Backstory- The Bandit War

Cassien was born into a bandit’s nest in Queensdale. He grew into his young teen years with their culture and ways. His mother was unnaturally gentle for a bandit and his father was respected by all. As any young boy, he had fun with his fellow friends. They played, stole their snacks and meals together, and trained together and even founded companionship with each other. He had one friend in particular that was close to him from when he was a toddler- Aslip Morway.

Aslip Morway, was the grandson of the bandit lord Rauco Morway (Aslip’s mother being Rauco’s daughter). Aslip’s father- Johan- was a new recruit from the city. He fell inlove with Aslip’s mother and abandoned his life in the city to one of crime, for the sake of love. Rauco however, hated the man. Johan faced countless of harassment and threats in his stay there.

He wasn’t the only foreigner in their gang though. Casmera Xiel, was a noble’s daughter who was kidnapped in a siege not too long after Johan joined. She was to be used as barter with those they contested but her family had abandoned her, thinking she was now too soiled for a noble title as she was technically the enemy’s spoils of war. Casmera, however, was not the least bit soiled, as not all bandits were ruthless monsters. Rauco had an agenda for his crew and also had a daughter the same age. He kept Casmera safe under the care and eye of his second in command, Lufus. Casmera’s personality was far from a smug noble because of her pale skin and silver hair which was frowned upon in their lineage. She was even rumoured to be an illegitimate child, but she held too many features of both her mother and father to believe that. Being an outcast in her own home and then kidnapped by bandits, she did what she was doing all her life, enduring and making the best of it. Her charms and gentle personality won over everyone in the bandit camp- especially Lufus, who then married her and kept her as his wife when she was abandoned.

Johan watched for many years as the foreign noble girl gained favour from Rauco but the discrimination against him never faltered. Years later, now with a 14 year old son and 8 year old daughter, he decided it was time to show his kids that he was a real man to look up to. He was put in charge of carrying out a treaty/collaboration with corrupt government officials from the palace. The plan was to work together to bring down the hierarchy and instate a new form of governance from the inside. Johan had other plans.
He pitched the idea to Lufus who was his friend at that time, but Lufus outright refused. Lufus even tried to stop him and this was seen as a form of betrayal to Johan. Lufus still held hope that his friend would see logic and he did not report him. Unfortunately, Aslip’s dad had enough of being looked down and wanted power and control.

Johan used his son Aslip to set up a framing of Cassien’s family. He told Aslip that this was for power and that he would be strong and great if he carried out his mission. He gave him a small jewelled box and told him to give it to Cassien as a gift. Aslip had to make sure that Cassien never opened it and his parents never find it. As instructed, Aslip gifted Cassien and jewelled box and Cassien trusted his friend’s pleas.

At the meeting, Johan carried out his plans and used the opportunity to slaughter almost everyone in the meeting- bandits and officials alike- by using a handful of other bandits as co-conspirators. He framed the officials as backstabbers to Rauco and said he fought hard with the few survivors to escape. Aslip presented a forged letter showing that Casmera was a spy within their group from the very start and was relating Intel to them over the past week. Rauco sent men to investigate and found in Cassien’s possession, a small but bulky roll of paper filled with messages in a small jewelled chest.

Though young, Cassien realised what that jewelled box meant and he realised why Aslip asked him to take it. Cassien confessed to his parents and Rauco what happened but among the adults it was a matter of evidence at that point. Someone betrayed them and they lost a majority of their group- their family. Not sure what to believe, Rauco outcasted Lufus, Casmera and Cassien. A small yet large enough portion of the bandits left with Lufus as they believed him and have been loyal to him for many years. Johan’s plan backfired and instead of being put in charge of the attack on the nobles, he was treated even worse. Even his wife looked down on him (as she knew him too well and knew something was amiss with him). The bandits were now under heavy attacks and practically a small scale war with the city folk. Rauco was captured and executed. Johan rallied the rest of bandits and pushed the blame on Rauco’s previous agenda. With Rauco gone and no one else to lead, the bandits gave in followed Johan as leader. The bandits that were loyal to Rauco instead left and joined Lufus, informing him of what happened.

Lufus then tried to fight back against his previous camp to overthrow them and take over. Johan, however, had more people under his control, and he was that ruthless monster who used the dirtiest ways to win. Casmera was yet again kidnapped, soiled and it rumoured that she eaten for a feast. Figuratively, literally or maybe both, Cassien never saw his mother again. The last thing he remembered from the battle they lost, was an image of Aslip holding an intoxicated rag over his unconscious mother’s mouth, in the small cot they hid her in. And the swollen belly of hers that they tried to hide, had a knife stuck in the side. When Cassien came to, he was in moving cart in the darkest of night.