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RP Discussion - Romance writing and RP feedback: Asura

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I'm currently in the last few stages of making my new character, Dokku.

He's a male Asura and I'm going to RP as either him, or Limu on a second account, whilst my main account will also have Limu or Dokku. The reason I'm doing it this way is I've seen a lot of RPers who have wives or husbands through other players and suddenly due to RL, they can’t play the game anymore, which means your character no longer has a wife or a husband to interact with. Despite this, I really like the idea of writing/RPing romance, I've never done it before but I do have a keen interest in romance stories.

To give a run down of my two love birds...

Limu is someone who grew up in a very political family who had big aspirations. They weren't bad people they just had a very bad way of being good people. For example, they would jump at the chance at protesting against the treatment of Sylvari during their first encounter and what eventually led to their exile, they believe that Golems shouldn't have the sedition inhibitor and saw them as slaves. At 13, she stupidly ran away from home to find her parents and ended up being adopted into a Hylek tribe and joined them on their pilgrimage to the Holy city of Zintl. She has never found her parents. She's never gone to college and because she rarely meets Asura her age, she's never fallen in love...she's only fallen in love with other races all of which were more childish crushes than an actual relationship.

Dokku on the other hand has had quite a normal life. He grew up in Soren Draa with his mother being an advanced Golemancer and his father being a Peacemaker. His parents went through a divorce when he was nine and it was a horrible one as it ended up with them arguing over inventions and not him, this has scarred him. He now lives with his father, still in Soren Draa but in a smaller property. Dokku continued to go to college and lived a relatively normal life, the only thing that was a bit odd with him is that he's very mature for his age, he's very respectful, he always tries to be top of the class and keeps his house topped up with food, spotless and makes sure his father has plenty of clean clothes ready. Dokku has never had time to be in love and because his mother has left him, he’s unsure if women would even fall for him, his own mother thought her project and inventions were more important than him, after all.

So, that’s the premise of both characters and I have some ideas and stories on how Limu and Dokku will interact with other each other as a couple and how they will help each other.
I don’t want to rush the story, I want the relationship between the two to be fun for those who RP with them, I want it to be believable and more importantly, I want them to be characters outside of the romance.

So, as someone who wants to explore romance and adulthood, I don’t feel there’s enough for me to work with. I understand the basics, such as them preferring intelligence over looks (other than ear size) and I also know they care a lot about family (even though when they get divorced, their children come last in the worst case scenarios)

I've redone this entire thread because, I started off with a bunch of questions, rather than explaining what it is I’m after (I blame writing at stupid o'clock in the morning on a work night) and I hope by laying all the cards out on the table, it will at least explain my concerns.

What I want, is to know what other people who RP as Asura would see as being realistic, when it comes to writing a romantic story between two teenage Asuras, I want to know what they would see as a journey from being a teenager to an adult would look like and if there are any cultures, societal norms that I need to be aware of that I can use as story/character development.

Posted Aug 12, 18 · OP · Last edited Aug 13, 18
[Kicks in nearby door to nowhere]

Asura discussion you say? Well here's my mighty and totally opinionated answers because I can and it's here and I have an Asura addiction that rivals entire playerbases.

What would you say are the general views of what an ideal man would be for an Asura?

What would you say are the general views of what an ideal woman would be for an Asura?

Well here's a head scratcher to start, because they're both the same question. There is almost no reason that Asura, as a society, would see a difference between genders in general. It's not productive, or really relevant to their main purposes and interests. According to some lore tidbits that I recall, some Asura would even purposefully mess with other races by pretending to be the other gender. Not exactly hard, they barely differ (Outside of biological differences of course), so the ideal views of Asura as a species would probably fit better.

To the question of general views of an ideal Asura, the first would probably be smart. Asura want to be smart, they work to be smart, they lord themselves over other races with how smart they are. Everything comes down to intellect, and many actions can be broken down to intellectual superiority as a concept, or achieving something over a challenge. Asura very much seem like the race that wouldn't be content with sitting still and letting things play out. Despite say, the Arcane Council attempting to do so for their own city, that stems more into selfish reasoning and wanting to not be bothered by it while they do their other, personal tasks.

Outside of that probably just goes to personal preference in who one engages with. One of my mains, an Inquest, is absolutely hateful of those that lie or cheat in any manner, and even if someone is smart she'd go to great lengths to harm them if they were outed as such. Meanwhile another I have, a travelling merchant, actually prefers the company of non-Asura, simply due to them being more adventurous in the merchants eyes, and having better experiences with interacting with them.

What expectations would a man have, when it comes to the Asura?

What expectations would a women have, when it comes to the Asura?

Same thing with this one too, condensed down to 'expectations of an Asura'. In fact even more so here, as Asura tend to expect the same of individuals no matter who they are. Once more stemming from the intellectual superiority complex they tend to have, expecting others to keep up with ones discussions or projects would likely be commonplace even if their skills are focused on completely different subjects. Everyone expects the same of everyone else, to excel, although said pressure can come at a great price to those that may not be as keen as their brethren. Then you tend to encounter the coat-tailers and such, which itself isn't a problem but, it's an example of just how much focus they put on their intellect. If one cannot excel or be useful in society, they're probably pressured to an absolute extreme to conform or leave.

