Colmaa let out a long sigh as he tried to focus on the pitter patter of raindrops around him, rather than his own thoughts. From beside the still warm remains of last night’s campfire Grimmorsk looked up from his notebook as his face shifted with concern, he knew that look.

"You still hear him, dont you?" Grimmorsk asked. Colmaa shook his head “I don't-.. someti-... I… I’m not sure…”

Grimmorsk followed Colmaa’s gaze and a corner of his lip turned into a grin. No matter where where they were in Tyria, Colmaa would always face the direction of the grove when something troubled him. “You’ve been talking about it for some time now, do you wish to visit the pale tree?”

Colmaa blinked “I haven't seen mother since before Mordremoth, I dont think im the same person… I don't know…. Besides, the Grove isn't anywhere close to our travels.”

Grimmorsk returned his notebook to his pocket as he stood “It is now. It’s a few weeks journey so you should take that time to come up with a list of questions”