I Rising Sun I


"We will defend Elona from every threat, whether large or small, martial, mystical, or supernatural.
We will strike down foes and lift up allies.
A Sunspear never fights alone."
- The Sunspear Creed


The Rising Sun [rp] is a small guild centered around a part of the Sunspear Order that is working in Elona.
Their main goals are to help the civilians that suffer under the aftermath of Balthazar's conquest, the rule of Joko and the destruction of Kralkatorrik.
The Rising Sun is far from a simple mercenary group, upholding the Sunspears' ancient teachings, virtues and creeds instead of being morally ambigious, as well as demanding no payment and instead being supported by House Aches.
A truly noble cause, for those that seek one.
While the missions demand a clear show of loyalty to the Sunspears, the order will not impose itself on their members' private life, for their own safety. Wether the individuals want to raise the banners of their allies within their own houses is completly up to them. After all, treason to the king is punishable by a fate worse than death, and could easily lead to the entire order being discovered. So even with all good intentions from every single one of them, the true danger comes from within.


Simply put, the Rising Sun solves any issues within the kingdom of Elona they find access to. Be it the escort of wounded to a safe haven, the collection of ressources for the needy or open skirmishes with the enemies of the order. Most missions will take place on the Path of Fire maps (Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands, Desolation and Domain of Vabbi) as well as any areas around the region that would require their help (Domain of Istan for example).
However, the few of them that are foreign to Elona also try to help the Refugees that flooded Lions Arch to find new homes, offering roleplay for those without the expansion, too.
The guild will focus on weekly events following an overarching plot-line, though does of course encourage casual roleplay between it's members outside of events.


Since this is a group based on the Sunspears, elonian humans or those with roots to the Sunspears are of course the target group. The squad will however not push away any helping hand from any other race, though their patience is asked more than any others. Trust is only hardly earned, especially from those that have little to lose.
Finally, any person or guild that might want to have a run-in, alliance or coop-event with us is welcome to write us (even if they are Mordant Crescents).

The guild is a 'continuation' from this interestcheck as well as a re-worked version from the formerly a bit more noble-oriented House Aches [rp] guild. Seeing the lack of interest in diplomatic RP however, we decided for a different approach and a bigger focus on the more practical side.
We also have a discord server open for any interested ones, though we will hand out the link to each person privately.

If you've become interested, please contact me
in-game (Juli.8327)
over Discord (Juli#0773)
or through Enjin.