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Just got to this site and had some questions. First of all, is there any sort of in game channel, discord, or site chat that can be used? Second would be, does anyone wanna team up with a young tinkerer with dreams of owning his own airship someday and a dark secret even he does not yet know?

At the moment, I'm deciding whether to run with my current character, or start one over from scratch. Kind of leaning on the former, but let me know if anybody is interested rping with me.
Posted Aug 8, 18 · OP
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Well, there's a general roleplay discord you can join that's reasonably active, and there's a few other smaller ones devoted to smaller groups of people (guilds, some geographical areas, specific plot lines, etc). As far as roleplay, you're welcome to hit me up sometime for some trouble. Zingaresa.6409 in game or K8theGr8#8761 on Discord. I play some pain-in-the-ass human mercenary.

Posted Aug 10, 18 · Last edited Aug 10, 18
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