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The City of Amnoon [TCA]

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After the night has passed, it turns to dawn. And with the rising of the sun, The City of Amnoon [TCA] came to life. TCA is a semi-community guild, which aims to promote cross-guild and cross-Faction roleplay in both Elona and whole of Tyria. It also aims to support the outside, be inclusive in most of its activities and is set to create Community Events for both itself and for the entirety of EU RP in a friendly, supportive environment.


This guild focuses on its core and the wider community alike, while having fun and keeping a supportive environment. TCA has an Enjin Site as well as an optional Discord. The TCA members have their own Sub-Guilds within their ranks, called Factions. These groups operate within the framework and with support of the community to both collaborate and fight one another! But also to readily take part in cross-guild events.

(Note; red text = writing has clickable links!)
Be it by joining our Cafe Mustafa, tend to the bar, organise parties or hiring them yourself, having a priest in our Clergy, or getting them to assist in marriages or burials. You can even join the Modus sceleris, a fighter's group, or even the Corsairs, a pirate crew! Or to join up with the Cavaliers, protecting the law and order! We create our own event-chain narratives, Priory events on request and have a small number of both the Sunspears.
We also have IC services, IC companies and more. This all showcases the diversity within the guild, and provides plenty of things you can do with, or within the guild! We do like creativity within the lore boundaries, so new ideas and groups are always welcome!

Regular/Reoccuring Community Events

The Grand Bazaar
(Every two weeks, Saturday)

'Morning' Beach training
(Sundays or Mondays)

The Casino Gambling Nights
(Every Thursday)

The Cafe Mustafa Evenings
(Staffed daily, Occasional themed events)

Spoiler: Guild FactionsShow

Spoiler: Guild IC Services/MerchantsShow


Our Narrative&Officer Team is solely a OOC position and provides no IC power. In the pursuit of creating a good enviroment and a respectable community, our rules need to be accurate for such aim, and the punishments strict enough. You can find our shortened version of Guild Rules below. While applying, it is recommended to read the Full elaboration of the Guild Rules on the New Member forums of TCA. The whole of the Rules have been reviewed and subjected to Feedback by the standing membership of TCA, and we believe that these guidelines are more than acceptable for anyone wishing to happily engage in roleplay without the need to stand drama, and to enjoy their free time activity to the fullest.

Spoiler: The Shortened RulesShow

What are we looking for in our Members?

We seek people who will actively take part in our events, keep Amnoon alive, and encourage them (but not require) to join the Factions of TCA (Link). Aside but taking part, we heavily endorse people making their own events and supporting the community itself by representing while around it, and by being mature enough to not break the guild rules and staying respectful.

NOTE: It is fully possible to join the guild just for being able to post on the forums, to get taxi to the Amnoon RP shard and to just be in the know through the discord; which is what the Contact Rank is for, and can be selected on the [ Application. ]

You may find out more in the spoiler below!

Spoiler: Ranks & RequirementsShow

Contact Krinstin.6287! (Send me an ig mail if I don't reply to /w)
All in all, TCA is a great guild for almost any type of RP! We provide just the environment to build plenty of interesting stories, with our management team being more than ready to assist new and old members. We form a diverse guild of individuals and groups alike, the one aim in this community...

..To build together, and to have a lot of fun!

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The Living Season Narrative - War of Kourna


Considering discussions with the GM's, Officers and a poll posted on GW2RP forums, we have decided to have the Living Season episode be active until a few days prior to the release of the next one. As such, we have planned a series of events so that we can all enjoy the living season war in IC.

The Plan

Week 1:
All things in Amnoon. The trail, the ship, the plague

Week 2:
Rest, build up for the training.

Week 3:
Gathering people and training for Kourna. Word spreads of the war and groups get rallied and trained for war.

Week 4:

Week 5:
Travel to the Primeval Tomb. Set up camp through the rift, assignments handed out.

Week 6:
The bulk of the war. Some down time in between, injured will be taken to Amnoon, our assignments will be done there.

Week 7:
Missions wrap up, TCA's role in the war will come to an end, people will go back to Amnoon (spare those that wish to commit and stay).

OOC&IC Structure

I wont sugarcoat this. This is a war. If people do not act in a way that someone would under a chain of command during open warfare, we will be sending them back to Amnoon.As DM's we have an obligation to make sure that everyone has fun and feels involved, but at the same time, we are humans as well, and if someone is being disruptive, acts in a way that would not be tolerated in such situations be it ic or ooc, we will have to remove them from the narrative.

To make sure we all have fun we have put a lot of thought into ways to cater to all the different RP approaches and levels of interest we might get for this and as such we have decided to create three groups.

Tier 1: For the casual roleplayers, those that want to take part in the narrative, but dont want to be full on soldier mode. This will be a tier with safer events, that wont put the players in situations that they might get injured, stressed or ordered around as much.
Tier 2: The medium tier, for those that want to get into more action stuff but at the same time want to have full control over every aspect of their character. This will be a tier that though will have orders and injuries to go around, it will be in a much more flexible manner
Tier 3: The military tier, for those that want to engage and immerse themselves in the war efforts. This will have a strict chain of command, injuries may happen at any moment and without the player being asked permission (exemption is deadly blows, obviously). This is for those that want military rp

Because we work in different tiers, we'd like you to keep this in mind as well. This simply means that if you want to be lower tier, get a character that fits the lower tier if possible. This way it will be most fun IC and OOC.

