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Which expansion should I get for RP?

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Hello again!

I've decided to buy an expansion, but I've only got enough for one of the two. So I was wondering, is Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire better for roleplaying? As in, where does most of the (mainly charr?) roleplay go on between the two expansions, and/or which one is best in general for RP? I don't care too much about which elite classes I get because either way they're pretty cool, though I'd prefer Heart of Thorns so I get the Revenant.
Posted Aug 8, 18 · OP
For RP? Definitely Path of Fire. Amnoon alone is absolutely stunning and there's active RP around the city. Currently, there's the War in Kourna campaign and story arc Manizeh started and we've been having a blast with it.

In general, most of the maps in PoF are just really beautiful and super fun to RP in. Also, mounts! :d

HoT brought us guild halls, but you can still enter the guild halls of your guilds even if you don't have the expansion. Personally, guild halls aside, I find the HoT maps are very difficult to RP in and to be honest I really don't like them lol.

HoT does have the perk of gliding though. But with mounts, especially if you get your griffon, you could probably get by just fine without gliding for the most part. Hope this helps!
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Posted Aug 8, 18
Whether you are on NA or on EU, the Path of Fire is the better choice RP wise.

I am absolutely not biased.

Posted Aug 8, 18
No one roleplays in HoT areas because you basically can't; there are barely any locations in any of the maps that are safe.
Posted Aug 9, 18
If I may, the PoF map is arguably pointless if you're looking for a place to RP with an armored kitten -read Charr-, as both in lore (excluding the particulair Olmakhan) and ingame there isn't a lot to do for charr down south, aside from finding that one charr revenant.

That aside, if you're looking for the usual Politics&Chill RP, I second that you move to DR-Sand Edition or in other words, get that Sweet Path of fire. Important to know that PoF is the desired choice for many of the RP'ers who strive after previously mentioned.

If you're actually willing to take your time and scour (read, break) the maps of HoT and find those gems -like a completely abandoned fourth lane in Dragonstand- where you can RP easily, then you should go for said expansion.

But as disapointing as it is, I'd suggest the upper. You see, after the ever continuing demise of public RP and the increase of people hauling up in guildhalls and taverns, with the exception of a few heroic guilds, the maguuma's are devoid of RP, whilst the easy-peasy sand land is overflowing with them.

Important note: This post applies to EU-RP
Posted Aug 10, 18
Path of Fire, definitely. It's MUCH more scenic, and it comes with a fantastic city in the form of Amnoon. Heart of Thorns' claim to fame mostly just comes from the gliders (which you may want if you want to drift into uninstanced Salma where most open RP "seems" to happen these days). The zones in Heart of Thorns are dangerous, unwieldly, and sometimes frustrating to get around in. Path of Fire wins easily.
Posted Aug 11, 18
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