"War. All that in war matters is getting the job done. It never changes, it never stops and it is never easy. People you know die around you when you enter war, everyone around you dies, it never changes." - Gerralt Kanchea Pinecove

  • This guild is led by my main, Gerralt Kanchea Pinecove.

  • I have a few restrictions. First off, if you have a reputation of being an asshole in Gw2, we are likely not to accept you. Anyways, when you apply your character to us so we may check to see if your character is fit, it is more likely the character to get accepted if the character has not done any major crimes or has served their time for doing them. Minor crimes are accepted, stuff like occasionally stealing a small thing like some sort of liquor or something. But your character has to have a decent record, either very few crimes, no crimes or has served time for all the crimes done. Your character -IS- allowed to have an attitude and/or anger issues but, said character has to work towards controlling the attitude and anger. The anger is a little different, anger can be used in combat, so don't make it so they completely lose the anger, you don't have to but them having the anger is an advantage.

  • If you wish to be recruited, mail me In-Game at dsadler.3047. I will explain how to make the character you plan on using for [TAC] an application.


Why are you so mean? If it is IC and Gerralt is being an ass towards your character, your character likely tripped one of his nerves, He can be an ass when provoked. If i am being an ass OOC, ya did something like be an ass yourself or hating on other members or something along that line.

If my character didn't pass the application can i use a different one? Yes, you can also have 1 alt if you want.

If my character didn't pass the application but he is the only one i want to use. can i still be in the guild? Yes, you can be in the guild, for the other OOC things we do like fractals, etc, all those delicious things.