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Questions about expansions

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Hello, hope I'm not asking in the wrong place! I'm new and a little concerned about something: I've already picked my home world. Does this mean I have to get a full account so I can switch worlds to the one where everyone RPs, or am I misunderstanding the server system? Also, do I need an expansion to RP in this game? Thanks in advance.
Posted Jul 15, 18 · OP
Depends on if you play gw2 with the starter edition (which means you get some limitations here and there) or the core game with/without the expansions

but generally, you dont lock in your homeworld, you can swap between worlds using the button in the lowerleft corner of your character list screen

and it would be usefull to get the expansions (atleast PoF because there can be alot of rp going on in the most recent region, also depends on if you're NA or EU) although those area's are if you're at lv80, or use a gemstore item called "Teleport to Friend" but i wouldnt advise using it unless it's purely for rp because you'd get oneshotted by mobs

Posted Jul 15, 18 · Last edited Jul 15, 18
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