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[EU] Fume Warband [FW]

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Fume Warband

Who are we?

We are a group of soldiers that gathers information behind enemy lines with complete discretion in every city of Tyria; from the big Black Citadel to the technological city of Rata Sum. We can use it against our enemies and obtain enough power to bring pain and misery upon them. As a soldier belonging to the flame legion, you will be expected to seek survival in a world where everyone wants you dead. We will be fighting for what we all believe in and to make things right.

What we can offer?

We are a special group led by a shaman, in charge of infiltrating the enemy operations for information, stealing resources such as food, ammunition and Asuran devices. We recruit for the flame legion by either kidnapping or by convincing them to join us. We also sabotage the plans, cells and weapons of our enemies: ie the rest of Tyria!

Fume is a Lore friendly Warband, though we understand that Charr can be just as various in personality as any other race, they are not carbon copies of one another after all. We are not the same and we like variety and unique personalities.

Who are we looking for?

If you want to be part of our ranks, you have to be a charr. According to Flame Legion Lore, females are not in fact permitted to fight in our ranks. They take a more domestic role within the flame legion such as cooks, servants and house cleaners. Given that males are lazy and often expect someone else to do this kind of thing for them anyone wishing to fulfil these roles as a female charr is most welcome to apply to join us. For more information on Flame legion Lore please follow this link

If you want to contact us
Check out our web page Fume Warband, we upload all the roleplay we carry out on the page so everyone can see what are we doing. You can sign up on the forum by filling in the application form.
You can also send me a private message here on enjin or whisper me in game: or by mailing wolf.3094

Recruitment status: Open
Posted May 12, 18 · OP · Last edited Aug 2, 18
Campaign - Smoke and Shadows
The objective of the warband was to capture and secure an Iron Legion settlement and hold position until they gather up some uniforms to dress up like an Iron Soldier. They found out some resistance in the settlement, but they managed to deal with that and kill all the soldiers on the place, they also decided to burn them to make sure the legions knows who did that. During the raiding of the place they found a charr that was being held prisioner.

They managed to reduce the prisioner after facing him, they took him as a prisioner for interrogation and probably make him a potential recruit for his lines. Before they left the settlement they retrieved the uniforms they needed and disappeared from the place leaving a pile of charred charrs dead.

Plot still in development, more story will come
Posted Sep 6, 18 · OP
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