How do I join? & Rules!


1) You MUST be a member of TCA. Click here to join us today!
2) If you create drama, we reserve the right to reject you from the Narrative. To provide a route of fairness, this applies to both Admins and Members. We want this Narrative to run smoothly, so this is just a warning.
3) Commit. This is open war. If your character joins up through the rift to Kourna, there is -no- going back. Anyone seen rping with a character they have in Kourna anywhere else BUT in Kourna they will be removed from the narrative.


We have events made for recruiting volunteers, to them, you need the following:

1) Bring medical files. A medical evaluation will be done, as such we need a medical backround
2) Bring criminal records. Although criminals will not be necessarily prevented from joining, it will be taken into consideration
3) Identification papers.

Want more info?
Contact Diraen.6597 and check the thread on our Enjin Forums! And of course-..

Click here to join the Narrative and TCA!

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With a stable addition of new players and events done by the current initiatives and DMs alike, TCA is having quite the great start! Our Grand Bazaar this saturday was quite the successful and grand hit! Next up is The Black Market, happening on May 5th!

Never hesitate to come by to our Community/Narrative Events, or even join [TCA] via Application!

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When night was yet young and no stars nor moon shined down the scorched sands of Crystal Oasis, someone noticed something unusual at bay. A ship with no colors of it's own anchored nearby, presenting it's hull proudly to the city. It was way to dark to know, who it was, for neither the night brought any light, nor the ship itself ignited any lanterns of it's own.
A single row boat was sent ashore, having a single man aboard. He claimed, that the captain of the "Emperor" wanted to give a message to the Council. With reputation of this ship, it was wise to accept it. And so the man was led to the Council, where he said what he was told to say. What was that? Nobody knows. But not more, than 15 minutes later he dashed out, holding a torch and waved it towards the sea.
And only then, like enchanted the lanterns of the ship blazed with light, revealing it's hull, crew and sails. Sails with color of blood.

Led by Tarreth (8026368) , the Initiative itself aims to bring naval adventure to Amnoon, oppotunity to play pirates that live... a little different life, than most. Pirates made navy forces... but pirates nonetheless.
Corsairs of the "Emperor" are to be a mixed balance between good guys and bad guys. While obeying laws of Amnoon, protecting it and generally being citizens, they are still pirates! To expect them notto dip into shady doings is a foolish hope.

People willing to join are to meet the captain, who will judge usefulness of person in question.

What can you expect?

  • Pirate themed general rp and events - naval adventures and battles.
  • More serious look at pirating. The "Emperor" is not captained by Jack Sparrow. And the crew must live up to it's name.

There are of course consequences of being a pirate. Battling, fighting and... serving on a pirate ship. So accepting consequences, harm is required. Perhaps even permanent scars, mutilations and so on.
More Information can be found here!

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IMPORTANT: TCA community would like to request visitors and any participants in it's events or casual roleplay to keep from giving Living Story spoilers to our members and using them in RP with us for the next 7 days (until next tuesday) to let people play through the LS in peace and to enjoy the game to the fullest!

We are otherwise still very much brimming and recruiting through our application; happily accepting new members to our active community!

Thank you for your understanding, and happy roleplay!


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Modus Sceleris - Elonian Operative Division
Faction Head - Inverse.5817, Shy.6750

“Modus Sceleris is a guild of elite fighters who can be found across Tyria.”

Basic Summary

Modus Sceleris is a pre-established guild of criminal duellists within the lore of GW2, and though they seem to mostly be based in two locations so far - Ascalon and the Shiverpeaks, their members extend to more than just the five playable races - they also count trolls, hylek, grawl, and even a quaggan amongst their ranks.

Now, admittedly, there isn’t a great deal of information available about them, which of course, allows us some creative leeway as to how they might function in new territory - or at least, how a new branch of the guild, dispatched to and based far away in Elona, might conduct their business - with a degree of autonomy, which we can easily employ and bring to life through a new dynamic style of RP.

Modus Sceleris itself translates to ‘Way of Crime', which is fitting - as its members are known to ambush travellers and explorers and challenge them to duels, or in some cases, larger tournaments, to wager and claim coin and other such valuables from their victims. Profit and pride seem to be the primary goals for Modus Sceleris, and that is what we, too, will focus on.

Soon enough, this splinter faction of the guild of criminal duellists will make landfall in Elona, and will prowl the sandy dunes of the Crystal Oasis, preying on travellers, traders, adventurers - anyone that might just wander into the wrong place at the wrong time. While they are criminals, and are known to employ some ambush tactics, all duels must be agreed upon - IC in most cases, but especially OOC. Again - these duellists are criminals, and might not fight fair, and won't be afraid to cause a serious injury if given the opportunity. Therefore, a duel must be agreed upon by both combatants OOCly.

Want to know more? Check the MS enjin post or contact the Faction Head Inverse.5817 (Inverse#5539)

Want to join? Well don't hesitate to apply to TCA to get involved in depth with both Modus Sceleris, and all the other Factions and diverse roleplay you can find in The City of Amnoon! (Including our next Living World storyline chapter which will soon be posted above, stay tuned!)

[ Click here to join us today! ]

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We have launched our next Living World Narrative, this time following the War of Kourna! Look at the main recruitment post of TCA to learn more!
Posted Jul 14, 18 · Last edited Jul 14, 18
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