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Looking for Specific RP Partners (Light RP Project)

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Hello, everyone!

I am looking for Role-Play partners that fulfill the following expectations:

- Action, Adventure, Relationships and Rivalry
- Creativity Featuring Characters, Environment and Stories
- Fantasy/Realistic Violence, Mild Language, No Sexual Content (Important)
- Good/Evil/Neutral Characters with Different Personalities and Purposes
- Human and Human-Alike Characters (Optional)
- Inspiration from Other Video Games (Optional)
- Many Free-Form Emote Fights between Player Characters and/or Thought Characters
- Out-of-Character Friendly, Respectful and Selfless Attitude
- Out-of-Lore Characters (Optional)
- Very Own Story Making Based on Repeatable Protagonist/Antagonist Main Line and Character Tree Side Lines

Description For Interested:

Let's involve ourselves into story-making action full of adventures, whether or not our characters are friends or enemies. Let's meet independently developed characters and random environmental events that make the story more interesting and unique. Let's be a part of an appropriate and safe kind of Role-Play. Let's make our characters fight for good or evil, together or against each other, with same or different purposes, or just remain neutral and let them do their stuff. Let's organize battles between powerful characters with their own fight styles by using emotes, and let our powerful characters fight bunches of weak characters or challenge overpowered boss battles. Let's ensure our Out-of-Character relationship is enjoyable, unconflicted and reliable. Let's make a big story featuring fight between good and evil that happens in the main line of our story, in which we include protagonists, antagonists, their allies, and a tree of all characters that will also make side stories.

I raise my hopes up to find like-minded people! If it goes well, it might become a great small group of friends (or even a small guild for that purpose) with stories written down in a book!
If you are interested or need more details, please, contact me in-game or via Discord:
Guild Wars 2 - TolirN.3407
Discord - TolirN#1723
If you got problems contacting me, please, send me a mail or reply below.

Posted Jun 9, 18 · OP
Good Morning

I would say that our guild, The Heroes Guild fits what you're looking for quite well. We're a good alignment guild but we have people in the guild who are...trying to be good people rather than everyone being goody-goody two shoes. We also have storylines that we play out with evil or neutral characters, via our [NPC] guild and even our own Order of Whispers esque sub guild.

When it comes to fighting, it's a mix really. We're an RP-PvE guild so there will be days when we go out and use mobs as the big villain, just that, we don't actually RP them as the lore character but our own villain. We have a dice rolling bot in our discord that we use for roll fights and then the classic emote fight.

I will be introducing a rule system into the guild that I want people to follow a "Heroes Code" to try and prevent any unneeded drama and give people an idea of what that their character should be doing, however, I'm going to make it so it's easy to RP with and not some rigid system.

Lastly I have my own guild lore discord server that is FILLED with guild lore, this being, how we RP game mechanics, giving tips on to RP, DM groups, RP classes, etc. That and we have our own public discord chat you're more than welcome to join...

https://discord.gg/kKjrdjC - Public text chat

https://discord.gg/j9Gsn5F - Guild lore discord server, no chat

Posted Jun 10, 18
Hello, Bolvar of the flame!

Thank you for sending me a proposal to join your guild. Most importantly, I am afraid to say that I am looking for a small out-of-character guild rather than in-character one, especially when it comes to in-character limit of specific characters. However, I am pleased to hear that there is also a place in other guilds for non-hero characters.

I also participate in RP-PvE stuff, but usually in a matter of out-of-importance random environmental events. In fact, I only use dice rolling in cases that are out-of-combat (for example: in-character bottle spinning).

Your rule system sounds quite interesting, I must say.

Glad to hear that your guild has its own story. Unfortunately, as I am a part of Light Role-Playing, it might cause some questionable situations. Though, I will keep the proposal as an alternative.

Thanks for your time! Depending on what is going to happen, I might change my mind.
Posted Jun 10, 18 · OP
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