Lord Dunn Returns From The Dead
Divinity’s Reach, 1330.
By Bixx & Anderson

Cause for celebration in both Ebonhawke and Divinity’s Reach today as news is spreading of the return of the once thought dead Lord Baloryn Dunn of Ebonhawke.

After years of being held captive by separatist forces Lord Dunn has been reunited with his wife, Lady Gracelin Dunn, who has held the estate and business interests of the Dunn family as custodian awaiting her son, Balor Dunn, to come of age, born after his father’s disappearance almost five years ago.

Lord Dunn was first missing after he and his unit failed to return from a patrol around the Fields of Ruin, and later declared dead after his sword and armour was found at the scene of conflict but no body was ever discovered.

His sister, Pact Tactician and Engineer, Lady Caroline Irene Dunn spearheaded a search for her brother but due to circumstances unknown to the author, Lady Caroline chose to leave Ebonhawke and return to her duties within the Vigil after only a few months. Later on she joined the Pact traveling to the Maguma Jungle where this author is genuinely happy for the family’s sake to say that she survived the campaign against Mordremoth.

Tragedy however, struck House Dunn once more when, in 1328 Lord Dunn’s father, Lord Balor Dunn died of an unknown condition which had kept him out of the public since before his son’s marriage, unable to act on behalf of his house Lord Balor years before had chosen to pass the title to his son.

No one of the household was available to comment on any events, however a statement was provided by the household indicating their joy of Lord Dunn’s return and their intention and desire to spend time together as a family, to reunite and bond after such difficult years apart. Lord Dunn now travels with all haste to Elona and the Free City of Amnoon, where his wife and their joint endeavour the Tyrian Relief Organization, is currently aiding the Kormir Priesthood. This all comes quite timely for Lady Dunn, who had been due to remarry before the end of the year.

Rumours are that the despite the original intentions to use Lord Dunn for political means, this fell through for the separatists and that hearing of the marriage settled instead for an undisclosed sum as a random after some months of negotiation with Lady Dunn for his release, after discovering his whereabouts, the amount is believed to be substantial. It is yet to be seen whether the Seraph intend to reprimand house Dunn for paying the ransom, but it is widely believed Lord Dunn has been extensively questioned in regards to his capture and subsequent release.

A witness close to the family indicated that Lord Dunn shows no signs of ill will to his once hostage takers claiming to have been kept in comfort suitable to his title as best they could and that he was treated well. But happy to be reunited with his wife and the joy of knowing he is a father.

This is unsurprising as the Dunn family have been vocal supporters of Ebonhawke for many years now due to their pure Ascalonian heritage and their Ebonhawke estates and interests.

The Dunn’s are well known for the high profile wedding that took place in the Ascalonian Settlement in 1325, as well as their common appearance at many high society functions prior to his kidnapping. They led a pilgrimage from Divinity’s Reach to Ascalon on the anniversary of the original path taken by the refugees fleeing the war with the Charr prior to the Forefire as a return journey in honour of the fallen.

They have caused controversy however for their desire to see lands of Ascalon returned to its former human owners, and to date still bar Charr from their diverse society and political undertakings. Most notably those of;

The Ascalonian Coalition - Originally formed by Ascalonian noble houses post Foefire, of which Lord and Lady Dunn’s ancestors were part of the original founders, a loosely binding political, economic and lobbyists group for Asalonian interests, the group have sought in the past to keep pure blood lines via key marriages evidenced by Lord and Lady Dunn. However this group has become more dormant of late with the reduced number of member houses surviving the ongoing conflicts, as well as difficulty in enticing new members that fit the correct lineage and lack of successful movement politically.

Under this, at a much later date the Coalition also took it upon themselves to form a military branch, The Crystal Shield, focused on aiding the campaign against the Elder Dragons, however the effort never saw success and instead, Lady Dunn spearheaded;

The Tyria Relief Organisation – This was originally founded to support orphans of Ebonhawke with funding, food, shelter and education, has grown now to become a worldwide charity supporting refugees in conflicts across the world. Increasing its original scope of holding events and functions for raising funds amongst the noble elite, it is now a much more hands on organisation setting up and managing refugee camps themselves or in cooperation with locals.

In 1330 Lady Dunn, still with her husband missing, took it upon herself to move the TRO to Elona after the violent attack by Elder Dragon Kralkatorik on Amnoon, to further aid the local as well as refugees.
This is also where her husband now joins her.

Reports are coming in of a large TRO expedition being set up to support those impacted by current events.
It remains to be seen how Lord Baloryn’s return will change this, however recruitment posters for volunteers remain standing and they are welcoming new members.

A stock image from their wedding below