Captain Seastrider


Predator of the Sea
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Born Elias son of Shaman Greymane, the Captain quickly found a footing within Tyria's melting pot. Arriving almost thirty years ago in the city, Seastrider worked his way through the ranks at break neck pace, and within a decade, achieved the rank of Captain. Upon his ship, Dawn's Revenge, the Captain's will was the only law of the land, all else falling to the wayside (mind you it did fall within Arch Regulations and Rules....for the most part). Relentless in his pursuit of order, and rule of law, the Captain and his crew faced all challengers, be they Pirate, Krait, Rogues or any other undesirables, forming his legend from the seas themselves. Building your legend in such a way however comes at a price; rival Captains, families of Pirates or Privateers whose lives were taken in this rise to fame, or infamy depending on where you stand, and they would have vengeance upon the ever efficient and perhaps brutal Captain.

Revenge would come swiftly, and gruesomely. As recounted by the few that survived the massacre upon the Dawn, Pirates ambushed the ship, sending her, the crew, and her Captain to the bottom of the Sea of Sorrows. The few that survived mourned that day for the loss of a defender of the people of the Arch. Two years have passed since that attack, and Elias Seastrider once again stands within the city he's spent the majority of his life protecting. Reinstated as a Captain, possibly in name only, Elias looks to rebuild what was lost that day, and looks to kill every single last person who was involved in that attack, for himself, and the crew he regarded as his family.

Current Relationships/Friendships/Acquaintances:


Mila Icereaver - Wife and Spiritualmate
Freya Milasdottir - Daughter
Lakodi Eliasson - Son
Seidr Myrkvidr-Whitewinter - Half Sister
Hyda Seidrsdottir - Niece
Cameron Teiryn - Closest Friend
Carson Lane - Friend
Khorthall Ironliver - Acquaintance
Synlis the Unsung - Acquaintance
Fionn Whitewinter - Pest

Dossier: Seastrider


Full Name: Elias Seastrider
Position: Captain
Sex: Male
Age: 56
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Pale Green
((Not placing Height or Weight till I can find an agreeable source that is verified by Arenanet))
Tattoos and Scarring: Heavily tattooed torso with liberal scarring, the biggest being a diagonal cut upon his stomach, as wide as a blade.

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