The Basics


Character Name: Amadeus Connors
Aliases: N/A
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Deadeye

Apparent age: 30-ish
Hair/mane/leaves: Black, trimmed and slicked back
Skin/fur/bark: Darker skinned, fair complexion
Appearance details: Always seems to be sporting a monocle, and carrying two pistols and his rifle slung over his back.

At his best, he's friendly, chatty and typically in good humor. At his worst, he's cocky, sarcastic and a smartass.

Religious beliefs/philosophy: A firm follower of the Six-- even Balthazzar, despite his recent transgressions.

In the case of Amadeus, his childhood was one of mischief and many attitude-adjusting lashes. Born in Lion's Arch to a dock worker and a bar wench, his early childhood involved much hard work and getting involved with the wrong crowds. Fights, thievery and so on. This led to a rather poor relationship with his parents, who typically tried to discipline him on the regular.

Recent history:
Eventually, after gaining some maturity and deciding to find out a fair portion of his future, he started looking into means of work. Some, not necessarily legal. He'd found in his mid-teen years that he had a penchant for firearms and tried to set out on his journey this way, taking jobs as a mercenary at the age of twenty and working up after earning himself enough coin for guns of his own. He also began to tinker here and there, learning from various peoples he'd worked for, and with through the years. Presently, he stays in one of the Inns in Divinty's Reach as he tries to find more employment after a dry-spell.

Notable relationships: His mother and father still live fairly comfortable lives in Lion's Arch.

Strengths, talents, and points of pride: Amadeus takes pride in his skill as a marksman, and has a fair history of thievery, stealing, pickpocketing, stealth and so on. He likes to makes a show of his marksmanship when the offer presents itself.

Weaknesses, detriments, and points of improvement: A penchant for drinking too much, mouthing off when he's in a good mood and getting himself into trouble. Or arrested, depending on the situation. He would like to improve his bladework for when a rifle or pistol won't cover the situation, as well.


Favored alcoholic beverage: After venturing into the Shiverpeaks on a contract, he's found he enjoys a mug of Raven's Best, despite it having a tendency to knock him on his ass.

Favored food: Typically some form of grilled poultry or red meat.

Favored weather or season: Amadeus loves the snow, and wintery weather.

Favored color: Red.

How does your character react when...

You find a powerful weapon: With a hum, Amadeus would inspect the weapon, looking between it and his rifle. Sure, this new one was shiny. But he and his old one had been through far too much. Ah, well. If nothing else, he could use some of the parts of the new one and sell the rest.

You find a coin purse: "Oh, look. I've found my drinking money." The footpad mused as he pocketed the purse, looking around to make sure noone was trying to stop him.

You find food: Into his pack it goes. He can always save food for later-- unless it's something particularly perishable. Then he'll simply leave it.

You find a trap: "I'll give you a gold to walk in to it."

You find a corpse: Investigation time! How did they die? Was it murder, or some fool accident? More importantly, do they still have their valuable belongings?

You find a suspicious scroll: "Don't open it until I'm out of the way atleast."

Any roleplay preferences or limitations for this character? I am open to literally anything! Death and all on a case-by-case basis, otherwise, is a no until otherwise stated.