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Positivi-TEA: A commentary on the Community

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Over the past month or so, I've been shuffling through 2rp and reading no small number of negative threads.

Whether those threads are pointing out where the RP has gone, who is responsible or why the RP is no longer 'good,' I've decided that enough is enough and it's time to point out all the positive things that get looked over. Because let's face it, everyone enjoys a sh*t show and is quick to join in, but I think we could REALLY use some uplifting and community focused positivity.

So here goes.

Community Builders and Event Supporters

It takes a lot of courage to come forward to a community, sometimes known for drama, stick your neck out and say 'I want to do this and I want people to share it.' Community events take SO much energy, time and over all work so I'd like to take a moment to praise those of you who stick your neck out, step up and say 'LET'S HAVE SOME FUN'

While a lot of events undergo the scruitiny of the community, nearly every time something comes out, that has done NOTHING to stop people from throwing their ideas against the wall to see what sticks. There are a few people and guilds I would like to point out PERSONALLY for doing this, with aplomb, even if stuff didn't work out.

Xehara with Tyrian Events Network You saw a need and you're FILLING IT! Way to go!

Sylanteyes and Argen with Tarnished Coast Roleplayers
.This guild has been around since before launch; taking care of your Guild Mission and RP connections from the beginning. The Leadership does their best to announce events as often as they come up!

Manizeh with Consulate of Vabbian, Istani and Kournan Affairs. Your team does a great job of being inclusive and practical- you do your very best to stay close to lore and create a positive environment. You deserve recognition for all the hard work you do!

Incedia with Tyrian Apple Company. For a cloak and dagger guild, your team does an amazing job of participating and creating events that include everyone while maintaining the spirit of OoW roleplay. Your guild is a delight to work with, every time!

A special shout out should go to Khorthall for trying to bring Norn Roleplay back to the forefront with The Grizzly Guardholme. Homestead style RP is hard to get going but you folks never give up!
Keep at it!

No RP community would be complete without government roleplay. The Krytan Ministry has never failed to offer dynamic plots and dramatic political intrigue for the witty roleplayer.

The Krytan Hospitality Network has done a fabulous job bringing small events to life, drawing the community together and creating great roleplay in cities. This guild has breathed life back into DR and other major cities with their positive influences.

Wolf Mirage of The Wardenlight Wanderers has sought to create different, crafter-based events and has opened the Wardenlight Guild hall to ALL for these fantastic, unique events. She's a great gal to work with and this guild has always been fantastic fun.

Personally, I would also like to thank Lucien Nether, who created monthly events with the Undermarket. I've never seen a nicer gal and I hope to see her return in the future.

Though this appears to be a love letter to a few people in particular- let's not stop here.

This community has been going on for seven years. There's always bound to be ups and downs with any group of friends. But over all, we're still here, still wanting to RP and still having a good time.

The community needs positivity, now- more than ever, so I encourage everyone to write something positive in this thread to encourage a thriving, healthy roleplay environment for everyone to enjoy.

Because remember, at the end of the day, we all paid money to pretend to be wizards on the internet.
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Posted May 15, 18 · OP · Last edited May 15, 18
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First of all, you are awesome. You run this huge military guild, you're active on the forums, and you take an active interest in your guild members and their well being.

I also wanted to throw a shout out to the Rurikton Roses and Lux. I've worked with them and her in the past and she's pretty much a positive fixture of the community. Love or hate the character, you know when you throw a kick-ass event she's going to be all over it showering it with her love and fairy godmother powers.

Oh and hey, Dagny? Yeah? She still has this website going and she doesn't even play this game anymore. Talk about dependable. She totally doesn't get enough love but there you go!

And there's my buddy Chaddeus Adequatemale who has been a huge friend to me when he didn't have to be. We weren't that close at the time and he still leant an ear and made sure I was okay.

My guildies (of all guilds), including TEN and the amazing Cadie who stepped up to help me with logistics and administrative stuff after barely knowing my crazy ass.

Finally, before I pass the mic to someone else to fangirl, I utterly adore all of my RP partners. They continue to be patient and supportive of me even when I take a million years to reply.
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Posted May 15, 18
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Extra Life!
I was honestly super surprised to see my name on here! Thank you for the nice comments

I don't have much to say right now - it'd take forever for me to highlight different individuals for being amazing people. But - I have to say, thank you for helping spread this sort of positivity going around and I really appreciate it. We need more good vibes like this going around.

I guess - I'll throw a shout out to the following people:

- All guild leaders, officers, admins, Discord leaders, etc. - especially those who try to enforce rules to ensure that things don't go out of hand. It's a hard job. There are many tough decisions you need to take. You might make mistakes and have to weigh certain things. But it's a tough job people don't recognize often. So thank you for everything.

- Everyone who isn't one of the above but tries to step up when problems arise, to ensure rules are kept. You help take a lot of load off of the higher up people - and you're helping keep the community in check as needed.

Edit: Also - on that note - there was a community thing about GW2 Friend/Ships awhile back that was spreading around social media. I know some folks in the RP community wrote something or showed off something about that.

I encourage people to consider that prompt of that hashtag when writing things up like this. Or - if you wrote something about GW2 Friend/Ships awhile back - feel free to post it down below to spread the positivity!
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Posted May 15, 18 · Last edited May 15, 18
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I made a huge post about this on my GW2 tumblr a while back. Because the RP community includes so much more than just what we do in game. Some of us often can't make it in game at times when others are on, so having that outlet to go back and forth in tumblr asks and reblogs with story bits is really great.

It also allows for some incredible interactions that we don't often get in game. Events that we might sometimes miss out on are announced on tumblr as well as here.

From the plot with CVIK, NATN and ELM to Lux's letters, to Angel Fox's story bits about Slate Carter and Richard Taveres, to the pictures people find that help inspire their own characters to tagging people that they know, there's lots of people in the community that see others and remember them. I've always felt that I'm sort of invisible in other RP communities, but here I don't get that feeling. There's always someone out there who will see something and it sparks a reminder of one of my characters, and the same goes for me when I see something that reminds me of any of the people I rp with (in game or on tumblr).

I could list a lot of people who've made my stay here for the past five or six years really enjoyable, and I'd still forget people on the list there's just that many people. And I often see people I'd love to rp with in game. I'd love more interactions with Mirri out in the desert (and I've gotten a few of them, all of them good so far), and with Flintlock and Grifter I just seem to be a magnet with both of those two. Flintlock has really surprised me with how everyone has accepted and loved her, it just makes me really pleased that with a simple character I can make an impact on the community.

And that's because of everyone, absolutely everyone, I've rp'd with. From small interactions to big massive events.

And something I've also found with this community is that they are really considerate with just how much a person can do.

This community, all it's fault included, is still incredible.
Posted May 16, 18
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