Basic Information
Name: Unknown
Aliases: The Dirty Beggar
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Profession: Professional Thief, Beggar


Wears old and ragged garments, often seen with visible signs of mistreatment such as bruises, black eyes or broken nose, always carries all his stuff in a backpack.

Age: In his mid 40's
Hair: Bald headed
Skin: White, Sun tanned


He's a very inconspicuous man, always trying to evade confrontations, growing in the street also made him skeptical and distrustful.
Sill doesn't trust sylvari because of the whole mordremoth debacle.

Strengths: Sneaky, Athletic, he's also a good observer, always looking for a slightly lose bag.
Weaknesses: Very rude and blunt when talking with people, lacks mannerisms and can barely read. He'll never be capable to blend in high society.
Likes: Gold, food, play his "borrowed" bass
Dislikes: Snob people, thugs, cold weather
Favored food and beverages: Anything, beggars can't be choosers
Favored season: Summer, its hard when you've got to sleep outside and the weather is cold and/or rainy.

Residence: He's often seen begging in Divinity’s Reach
Religious beliefs: A believer of Dwayna, he would always go and talk to her statue whenever he needed someone to listen to him and let him vent his frustrations.
Notable relationships: Shiny, his pet skritt.


You find a powerful weapon: "The fence will dance like a choya when i drop this on his counter"
You find a coin purse: "Time to visit the Grand Sahil!"
You find food: "Tonight i sleep without the rumbling"
You find a trap: "I wonder if i can sell that bear trap"
You find a corpse: Checks for possessions if no one is looking.
You find a suspicious scroll: "I'm sure those wizardry folks will shed some coins for this"

OOC details:
gw2 id: Rauven.3847
Roleplay preferences: I prefer a more "rogue" like RPing experience (urban, criminal, spying, assassination...), i've been mostly a casual RPer, often improvising stuff like mugging people or begging for coins in Divinity's reach (joking aside, it works!)