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Greetings fellow members of some guild

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Hi, I've just joined Guild Wars 2, and I think it's freaking awesome. Being used to WoW, I've spent the last week marveling over the fact that I can dodge attacks. Dodge! In an MMO! Brave new world.

Anyway, hello, I'm a noob to this game, but I've certainly RP'ed before, and I'd love to do so again. In fact, when I'm not busy rolling around the world like a freaking ninja badass (even though I'm currently wearing a skirt), I've been creepy-stalking the alleyways of Divinity's Reach, trying to find some hotspot for RP. And then I found this site. Yay!

So, I would love to find some other peeps to hang with and RP with. My first character is called Rovan Ravenhill. And if you wanna do some RP, hook me up ... on a friend request. I'd also love to join a guild, but I barely know where to start with that. Would probably be looking for something courtier/spy themed, but if a military-style guild wants me on board, who am I to decline?

I hope to see some of you lovely roleplayers soon. I'm certainly not in a picky corner, and I know anyone who chooses RP over PVP is definitely a decent, communicative person. So, I hope to see y'all soon!
Posted Aug 7, 18 · OP
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Hello there and welcome to GW2RP, ArcaneDane!

Always a pleasure to have more enthusiastic people over. (Aside dodging, people also don't get loot-assigned in this game. How cool is that?!)
For stable rp I would certainly recomment checking out the EU Guild Recruitment part of the gw2rp forums and to join a guild of your liking to try out (you have 5 guild slots though! So fortunately it's easier to experiment!) otherwise, good hotspots for rp include the taverns of dr, the bar in the civic center of Amnoon, and sometimes the rata sum tavern! I'd also recomment coming to community events. Like the Moot one every monday, or the Grand Bazaar every other saturday! These could certainly get you some ties going.

Feel free to /w or otherwise contact me about any specifics, or the random rp meeting!

Have a pleasant stay, and a lot of fun in RP!

Posted Aug 8, 18 · Last edited Aug 8, 18
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