First off, I'm a bit of a spell nut. I always play the wizard character, and having played the game a fair few years now I thought it would be nice to expand on elementalist spells provided in the first and second game, so I wrote this grimoire from the perspective of my main character, Morarkhan, an elementalist with a predilection for burning stuff.

As stated in the title, this is a work in progress, and I intend to keep tinkering for a few years, but this contains most basic powers and spells I could think of, along with a few more inventive abilities to give the whole profession a bit of a utility/mischief package, oftentimes venturing in territories that have little lore.

Spells are divided in four tiers:
- Cantrips, for novices and apprentices
- Core, for high-level apprentices and companions.
- Expert, for experienced and powerful magic-users.
- Master, for the absolute best. I consider that use of a single master-level spell would exhaust most veteran spellcasters, and even if your character is accomplished and powerful, even they might deem those a little too potent for them.

As much as I love writing spells, I draw like a potato. I do not own any of the art used within, and all credit goes to the people who produced and own these magnificent illustrations.

I'll update this from time to time, in the mean time I'm happy to hear some feedback!