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Where to start?

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Hello again, hope this is the right section for this.

I just got PoF and have reveled in the glory of /me emotes, and with that said I have no clue where to start here...

I've got a level 37 and counting Charr Engineer around whom I'm buiding a character, but this is my first time roleplaying in an MMO and I don't even know where to find RP, let alone the formatting standards of RP. What should I do?
Posted Aug 11, 18 · OP
Alright, So I have a few tips. These are by no means the 'rules' just some things I've picked up RPing in Tyria.
  1. Hotspots for charr will be in the Black Citadel. It is the City for charr.
  2. When looking for other RPers you can ask in Map chat, or look around for the emotes of others. Emotes Travel much further then normal Say chat.
  3. You don't have to use /me and many RPers tend to do as such. A nice break up from all that Grey is like: Merida took a drink of her ale, and laughed with the charr. "Ahahaha! What a good joke Lad!" It was certainly Hilarious.
  4. Read the Wiki. Charr are one of the races in Tyria with a great expansive Lore, make sure you find something in there that you like! Remember if you want to play alone, Gladum might be your best bet.... but that has some down sides IC.
  5. The Crystal Desert is fairly new. So remember if you travel there charr are certainly not common.
  6. Other places you can find RP range across the world, many of the Taverns in Divinity's Reach can be quite popular (EX Ossan Quarter, Rurikton, and the Busted Flagon.)
  7. Not everyone will get along. There are a few kinds of humans that hate charr. The humans and charr have been at war for awhile, and have only signed a Peace Treaty in the past few years.
  8. Look for an RP guild! They will try to help you out! There are plenty of charr Warband guilds, but there are also Merchant company guilds (TMC Shameless plug :b) Or if you are looking for general RP then I think TCRP is a find roleplayers guild. Though they have a waiting list to get in.
  9. Guild Wars 2 does not have very much space in it's chat box, so make sure that you understand the size!
  10. Keybind in options the walking Toggle. It is amazing. Thank me later :b
  11. Remember Guild Wars 2 is an MMO and is Always changing. Most of it won't affect daily life of most people, but sometimes it will. So just keep your ear to the ground.

And I think that's about what I have found. I've RPed in both NA and EU servers and find both communities are welcoming and amazing! Find some people in the Making Connections, or Find a guild tabs here and you will be in for a great time! Welcome to Guild Wars 2 Roleplaying, and have fun!
Posted Aug 11, 18
The advice I always give newcomers is not to be afraid to whisper if you have OOC questions. If you don't understand something somebody said, or you're unsure if they'll be okay with your character doing something to theirs (i.e. if my character's itching for a fight, I don't wanna start that if the person's got to leave soon or isn't in the mood to write.)

This is also a good way to discuss more in-depth ideas for possible plot threads once your characters have had an interaction IC. If you're not in a guild together, it often takes good OOC communication to keep things going.
lewnatic.3279 (NA servers, Central Time)
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Posted Aug 12, 18
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Hello there!

You are on just the right forum for this! As fortunately enough, there are a few ilnks in this category itself that can help you, and here is a bonus of charr RP lore guide for you:

Basic Information on the Charr:

Mentoring - A guide to Roleplay (Part 1 & 2).

Welcome to Tyria! (A beginner's guide for getting into RP in GW2.)


Posted Aug 13, 18 · Last edited Aug 13, 18
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