Ears are very important with the Asura, but what about ears that have scars or burn marks does that take away or add to what would otherwise be attractive?

Ears are important, end point there really. Scars or burn marks can be the same as any person. Some folks dig scars and marks, others don't. Hell, it's straight up a trope to have 'cool' looking scars. (And there goes five hours to TVTropes, I'm sorry readers)

When it comes to divorce, if an Asura left their family to instead be part of a larger Krewe, would the general attitude be in support of that because they're doing something bigger and better, or would it disgust them that someone put progress after their children?

Rrrather specific but lets take it one step at a time. Asura are very family orientated, we know of that. Krewe's however are not family, they're workplaces. There's not much reason for one to leave a family to join a krewe, even in the case of the Inquest, although expect to get dirty looks from others that dislike Inquest. ('You hear about Berntt's wife? She's Inquest, who knows what evil things she's doing to her husband!' etc) This would probably also come down to personal belief in such. Family is important, krewe is important, and mixing the two is plausible and pretty common I'd reckon. Divorcing someone and running from your family to join a krewe is probably more viewable as a failed marriage contract in the first place, and the joining of a large krewe, potentially far away, would most likely be seen as simple by product.

Following that is the mention of children and progeny. As we're told, family is important, I feel a good amount of us OOC can also feel and understand the same thing. We're told that Asura value family but also, in the case of a divorce or something like that, that the parents would be more interested in obtaining the work more then the progeny. Perhaps this comes down to the independence and expectation of intellect portion mentioned prior, where an Asura, having left their family is left with no notable projects, they could be stigmatized as being the 'dumb' one of the pair. So many options, and so many things you could work it into, it's all about how you do it.

How would the Asura society react to single father raising a progeny who's eight years old due to divorce case for the same reason as the above?

Well as I mentioned on the above question, potential stigmatization, potential to not care and simply see a krewe worker. Hell, if the parent managed to not only present themselves as a formidable intellectual in their workplace while simultaneously taking care of a progeny, they could totally lord themselves over some other Asura, seeing it as a challenge. Doing right by progeny and doing right by their krewe and work at the same time.

Again, personal mention, said Inquest main above would absolutely respect an individual seeking to support their progeny more then anything else. 'Children are our future' as they believe. Meanwhile, said merchant would be on the opposite end of the spectrum, going the route of 'Bogged down by progeny when they could be improving their efforts elsewhere'. See, it's all about perspective.

What reaction would a single father or son have to the general populace, if they were upset that their mother/wife left them to join some grand krewe?

See above statements, I think I've presented a strong enough case that it would vary a bunch and that it goes to specific individuals to point their case. Asura society is rigid while allowing individuals to thrive, so if they do it right, it could be an example of even greater character.

As the Asura are very invention/science focused, what would the general view be on Peacekeepers, are they looked down on because they're technically not being as creative, or are they respected for risking their lives?

Peacekeepers? Warlord faction forever dawg. Oh wait you mean Peacemakers.

Peacemakers! Some could again, see them as incompetent police officers. Others, productive members of society that stand their ground against the bookah menace. And to a third, angry tax officials. This is so focused on personal opinion for character's it's near baffling. Peacemakers could certainly still be allowed to work on projects, hell, there's a 'Current Events' story you do with Peacemaker Ninn that is literally him working a project. Bam, there ya go.

Considering Asura tend to risk their lives daily with some projects I feel they'd give that less importance then we normally would. This is also Tyria, which is a fairly dangerous place. Your god damn cup could tip the wrong way and spawn out a coffee elemental, so again, as I'm probably repeating myself with now, it definitely goes into personal views.

Once more, personal throw up, my Inquest respects Peacemakers for keeping Rata Sum safe. While as Inquest they may not be seen kindly, they feel that anyone that helps Rata Sum and its territory be more efficient to be, well, a good individual. Merchant, shared opinions really. Can't do merchant work with bandits eating your supplies constantly.

Before I go into it, I want to be clear that objective views that are supported by lore is awesome but I'm also interested in subjective/IC views. These are all intended to be generalizations or personal likes and dislikes, there are no right or wrong answers.

I'll take a step aside though with this response, cause this part confused me. Not because I disagree that people can go the route of 'You do you', but these questions are both rather specific, and focus vague at the same time. If there's no reason for these questions outside of getting a bunch of folks to yell into the void, why are they being brought up? Why these specific ones? Peoples opinions are going to vary, that's great, but something like this doesn't personally seem to prompt much discussion...Unless it's an attempt to say, find validation for topics. Considering the first four questions are super vague and relate to everyone, and the latter five are SUPER SPECIFIC toward a scenario (Which I reckon is said male character you mentioned at the start) why not just go the route of asking if these sound reasonable?

Also because I'm the best at making bad plugs, [NERD] is a fantastic little place for discussions exactly like these with individuals who like Asura too much. And yes, we also have EU people in the Discord, a big ocean is no barrier to nerding out. Srz. We do questions like these rather often. In fact I responded to one not even ten minutes ago.
Posted Aug 12, 18
I've taken this on board and changed my initial post, would you kindly re-read and comment?

Posted Aug 13, 18 · OP
not sure if it will help, but!
the personal story of asura w/ college of dynamics had two krewemates (?) who are together / in love. here's the link
Posted Aug 13, 18
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