Soldiers, Mercenaries, Tribesmen, Explorers, Adventurers, Scientists, Scholars. The Last Stand Consortium accepts all looking to make an honest living.

The Last Stand Consortium is a guild of merchants with one primary directive: Maximizing profits and PR while minimizig screwing over clients. They have a presence all over Tyria... And beyond. From dropping mosquito sprays to the frontline soldiers of the verdant brink to handing out supplies to the refugees in elona and everything in between such as selling quality armor to the seraph and providing protection for the quaggan.

The Last Stand consortium utilizes cutting edge technologies that allows it's members to communicate all over. One of the founders developed a device titled the 'Plasmite Transducer' wich utilizes magical channels to connect the individuals wearing it, allowing them to commune regardless of where they might find themselves.

The guild is led by 3 individuals, namely an asura and his two progenies. Together so far they have been able to recruit enough help to get their project off the ground, quite literally at times.

The Last Stand Consortium is a semi military trading company that accepts anyone, regardless of status or background looking to make an honest living. They are centered in the Bar in the Ossan quarters, sign up to get a members discount.

Hit job syndicate.

The hit job syndicate is an extremely small secret organization of spies and assassins hiding under the mantle of the Last Stand Consortium. They employ only the finest, best trained agents and rumor has it that they tend to find their recruits through the Last Stand Consortium...

The hit job syndicate is very choosy in who they choose to recruit, but they are always gifted in stealth and have no hesitations nor remorse. Ideally agents are trained at the age of 6 and up and begin getting deuployed at the age of 26 - exactly 20 years of training later. Agents of this clique are incredibly skill if socially inept because of their isolation from the outside world. While incapable of forming very meaningfull relations, these agents are living weapons.

New guild, thought i'd give it a try. Discord link is down below and my username in-game is 'Notaheal.9841', this is my first guild and it's at level 1 as of now. I'll most likely frequently update this thing on the status of the guild and where it goes. The guild chat is IC, that's what the plasmite transducer plot device is for. Message me and ill add you guild and there will probaply something akin to an interaction between the leader or a guild representative when a character and when they get a promotion.

I didnt write down specific rules, just use common sense.

Discord: (It's a new one)