, he’s keeping this one’s story opened for any idea that might come, and toying with the idea of making him a Seraph, as a lot of RPers seem to be needing a Seraph on duty to report crimes and the likes.
Posted Apr 16, 18 · OP
Ahh, I'm super interested. I'd love to know more and maybe arrange a meet-up. I'm easiest to find in-game. Just send me a poke at Naku.3195 or by looking for my main: Asyai. :>
Hope to hear from you soon!
Posted May 15, 18
Good god, do I want to actually continue my own toon's plots! I'm tired of loose threads! I'm unsure where you guys might be able to fit in, but if I think of something I'll let you know.
Her journal is behind-I'm sorry.
Posted May 23, 18
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